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Explore Baltimore 011: The abandoned “PEMCO” factory

Aux Fourneaux!

We all know our dear Marinette ‘From-the-bread’-Cheng lives in a bakery, right?  But WHAT would you find in a french bakery, actually? What pastries, what breads? If you’ve ever wondered about that, this post is here for you.

Note that this post is not exhaustive due to the wideness of french pâtisserie, but we tried to stick to the essentials~ !

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Thumbelina JM au

Part One | 2k+ words | Jean/Marco | Now also on Ao3

Oh yes, I couldn’t resist. So here is the beginning of this au based on Don Bluth’s movie adaptation of the fairy tale. As you’ll see I’ve changed and added some things, but the story remains the same. I hope you’ll enjoy it! :’)

Once upon a time there was a lonely woman who longed to have a child to call her own. One day she paid a visit to a good witch, who gave her a tiny barleycorn. ‘Plant it in a flowerpot,’ she said, ‘and see what happens.’ 

The woman did as she was told, and by and by, a beautiful flower grew. As the rose finally opened, the parting petals revealed a small boy no bigger than the woman’s thumb.

The boy was gentle and sweet and his mother named him Marco. But being so small in such a big, big world came with many problems. Marco’s mother and all the animals on her farm helped and took good care of him, but he couldn’t shake the feeling of being strange and different. Was he the only person his size in the whole world?

One evening when his mother was reading another story about brave knights and princesses, Marco asked to hear a story about little people, like him. She opened the pages with a story about the fairy prince wedding. The fairies had wings and could fly, which meant they weren’t exactly like Marco. But their size was his. Marco watched the beautiful illustrations with shining eyes; the sight of the wedding between the loving fairies filled him both with happiness and a sting of longing. ‘Have you ever seen a fairy, mother?’ he asked.

‘Yes, I do think I did once,’ she replied, concerned for her son’s loneliness.

Sitting on the page and with his fingers tracing the lines of the fairy prince’s head, Marco sighed. It was only a story, and even if not it was unlikely he’d ever meet any of them. Everything was so unfair, so impossible. How could he ever hope for a wedding of his own if he was so much smaller than everyone else? He wished he was big.

‘Oh no, Marco,’ his mother said, love and care gentle in her voice. ‘Don’t ever wish to be anything but what you are.’

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RAMPAGE- A Lina Inverse Mix

“She’s the end of days and there’s hell to pay.”

A mix for the take-no-shit, battle ready, money-loving, ambitious all-powerful sorcerer and all-out brawler, the dragon spooker herself, Lina Inverse.

Because of who Lina is (God I love her) this also pretty much functions as a high-energy, pump-up bad bitch battle mix for any woman you want to feel confident, ambitious and unstoppable. So even if you’re not into Slayers, you can enjoy it for that.

1. Wildfire| Dorothy//2. Because I’m Awesome| The Dollyrots//3. King of the World| Porcelain Black//4. A Charming Spell| Splashdown//5. My Work Is Done| Dragonette//6. Bad Reputation| Joan Jett//7. Vi Music Master| Riot Games//8. Money (That’s What I Want)| Charli Xcx//9. Cherry Bomb| Joan Jett and the Blackhearts//10. Giddy up| Dragonette//11. Gasoline| Porcelain and the Tramps//12. Demons| Sleigh Bells/13. Double Bubble Trouble| M.I.A.

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