porcelain charm

I was tagged by the two loveliest hummingbirds ever @the-beat-girl​ and @matineeidyll​ thank you 😚

How old are you? old enough to go to jail if i snap and actually murder my roommates 

Current job? lazy ass international student 

What are you talented at? taking naps and bullshitting my way through every thing i can also touch my nose with my tongue just putting that out there

What is a big goal you are working towards? wow none passing my year but that’s pretty much a given otherwise i’m literally here for the laughs 

What is your aesthetic? scribbles and doodles on the margin of notes rocky beaches and old boats bright neon colors on socks and shoes 

Do you collect anything? i’m a placomusophile the only reason i say this is cause i need to remember this word the metal part over the cork of champagne and the lucky charms porcelain thing in the galette 

What’s a subject you always talk about? ugh probably me cause i’m shitty like that and music/musicians cause i can link everything to them 

Pet Peeve? loud people and overly stressed people that wanna put me in the same state  

Good Advice? take people as they are and if you don’t like them don’t. stop looking for reasons or excuses can’t love everyone can’t have everyone loving you

Recommend 3 Songs: 

A Pair Of Brown Eyes - The Pogues

Ohio - Shovels and Rope

Les Amants d’Un Jour - Edith Piaf 

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RAMPAGE- A Lina Inverse Mix

“She’s the end of days and there’s hell to pay.”

A mix for the take-no-shit, battle ready, money-loving, ambitious all-powerful sorcerer and all-out brawler, the dragon spooker herself, Lina Inverse.

Because of who Lina is (God I love her) this also pretty much functions as a high-energy, pump-up bad bitch battle mix for any woman you want to feel confident, ambitious and unstoppable. So even if you’re not into Slayers, you can enjoy it for that.

1. Wildfire| Dorothy//2. Because I’m Awesome| The Dollyrots//3. King of the World| Porcelain Black//4. A Charming Spell| Splashdown//5. My Work Is Done| Dragonette//6. Bad Reputation| Joan Jett//7. Vi Music Master| Riot Games//8. Money (That’s What I Want)| Charli Xcx//9. Cherry Bomb| Joan Jett and the Blackhearts//10. Giddy up| Dragonette//11. Gasoline| Porcelain and the Tramps//12. Demons| Sleigh Bells/13. Double Bubble Trouble| M.I.A.

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