porcelain & velvet

I’m sorry I wasn’t the one in your mind when you thought of who you’ll end up with before. I wasn’t that girl with star dusts at every strands of her hair; I wasn’t that girl with petals embellished on her cheeks; I wasn’t that girl with porcelain skin, velvet lips and waist that looked like it was pressed and sheared. I’m sorry I’m not the girl you saw in dreams moving swiftly and softly as her body gracefully dance with the winds. I am sorry, love, that I am not the beauty you wished you have. I am sorry, that all that I can offer is my soul, my heart, and every thing that’s within the reach of my hand. I am sorry if all that I can offer is my whole universe—myself
—  theraserrano 

Rat Phantom Stream

so i figured out rabb.it and have made the executive decision to try to stream the Rat Tarzan™ myself. It’ll be my first time streaming (and also my first time seeing the movie itself) so we’ll see how it goes. 10:00 pm Eastern Time (US) on Sunday seems to be working out well, so we’ll go with that.

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(don’t know if you guys want to, but)​ @callme-c0nn0r & @your-obedient-phantom