Um ya, so there’s a semi-matte painted Doll from Bloodborne. 

Really wanted to focus on the details on her face making her look like a porcelain doll that she is with cracks showing on her face. Use lots of photo textures on the porcelain details and leather on the hat etc but didn’t get enough time to finish her body properly, the scarf still looks painterly :( 

Pretty happy with the face, she sure looks haunting and creepy doesn’t she?

And she was supposed to be holding that magic slug and i didn’t get enough time to do that! Maybe i’d finish touching her up for FanExpo this year?

Stay tuned! :)



Porcelana con grog negro

Tres piezas: 18.5 x 7.5 x 7cm                  

                     19 x 7 x 6 cm                       

                     16.5 x 6.5 6 cm

Peso: 600 gr


Al parásito que parasita a otro parásito se le denomina hiperparásito. Esta serie de esculturas surge de la analogía entre el comportamiento de estos organismos y de cómo el arte se integra a los espacios. De esta manera, se tomará como anfitrión al lugar donde serán colocadas estas piezas que con sus delicadas formas nos remiten a orquídeas o plantas carnívoras, que a su vez están invadidas por puntos de grog negro que contrastan con la blancura de la porcelana. 

A parasite whose host is another parasite is called a hyperparasite. This series of sculptures analogizes the behavior of these organisms and how art integrates itself to space. Hence, the location where these sculptures are placed becomes the host; their delicate shapes remind us of orchids or carnivorous plants that, at the same time, are invaded by black grog dots contrasting the whiteness of the porcelain.


Stunning Handmaid Porcelain Sculptures

Infusing romanticism with a macabre touch, American artist Kate Macdowell sculptures stunning porcelain pieces with double meanings. Featuring animals, and organ dissections, chopped of hands, Macowell also combines the dark elements her work with beautiful symbolism such as birth and life in the presence of baby animal embryos, a heart and flowers.