Day 2 of my Comic Con countdown is this #D20 mug design! I’ll be posting a new item to be sold @alamocitycomiccon everyday until the event. Come meet me & buy stuffs in booth 228. For those of you who are unable to attend, I will post all unsold items in my Etsy shop after the event . Or you can contact me for a custom order. #Etsy shop link in my profile. #alamocitycomiccon2015 #poweruppottery #pottery #mug #porcelain #geekware #fandom #geekchic #accc228 #handmade #texasmade #buylocal #tabletop #dungeonsanddragons


Hand Painted Ants Cover Vintage Porcelain Dishes 

German artist Evelyn Bracklow creates uniquely beautiful and unconventional porcelain dishes which are covered by hand-painted ants. Bracklow’s impressive technique resembles those of real ants, which hoard a plate of food on a summer day. The insects are meticulously crafted and well-executed.  Although her vintage designs are dainty and delicate, they also inspire fear and deep admiration. The strangely stunning composition poses a juxtaposition between intrigue and the multiple meanings of grace and beauty. You can buy her work at her Etsy shop. 

Um ya, so there’s a semi-matte painted Doll from Bloodborne. 

Really wanted to focus on the details on her face making her look like a porcelain doll that she is with cracks showing on her face. Use lots of photo textures on the porcelain details and leather on the hat etc but didn’t get enough time to finish her body properly, the scarf still looks painterly :( 

Pretty happy with the face, she sure looks haunting and creepy doesn’t she?

And she was supposed to be holding that magic slug and i didn’t get enough time to do that! Maybe i’d finish touching her up for FanExpo this year?

Stay tuned! :)


Ah Xian Sculpts Dreamlike Busts Flowing With Chinese Porcelain Designs

Ah Xian is a Chinese-Australian artist whose beautiful porcelain busts explore the intersections between artistic tradition, cultural identity, and the body. Sculpting each statue in the likeness of his family members, Ah Xian paints over their dreaming faces with a cobalt blue glaze; tree branches grow across temples, flowers bloom over silent mouths, and necks and shoulders become geographies for mountains and lakes. via: beautifuldecay

Porcelain does not mean weak

It always bugs me a little when people use “porcelain” as a metaphor for someone who is fragile. 

These are the three types of ceramic clays ordered from weakest to strongest:

Earthenware: what ancient potters used. it can be fired at low temperatures (1800-2100*F). terracotta is one example of earthenware.

Stoneware: fired at higher temperatures (2000-2300*F) and more durable than earthenware, it is what most ceramicists use because of its affordability.

Porcelain: fired at high temperatures (2200-2600*F) and sometimes containing bone particles (i.e. bone china). it can be made into very fine and delicate shapes because of its durability and strength. 

Porcelain is the strongest and most resilient ceramic material.

I own a few antique bone china tea cups that are so fine they are nearly translucent and I dropped one from table height and it didn’t break. 

So I’m just saying: just because something is dainty doesn’t mean it isn’t strong. ;)