Johnnie Souble Black Ribs
Double event with potato sides starring Smashed Porato and Potato Salad.
#vscocam (at Mad Mark’s Creamery and Good Eats, Up Town Center)

Nutrition habits

This 60 days I try to change my food habits too.

These days I try to eat 5 times a day:

Early breakfast. My first meal after the workout. Usually I eat oatmeal with cottage cheese or potato salad.

Lunch. Almost all time I choose berries of apples.

Dinner. The most calorific, fat and varied meal. I try to eat big portion of carbs (like oatmeal, porato or even bread), some protein (fish, eggs or meat), bit portion of salad. In the afternoon I let myself something sweet: sugar, honey. Anything.

2d dinner. Another variant of lunch. Try to eat apples, salad or berries.

Supper. Time for big portion of protein. My favourite variant is cottage cheese with sour cream (russian sause).

Some notes.

- I try to eat clean. There is no people who loved Snickers more than I. But right now I alnost don’t eat food with artificial butter, trans-fats, too much sugar e.t.c. This food is a signal for my brain to stepback. Bad variant.

- I try to not eat snacks between meals. 

- I try to avoid one bad thing: eating when feel dull. This is one the worst habit. Thanks genetics, I’m not able to gain fat. But it’s not efficient for me.

I will try to keep such nutrition plan for few weeks. And I like it. My goal is to keep it until my half marathon.