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Words: exactly 6,000! WHAAAAAT
Sam x Reader
Warnings: language, mentions of blood and total darkness, anxiety and fear, some creepy imagery
Summary: The Winchesters, Cas, and Crowley try to figure out how to break the spell and the wall of thorns.
A/N: Heroic Sam, demons, angels, creepy apparitions… what more could you want in a MIM update? We’re nearing the end of this tale. I think the next part (Part 17) will be the conclusion.
This is part of a series! Read the other parts here! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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Sam was collapsed on the hood of the Impala, staring silently at what had once been Crowley’s earthly headquarters, but now was only a tangle of impenetrable thorns. The trio could see massive slabs of concrete and twisted metal entangled in the wall of vines, some with thick woody trunks grown straight through them, suspending them stories above the crumbling ruins. Sam’s hopelessness was making Dean feel far worse than his anger had.

“Well, Crowley… I’ve gotta hand it to you. I thought you had gotten us into some shit before, but you have taken it to a whole new level. Because you have ‘Mommy issues’, now Y/N is stuck in a fucking fortress of thorns in an apparently unwakeable sleep,” Dean said, shooting another glare at the demon, whose jaw was still red from where Dean had slugged him. “Your personal prophet plan didn’t quite work out as you hoped, did it?”

“Blaming me isn’t going to solve any of our little problems,” Crowley retorted, scowling at Dean and then following Sam’s gaze toward the mess of rubble and barbs. “Damn. You know, I really liked that throne room,” he lamented.

Little problems?” Dean repeated, aghast.

Crowley shrugged. “Medium-sized problems,” he said.

Dean’s jaw clenched. “You can go to the bottom of the ocean… you can go back in time; you’re going back in there,” Dean said, pointing angrily at the demon.

“As fun as that sounds, do you really think my mother is that stupid? If she wants the prophet to be useless to me, you think she would overlook PUTTING SOME BLOODY DEMON WARDING INTO THE SPELL?!”

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