Jonathan Frahm: You’re currently on an iHeartRadio tour with Becky G and Jake Miller. How’s the tour been so far for you?

T. Mills: It’s been a lot of fun for only two shows in. Everyone on the tour is welcoming and has known each other prior in one way or another from playing shows. The crowds have been so excited and LOUD. I’m on my way to a sold out show in Denver so tonight (November 1) will probably make this tour even more fun.

JF: Your upcoming album is going to be released in 2015, and you’re working with Dr. Luke and his creative team on the album – what’s it like working with them as your production team as opposed to past projects?

TM: It’s a direction and a sound. An invention. Instead of working with tons of producers and trying to piece together a project, everyone here has been a person I’ve always wanted to work with and been a huge fan of. We’re not chasing a sound or genre, we’re making one. Which is what I’ve always been about.

JF: Dr. Luke is a major player within both the pop and urban scenes. With Luke having worked with the likes of P!nk, Katy Perry, and Jessie J, as well as Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and Flo Rida, he really seems to be the perfect creative fit for you and what musical elements and scenes you’ve always been attempting to innovate. Is there anything specific that you’ve learned from Dr. Luke and his team as mentors, from a musical standpoint or otherwise, since beginning work with them?

TM: First off THANK YOU. That’s a huge compliment. If you listen to the older songs I’ve always had, for lack of a better word, a “pop” element in my music. It’s something that I loved and understood and made me feel good. Getting to work with Luke was a dream come true because he’s inspired those elements in my music. He just knows what’s good and will tell you right away if it’s not. It’s changed the way I write now. I love writing on a guitar and that wasn’t always the case. There’s so many places it can go.

JF: Many of your longtime fans would say it’s undeniable that your music has undergone an evolution since the early days on MySpace. Do you agree with this statement? Whether you do or not, could you shine the light on your creative process when developing a song to support your stance?

TM: To be honest I had no creative process with my old songs. I didn’t really have any quality control. I was recording in a closet. I definitely agree it’s undergone an evolution but so have I as a person. I’m not going to make the same song twice. There’s no fun in that. I think reinvention is an art. I want my fans to grow with me. Put an old song on and remember how it made them feel. Then put a song from this album on and start a whole new nostalgia.

JF: You recently were a special guest on Rixton’s summer tour. Might fans see a collaboration between the lot of you in the future?

TM: Hopefully. I know we’re both busy but Jake and I text about doing something. They’re all super cool.

JF: At the end of the day, what do you weigh as some of your greatest accomplishments in your career, so far? Where do you hope to see yourself in the next decade?

TM: Having an incredible base of people that genuinely love and support what I do. Going to countries I’ve always wanted to go to. My Mom & Dad hearing their son on the radio. I still have a lot to do.

We at PopWrapped would like to extend our thanks to Trav for taking part in this interview and wish him the best of luck moving forward!

Rumors of a “confirmed” closure of Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular at the end of this year is NOT, repeat NOT true. These are still just stupid rumors despite their confident writing. The only thing that IS a confirmed closure at the end of 2014 is the American Idol Experience. I’ll always say this, before mildly reading that something is happening and being quick to spread it, stop and look into their sources and see if they even exist.

I applied to PopWrapped and got an e-mail back with the full application form. They told me to answer the questions and write a piece (I opted for an opinion piece on Tom Hiddleston), and sent it back today.

Hopefully I get the job! It’s not paid (though I did note they specified a ‘yet’), but I get experience and a larger platform with which to promote my writings. Plus an invaluable experience when it comes to making friends and working for an online publication I read often anyways.

It’d be fun to join the party!