Most notable, however, is the way she regains a physical symbiosis with Jamie beyond their sexual connection. These are the moments that Sam Heughan’s and Caitriona Balfe’s choreography is remarkable not only because it looks natural and effortless but also how they bring a bittersweet poignancy to their rare moments of peace out in nature (kudos to the script by Shannon Goss and director David Moore). One night, Claire finds Jamie on the deserted deck, staring up at the large, bright moon. When she approaches him from behind and gives him a sweet kiss on the cheek, I realized I couldn’t remember when that had last happened. “Is it really just you and me,” she asks, to which he replies, “You and me and the man in the moon.” Then, he turns and envelops her in an embrace as they kiss again and she leans against his form, the two of them looking up at the sky together. There are about six consecutive actions in one fluid movement, almost as if they were dancing in place, and epitomizes the connection that comes with time, effort, and emotional need. 

Later on, they speak of this connection and how they still can’t explain it, but that night under the moon, it is explained for us. Claire tells Jamie of how men had just landed on the moon in 1968 and describes what it looked like: barren but beautiful, a new world of firsts for man to discover. She then recites a portion of the children’s book Goodnight Moon which Brianna had loved to be read and later recite, and the parents share their collective loss and individual heartache: Claire because she remembered what it was like to be in the presence of their child; Jamie because he can only imagine and believe. 

Their relationship is structured in the same way, unencumbered by the limitations of time and space. It is almost hyperreal, as if they could see or sense inside the matrix of how things connect - in society, in nature, between two people - and that makes each moment together more viscerally felt. Now that Claire has crossed time and space to return to Jamie, the moon in all its ancient cosmic permanence represents this metaphysical connection they share that cannot yet be explained but must be believed. As Captain Raines (Richard Dillane) quotes from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “There are more things of Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy,” so Jamie and Claire are one step closer to the cosmos than other humans, so their paradigm of the world is substantially deeper and richer. 

All The Stars In The Sky In Outlander 03x09, The Doldrums - Brooke Corso - PopWrapped

i don’t understand how people are so happy with popwrapped’s “exclusive!” report

this was darren’s big announcement

he’s so fucking excited about this and made a huge twitter teaser and had us all sign up for the mailing list because it’s his big announcement and he wanted to share it with us and get us all as excited about this as he is because this is a huge deal for him

they had no right to take that from him

Please - nobody click on popwrapped’s site. They want hits.

They have written an article that is defamatory with no evidence and no scruples whatsoever (I know I shouldn’t be surprised). It is about someone supposedly seeing Cory and Mark smoking ‘a weed like substance’ on set. (Yeah, it’s that real - they rival the national enquirer stories about Julia Roberts giving birth to aliens)

Yes, it’s very classy to spread rumours about a person who has taken the brave step of treating himself for an addiction. And a person whom we all love and admire and want to respect.

I need the Blaine 'none of that was classy’ GIF, please.

Honestly, I am repulsed. 

anonymous asked:

Who asked you to play LeakyCon? I want to know, specifically so I can slap their face and ask what the fuck they were thinking. I hope you choke, so that maybe they will rethink that bullshit Leaky Stars nonsense and go back to having real talent at LeakyCon again. Kill yourself.

I’m 90% sure this was sent by the head of Popwrapped, so:

  • I’m not entirely sure why you hate me so much. Because I’ve called  you out on shit you’ve pulled in front of people who believe/trust what I have to say? Because I commented one sassy thing on one of your facebook posts? Okay, fine. Whatever.
  • If this DID come from who I think it came from, you are a GROWN-ASS MAN and HEAD OF A MEDIA NEWS SOURCE THAT YOU WANT TO BE RESPECTED. The fact that you are actually investing time into harassing me, a 17-year-old girl (and my friends!) on twitter and now tumblr is downright lame and COMPLETELY unprofessional. You sicken me and should sicken yourself. Newsflash: blatantly stalking my mentions and favoriting tweets that only could have to do with you is unnecessary, immature, and, again, unprofessional. Funny how that theme keeps resurfacing. 
  • And don’t even get me STARTED on this message. You know what? I don’t have to tell you. It’s so fundamentally wrong that you as a fucking adult should know better. 
  • I’m not positive what you’re trying to accomplish with all this tweet favoriting and following and unfollowing and blocking and messaging, but if you’re trying to scare me, it’s not working. I will call you out and continue to call you out until you stop the lying and harassing and cyber-bullying.

For those lost:

  • I think this is the Popwrapped guy because of timing, motive, LeakyCon/LeakyStars knowledge, proper use of grammar, and instinct.
  • Tumblr post here explaining my previous unfriendly encounter with Zachary Jaydon
  • Follow my second twitter to catch up on tonight’s drama with the Popwrapped twitter account

If this wasn’t Zachary Jaydon sending the message, everything I said but the part about the message itself still applies. Either way, to the sender of the message: thanks for your time, but I don’t care. 

Popwrapped really bothers me. I appreciate what they do and all (they are journalists, they are going to write stories and strive to be the first to announce things, so nbd to me there) but the way they send people messages and like all of their hate is really immature. Maybe if they would just grow up I would be able to enjoy them as a fangirl. But honestly popwrapped is the umbridge to the fandom side of tumblr with their fake niceness crap

If you would like to read in full: (x)

I refuse to give that pathetic post more notes than it deserves. I would have liked to simply submit a response but since asks aren’t enabled I will tag this post so I know you will definitely see it.

Regardless of which side I support in this argument (but just to be clear, it certainly is not yours) there is one thing I would like you to understand.

Rosianna is one of the most professional, hard working people I have ever met in my entire life. For you to even SUGGEST she was given certain jobs simply because she is friends with Melissa is ludicrous. I would say every single Leaky staff member, aside from you apparently, is in fact friends with Melissa. Are you going to start pointing fingers at every other person who was assigned positions you would have rather had?

The only person you have to blame for any of your misfortune is yourself.

I don’t know, this whole Tessa Netting and Joey Richter on Glee thing seems very very fishy to me.

One: It comes from Popwrapped, which hasn’t been very reliable or decent in the past. They could be announcing this to stir up a reaction.

Two: There are no sources except for their own article

Three: Tessa and Joey haven’t announced anything.

Four: The summary of who they’re playing, supposedly the “Adam’s Apples” try to get Kurt to join their Glee club…but he’s graduated, it doesn’t make a lick of sense.

Five: Wouldn’t the other StarKids, Darren, JoeMo, etc be more excited for their friends?

I don’t know, this might be the real thing, but it seems very isolated from Popwrapped, with no sources.

If it is real, congrats to Tessa and Joey. But it really seems like a hoax to me.