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I refuse to give that pathetic post more notes than it deserves. I would have liked to simply submit a response but since asks aren’t enabled I will tag this post so I know you will definitely see it.

Regardless of which side I support in this argument (but just to be clear, it certainly is not yours) there is one thing I would like you to understand.

Rosianna is one of the most professional, hard working people I have ever met in my entire life. For you to even SUGGEST she was given certain jobs simply because she is friends with Melissa is ludicrous. I would say every single Leaky staff member, aside from you apparently, is in fact friends with Melissa. Are you going to start pointing fingers at every other person who was assigned positions you would have rather had?

The only person you have to blame for any of your misfortune is yourself.

  • Interviewer: Before we talk about "The Ringer," I just have to say, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" had a profound effect on me growing up -- and it's rare that a TV show has the power to do that. So, first, thank you.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar: Oh thank you, that's very sweet of you to say. It’s funny, now I think I can appreciate that in a way I didn’t understand when it was happening to me. Like, I really am a walking cliché just in terms of everything I learned. Don't get me wrong, I always appreciated when someone told me that, but in hindsight -- and as I was looking for a new show -- I understood it more than ever. I finally grasp, generationally, what we did and how we changed the face of television, I’m so proud. I’m so proud.

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Popwrap is reporting that a source told them that "klaine is dead" and the fandom is so upset!!! Do you know anymore about the klaine storyline that may discredit this and give alittle hope to those who love the couple? Also does the break mean that we are going to see hardly any blaine, because he is seperate from the new directions? I don't know if it's worth watching if he is hardly in it?

LMAO. They have no sources whatsoever. Seriously. Put those chuckleheads on ignore. They’re just riling you all up for hits.

Klaine is not dead. Trust me on that.

ETA: Just because they aren’t together at the beginning of the season means nothing. RIB has an MO. They love breaking up couples just to bring them back together again. “Klaine is Dead” is hyperbole designed to rile up the fan base.