One of the coolest damn chronographs of all time - the #zenith A386 dating to 1969, also known as the first integrated chronograph wristwatch. PS: boots from our 2012 #popupflea neighbor @rancourtco.

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When I first got these jeans I was less interested in their quality and more excited about meeting the guy who made them - after all it’s not everyday you come across someone with the guts to launch his own denim brand. 

Maybe this is what it would have been like meeting Levi Strauss or Ben Davis or even K.K. Tsunemi when they were starting up, I thought to myself - although I doubt any of those gentleman were as modest or understated as Taka. Born in Japan he came to London just after he’d finished studying. Inspired by what the likes of Michael Kopelman and Fraser Cooke were doing with Gimme 5 and Hide Out in the late 90’s he sold his extensive sneaker collection to pay for the trip and has been here ever since.

Somewhere along the line he decided to launch his own line of jeans, Allevol – ‘All’ with ‘Love’ spelt backwards. When we first met for a coffee in Covent Garden a few years ago he explained in a warm but very matter-of-fact way that he wanted to see if he could meet his own expectations and create the perfect pair of jeans.

He wanted to invest the kind of care and attention that wasn’t possible when it came to today’s bulk manufacturing; his was a small and very detail-orientated operation, offering only five styles of jeans and no more, he said. 

What he didn’t say was how hardwearing the denim would be, how the dye faded so deeply it reminded you of a Pre-Raphaelite oil painting, how the fit remained true and perfect and how after a while it would become the thing you write blog posts about.

I bumped into Taka a couple of weeks ago at the London Pop Flea (respect due to Mr. Williams, et al). I was wearing them at the time and told him how much I loved them. Turns out he’d made a limited run of this early style and it took years – five in fact – to sell them all. ‘Eventually I sold 85 percent in Japan and 15 percent in the UK’, he said. ‘But yes’, he said, ever the master of understatement, ‘they are amazing jeans.’