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I just started Ojamajo Doremi and I’m immediately loving it… and considering the first scene is about the main character’s strange behavior as a result of “being in love with a boy again” (just not the kind of content that interests me), that’s saying something.

I love the art and the animation, so vivid and, well, animated. The facial expressions are so entertaining that I don’t want to look away. And the main character… I love her. Even the first scene wasn’t boring to me because she’s so expressive, so scatterbrained (like me), so dramatic, and has such amazing priorities… also, I don’t feel like this crush will actually go anywhere.

She was thrilled to hear the old woman she was talking to say she hates children, because witches hate children, and how exciting it’d be if she’d met a real witch! She had always wanted to be a witch, and not the Harry Potter kind, but the kind from traditional fairy tales. The first time she casts a spell, it’s to summon up a huge steak, because that’s the first thing that occurs to her to do with her magic.

Also, she has a friend who looks just like Himari from Kirakira! PreCure a la Mode, and she’s one of my favorite characters, so if this character inspired Himari, I’m sure I’ll love her.

So far, this is fantastic.

Don't piss out somebody who knows how to 'net send'

Hi. Sharing up my story, which goes back to glory days of 2001/2002, when I worked on a company that had some grumpy people. Specially one, that wasn’t that tech savvy. I was working in IT department, and in those days, all people worked on Windows 2000/NT.

Long story short, one grumpy person started to piss me off, so I plan my petty revenge. In case you don’t know, on Windows NT, you can open up the console (cmd.exe) and write a net send command.

Basically, you write a command like:

net send USER “Hello”

And a popup window would show up on that user’s PC, in front of whatever application he/she was working.

Well, that afternoon, I sent to grumpy messages similar to “KERNEL32.DLL EXCEPTION. RESTART YOUR PC NOW”

It was nice to hear that person, next day at lunch, complaining that he/she didn’t manage to do any work because the computer was acting crazy, and that he/she had to do extra work to catch on.

OK so here’s how to use xkit real easy w/ pictures 

First open a new tap and search for “The new xkit”

Open the link that takes you to the chrome webstore

ok then just follow the instructions to add xkit as an extension

Once you’ve done that open up tumblr and xkit will begin loading. A lil popup will show up and just press “Refresh page and begin using xkit.”

then you’ll see a little popup on the xkit icon, click it and cancel the tutorial.and then click it again to bring the xkit box back up. then on the bottom bar, click the “Get Extensions” tab

Now you see a list of all possible extensions to add so just scroll down on that list and look for these things: 1. editable reblogs

once you find it just click the green install button. be sure you haven’t installed the “edible reblogs” extension which is different from editable reblogs, and not at all what you want. 

Also I recommend getting Classic Notifications, Classic Search and Tag Viewer

Once you’ve installed those or whatever you like, go back to the bottom bar and click the “My xkit” tab, this will let you customize your extensions

Click on whatever extension you want to customize, note that some extensions come pre-loaded. use the mini scroll bar to scroll through customization options and check/uncheck the boxes of whatever you like. Be aware that some extensions do not have any customizable options. Most of the ones i’ve suggested do not but that is because they are quite simple, singular function extensions that don’t need it. Once you’ve customized to your liking, hit the update button. You technically shouldn’t need to do that, but i like to, just to make sure. 

Now say you’re unhappy with an extension or you accidentally installed edible reblogs instead of editable reblogs, and you want to uninstall one. simply click on that extension, still in the “My xkit” tab and click the uninstall button

That’ll get rid of it. Finally just click anywhere outside of the xkit box to close it and your done. One last thing you’ll probably notice that blue popup notifcation on your screen in the bottom left. to get rid of it forever simply click on it, it will bring the xkit page back open, and click on the news letter to open it. then just close out of it again

Now you’re using xkit and everything is much easier!


Here’s another video from Shak’s amazing popup show in Miami on Friday night - this one’s of Toneladas! Un nuevo video de la actuación al aire libre en Miami! Les compartimos el video de Toneladas!

“El Dorado” is available now!
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/ElDoradoi
Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/ElDoradoAp
Spotify: http://smarturl.it/ElDoradoS
Amazon: http://smarturl.it/ElDoradoA
Google Play: http://smarturl.it/ElDoradoG
D2C: http://smarturl.it/ElDoradoP

nords-sims  asked:

Hey Helen, sorry to bother you, I really love your creations. The revamped hairs? Amazing!! So I checked your Downloads page and I really really love when your TOU pop up, and I wanted to know WCIP the code for that, do I make sense? Thanks in advance.

Hello! I took reference from this webpage [here]. I also found a script to enable the popup to show when the page first loads [here]. I tinkered with it a lot though! I’m pretty sure there’s a ready code for this somewhere and I missed it, but the satisfaction after managing to do it on your own is always something :) Good luck!

anonymous asked:

gostream,is/movie/search/black+sails this is a streaming site and it's a good one, no weird pop up showing if you click randomly, no ads (it's always better you have adblock plus installed but who doesn't?!) and the quality video is good. I'm currently watching 'fresh off the boat' and i'm on the third season and i've never saw a popup showing, never got a problem

Thank you! Appreciate this and I’m sure some other people will as well!

(and you’re right, who doesn’t have adblocker nowadays)

Hey guys, Here’s a little tutorial for all of you, especially the people that are wondering how i do this magic in Paint Tool SAI. [since i get asked this about 50 times a day on how to do this ahaH /lays in the hellfire]

I’m really bad at explaining how i do things so HOPEFULLY everything makes sense yeye lets GO !

• Go to your “PaintTool SAI folder which should be located in your documents library or wherever you got the folder hidden!

• OK ye, open up the folder; scroll down until you find the file name "misc.” [Miscellaneous] and click it! [It should open up in notepad]

• Once you open the file, Scroll down to “Panel Settings”. Your setting will probably say “PopupPanels = 0 / PopupNavigator = 0” as the default. For the Popup panels to show up in SAI, Set the settings to “1”

• Restart SAI and yAHoo thERE YA GO, you got floaty pop up panels!

►►If you ever want to have the panels back to the way they were, just go back to the “misc.” and change the popup panels back to “0"◄◄

I HOPE THIS HELPED YOU GUYS AND I HOPE EVERYTHING MADE SENSE. If you have any questions send me an Ask and i’ll try to help!

Has anyone else been having this issue in WoW...

First, whenever I get to the character select screen it is always on the last character on my list. Not the last one I played, but the bottom one on the list.

Second, whenever I login, all of the little help popups always show up. It happens when I send followers on a mission (Click here to view your mission progress). It happens when I open my character info (Continue earning rep to reach exalted). It happens when I open the netherlight crucible (Netherlight Crucible does this. Preview relics here).

Has anyone had this and/or know how to fix it? It’s been going on for…maybe a week now? Maybe two? I have disabled Tutorials already and I don’t think it’s any addons lol

how to: different styled popups

hi, so here’s a tutorial on how to have different styled popups (size, position, effects, colors, etc.). i found out how to do this like half a year ago but it had some bugs and i’ve been working on them and i’m pretty sure i got all of them. but if not just let me know and i’ll try my very best to help you out.

i hope you enjoy it, and please like/reblog if this was helpful in any way :) thank you! 

xo, claudia

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