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have any of u guys seen page /maid ? i opened it up but then i got scared


…Oh, that is weird.

It has a warning for “this page is fucked up” “verified by Mod Komaeda 14″ and when you close the popup it shows the rest of the page which is… a red and black Maidmaeda with a long text section about… … …?

Well, I really don’t know how to define it, honestly, maybe that’s why the “fucked up” warning is there.

Don't piss out somebody who knows how to 'net send'

Hi. Sharing up my story, which goes back to glory days of 2001/2002, when I worked on a company that had some grumpy people. Specially one, that wasn’t that tech savvy. I was working in IT department, and in those days, all people worked on Windows 2000/NT.

Long story short, one grumpy person started to piss me off, so I plan my petty revenge. In case you don’t know, on Windows NT, you can open up the console (cmd.exe) and write a net send command.

Basically, you write a command like:

net send USER “Hello”

And a popup window would show up on that user’s PC, in front of whatever application he/she was working.

Well, that afternoon, I sent to grumpy messages similar to “KERNEL32.DLL EXCEPTION. RESTART YOUR PC NOW”

It was nice to hear that person, next day at lunch, complaining that he/she didn’t manage to do any work because the computer was acting crazy, and that he/she had to do extra work to catch on.

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I met Rafa at a popup show clipping did a couple years ago in Cali and I remember being blown away by how articulate and enthusiastic and kind he was. I talked to him for a few minutes and it was just such a good conversation I want to be his friend

honestly same i want to be his friend so bad

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Fwiw Raelynn has been rehearsing the last couple days. I haven't kept track of B's band to know if they in LA now. Maybe practice today? Maybe popup show 1st part of week? They will celebrate for sure at some point.

Last year he did a pop-up on the Jan 30. People said that was because he didn’t tour in 2015.