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Don't piss out somebody who knows how to 'net send'

Hi. Sharing up my story, which goes back to glory days of 2001/2002, when I worked on a company that had some grumpy people. Specially one, that wasn’t that tech savvy. I was working in IT department, and in those days, all people worked on Windows 2000/NT.

Long story short, one grumpy person started to piss me off, so I plan my petty revenge. In case you don’t know, on Windows NT, you can open up the console (cmd.exe) and write a net send command.

Basically, you write a command like:

net send USER “Hello”

And a popup window would show up on that user’s PC, in front of whatever application he/she was working.

Well, that afternoon, I sent to grumpy messages similar to “KERNEL32.DLL EXCEPTION. RESTART YOUR PC NOW”

It was nice to hear that person, next day at lunch, complaining that he/she didn’t manage to do any work because the computer was acting crazy, and that he/she had to do extra work to catch on.

Hey guys, Here’s a little tutorial for all of you, especially the people that are wondering how i do this magic in Paint Tool SAI. [since i get asked this about 50 times a day on how to do this ahaH /lays in the hellfire]

I’m really bad at explaining how i do things so HOPEFULLY everything makes sense yeye lets GO !

• Go to your “PaintTool SAI folder which should be located in your documents library or wherever you got the folder hidden!

• OK ye, open up the folder; scroll down until you find the file name "misc.” [Miscellaneous] and click it! [It should open up in notepad]

• Once you open the file, Scroll down to “Panel Settings”. Your setting will probably say “PopupPanels = 0 / PopupNavigator = 0” as the default. For the Popup panels to show up in SAI, Set the settings to “1”

• Restart SAI and yAHoo thERE YA GO, you got floaty pop up panels!

►►If you ever want to have the panels back to the way they were, just go back to the “misc.” and change the popup panels back to “0"◄◄

I HOPE THIS HELPED YOU GUYS AND I HOPE EVERYTHING MADE SENSE. If you have any questions send me an Ask and i’ll try to help!

how to: different styled popups

hi, so here’s a tutorial on how to have different styled popups (size, position, effects, colors, etc.). i found out how to do this like half a year ago but it had some bugs and i’ve been working on them and i’m pretty sure i got all of them. but if not just let me know and i’ll try my very best to help you out.

i hope you enjoy it, and please like/reblog if this was helpful in any way :) thank you! 

xo, claudia

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What happened at the popup show

8:00pm: I was so busy getting the venue checked for the one last time, getting models ready and whatnot. Audrey and Tate arrived just in time for their makeups. Audrey was the first one to start the show, and then Tate. Cara came in a little late but we had enough time to get her ready. Jasmine, on the other hand, somehow didn’t show up. It’s either that she didn’t get my note or she just decided to bail out. Gemma wanted to be in the show again, but Audrey didn’t want her to be in the show because she didn’t want other minions to feel jealous or Gemma to feel like she was the same as Audrey and Tate. Guests began to fill the space, and Kendall came with her magazine people and photographers. Blair came as well, and we shared a greeting. Unfortunately for me, Nate was nowhere to be found. Nick and Preston came as well, and most of the UES people who are on tumblr sat on the front row.

9:00pm: The show began, and the girls were gorgeous. Cara is one of the best models I’ve ever seen and hired. If she’s okay with it, I’m thinking of asking her to be the face of my line. Tate also knows how to carry herself. She almost tripped with the back of her dress, but she managed to catch herself and make it look like it was intentional.

10:00pm:Jasmine still didn’t show up, and the show had to go on. Kaylee had expressed that she would like to join in if it’s not too much of favor, so I called her over quickly for the dress Jasmine was originally going to wear. It seemed like Audrey and Tate were not really happy with the idea of Kaylee, but I think after their sleepover, they are slightly closer than before.

11:00pm:Everything was going smoothly and perfectly. Kendall and I met up backstage and chatted a little before the finalé. We decided on which club to go to and what we should wear, after we excitedly chatted on how much of a success my popup show has been. It was absolutely lovely to have her hang out with me after such long time…although I’m happy that she’s happy, sometimes I have to admit she’s too busy with Henry that I cannot hang out with her as much as I’d love to.

12:00am:The show officially ended, and Kendall and I got ready for some good night and fun. Au revoir, Upper East Siders. Thanks for the attention :)

XKit Update, January 3

One-Click Postage

  • Added option to hide the caption box on popup.


  • Now shows the nicknames you give to people on the “Following” and “Followers” pages.
  • Small bug fixes.

User Menus+ and Glowing Follow

  • Bug fixes caused mostly due to recent Tumblr changes.

The XKit Guy

  • Once again apologizes for the delays on replying to your asks, will be replying as soon as possible.