Colorado gives free birth control to women

It’s hard to come to any other conclusion after reading the crazy statistics coming out of Colorado, which just emerged from a public health experiment which consisted of giving more than 30,000 women free, long-acting birth control at health clinics throughout the state over a period of six years.

Between 2009 and 2015, “teen births dropped 40 percent, abortions fell 35 percent and the state avoided more than $80 million in Medicaid costs,” according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s website.

reoxdeal replied to your post : “Seo-chan please don’t egg the daycare…”

“Please reconsider this. There’s kids there that will see it and a parent who is ill. Don’t cause trouble for them please. How about I make you something nice hmm? We can even go shopping!”

“You seriously prefer shopping over egging the daycare? Lame. It’s not like you’re my mum so why should you care? Oh, wait you basically are. You’re such a party pooper.”

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I have been pining for some blond Levi content for a while now and your Drabble with white blond Levi was a godsend! *bows down* I am eternally grateful.


Well you are in luck! I’ve just decided I will do mankind a HUGE favor and write The Blond Chronicles - which will follow Levi on his quest to prove that blonds do it better.

You get me?

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Carla, with this special spell you will be able to transform every human into a cat! Try it! ;)

Carla: That is a good spell indeed. However, I will not turn every human into a cat because a majority of you humans are repulsive and do not deserve to be such a beautiful and graceful creature like a cat.

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So gay marriage is legal because the Supreme Court just stated it as law of the land, right? What happened to representative republic? And why are people freaking out more over this deliberate governmental fuck up than anyone ever did over Obama's executive orders? Wish those woulda got the same rebuttal.

You’re preaching to the choir.  Liberals and uneducated voters are more interested in popular outcomes rather than Constitutional Representative government.  They’re impatient with the process and would rather have a monarch (or in this case an oligarchy) make the decisions that the loudest voices are clamoring for.  We might as well place Taylor Swift, Oprah, Ellen, Obama, Beyoncé and Neil Patrick Harris in complete control of our government since they seem to be our all-knowing betters that know what’s best for our society.

“Hillary Clinton is now trying to use a veneer of a populist image. But this is a person who has 200 advisers to tell her how she can look populist without angering her wealthy donors. And ultimately the question is about her record as a warmongering secretary of state who used her position to emphasize drone attacks, to be a vocal proponent of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and to promote the interests of multinational corporations at the expense of the interests of working people.”

- Kshama Sawant, Seattle city councilmember. Sawant joined other progressive voices on Democracy Now! for a heated debate over whether to back Hillary Clinton for president in 2016.


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has struck a nerve in the heart of America. Throughout the country, the Vermont Senator has been drawing enormous crowds, equal to that of Hillary, while also gaining in the polls and prompting Clinton to muster up her best Elizabeth Warren impression. It is clear that Sanders’ populist message, which addresses economic inequality and Wall Street corruption, is resonating with the American people. But what’s most important about the rise of Bernie Sanders, whether you believe he is a true populist or a cog in the Democratic machine, is that he (and other progressives like Warren) is bringing back what has long been stomped out in America: class politics.

The democratic socialist from Vermont is well positioned to bring class back to the forefront of American politics

Fanaticism consists of redoubling your efforts when you have forgotten your aim

George Santayana

Young students often try to make a difference, or like to think they do anyway. For this reason they read philosophy, psychology, women studies, politics etc. So that they can better understand humans.

The wish to understand and better humans is called humanism.

Unfortunately for us, it seem that a new wave of populist individuals hijack the humanist cause. Especially in places where critical thinking is not something people care much about, this is particularly dangerous or a best annoying and futile.

The difference between a humanist and a new age populist, is that humanists promote peace, progress, rationalism, tolerance, equality and solidarity, while a new age populist try to invoke mass movements, common enemies and simple explinations for complex problems.

For example a real feminist supports Equal rights for women and men, anywhere in the world, and wishes to change legislation and social understanding to make society equal for both genders.

A populist feminist, simply attacks all males, has no solution but suggest that if there is a tendency in a society where something bad is accepted for males to do, that females should just do it aswell. Thus effectively making society worse for both genders, in the name of feminism. It gives real feminists a bad reputation and is counter productive.

This is the same with racism, which is problem of varying degrees everywhere in the world. racism is proven to be overcome with higher education and a more tolerant society. Again real contra-racists promote tolerance and equality, while populist ones promote hate towards majority society. Which is insane, to incite hatred towards an even larger group because a smaller one is hated makes no sense.

Populism is for the ignorant. It’s counter productive, and most often hypocritical. 

If you believe in something and you can’t handle critisism of what you are doing, you are just an ignorant fanatic, and most certainly wrong in what ever you believe, humanism and science is easy to defend, populist ignorance is not.

If you want to incite hatred and ignorance please stop labelling yourself humanist, civil rights activist or feminist.

Your looking for facism, it’s over there.


Out of Occupy, a New Populist Political Party Forms

Published on Mar 13, 2014

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Carl Gibson, co-founder of U.S. Uncut, is joining with other Occupy Wall Street organizers to launch a new populist political party. While more details (including the name of the party and the identities of other key organizers) will be available when the group launches on March 20, the party will be explicitly anti-capitalist. 

Says Gibson: “A new party that actively opposes capitalism and unites people around the basic ideas of meeting human needs would be widely respected and immediately acknowledged. This new party could stand apart from the two corporate-owned parties by refusing to take campaign donations from corporations, banks and developers, standing up for the rights of immigrants and indigenous people, calling for sustainable energy and development, making education for all a top priority, and believing in universal access to healthcare as a human right. While it would take time, focusing on building power first at the local and county level is the surest way to make lasting change.”

In this interview with Resistance Report host Dennis Trainor, Jr., Gibson acknowledged that the Green Party is already working along a parallel path, but feels his (soon to be launched) party will do a better job of engaging young people and focusing on local politics as a way to build power. 

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Paul Ryan's Faux Populism

On Friday, Paul Ryan, the presumptive Republican vice-presidential nominee, made the most populist speech of this campaign season.

“It’s the people who are politically connected, it’s the people who have access to Washington that get the breaks,” he told an enthusiastic crowd of over 2,000 at a high school gym in Virginia.

“Well, no more. We don’t want to pick winners and losers in Washington… . Hardworking taxpayers should be treated fairly and it should be based on whether they’re good, whether they work hard and not who they know in Washington. That’s entrepreneurialism. That’s free enterprise.”

Sounds good, but earlier this week – three days after being picked as Romney’s running-mate – Ryan went to Las Vegas to pay homage to Sheldon Adelson, the casino billionaire who is the poster boy for using money to become “politically connected” in Washington, and getting the “breaks” that come with it. Adelson has promised to donate up to $100 million to make sure Romney and Ryan are in the White House next year.

Much of Adelson’s fortune comes from his casino in Macau, in China, via his money-greased access to Washington.

When China’s pitch for the 2008 Olympics was endangered by a House resolution opposing the bid because of China’s “abominable human rights record,” Adelson phoned Tom DeLay, then House majority whip and recipient of Adelson’s political generosity — urging him to block the resolution, which DeLay promptly did. The next day, according to the New York Times, a Chinese vice premier promised Mr. Adelson an endless line of gamblers to the Macau casino.

The money Adelson has committed to putting Romney and Ryan into the White House is a business investment. Adelson has a lot riding on the 2012 election.

Last year, his Las Vegas Sands Corporation came under investigation by the Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission for possible violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act — bribing Chinese officials to help expand its casino in Macau.

The U.S. attorney’s office in Los Angeles, meanwhile, is investigating whether the Sands Corporation violated federal money-laundering laws by accepting more than $100 million from high-rolling gamblers accused of drug trafficking and embezzlement, rather than reporting the suspicious funds to the government.

Ryan has also been a major recipient of contributions from billionaire energy moguls Charles and David Koch. Koch Industries PAC has donated more than $100,000 to Ryan’s campaigns and his leadership PAC – more than any other corporate PAC, according to a NY Times analysis of campaign records.

You see, Koch industries spans a variety of oil and gas investments – whose value would be compromised if Congress and the White House got serious about climate change.

Small wonder Paul Ryan has emerged as one of Congress’s most outspoken skeptics of climate change. He has also repeatedly voted against energy efficiency standards, including a House vote to prohibit the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases.

Several months ago, when I debated Paul Ryan on ABC-TV’s “This Week,” he said we need to shrink the size of government because big corporations and wealthy individuals otherwise use government to their advantage.

“If the power and money are going to be here in Washington, that’s where the influence is going to go … that’s where the powerful are going to go to influence it,” he said.

It’s an odd argument coming from Ryan because his proposed budget doesn’t shrink government by cutting benefits and payments to big business and the rich. He increases military payments to defense contractors, for example, slashes Wall Street regulations, and gives giant tax benefits to the rich.

His budget shrinks government mainly by cutting benefits and payments to the poor and lower-income Americans. Over 60 percent of his spending cuts target programs for Americans in the bottom third of the income ladder.

Ryan is correct when he says “it’s the people who are politically connected, it’s the people who have access to Washington that get the breaks.”

But his faux populism obscures the main point. A much smaller government still dominated by money would continue to do the bidding of billionaires like casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, energy moguls like the Koch bothers, military contractors, and other high rollers now actively trying to put Ryan and Romney into the White House.

It just wouldn’t do anything for the rest of us.

Xi Jinping Eating Some Dumplings at a Restaurant

Last Friday, Chinese president Xi Jinping walked into Qingfeng restaurant in western Beijing and, after waiting in line, ordered six pork buns, one dish of fried pig liver, and one vegetable dish. After paying 21 yuan (about $3.50) in cash, Xi ate his meal at a communal table and chatted with customers before departing. 

Initially, Chinese Internet users suspected the photos of the event were fake—earlier this year, a story that Xi had personally hailed a Beijing cab proved to be a hoax—but once China’s official news agencies confirmed their veracity, the images went viral. The next day, customers flocked to the Qingfeng restaurant, and, after braving a line that snaked out the door, ordered the exact meal their president had eaten. 

In China, where important officials seldom mingle with the general public, Xi’s casual lunch showed fresh evidence of his populist streak.

Read more. [Image: Sina Weibo]

If It Were Just About The Issues, Bernie Sanders Would Win In A Landslide

If It Were Just About The Issues, Bernie Sanders Would Win In A Landslide

Political pundits and voters are both intrigued by Bernie Sanders’ run for the presidency, but few outside the liberal base will admit that Sanders has a chance.

Polls say something different, though – that is if the debate can really be about issues instead of labels. When asked about the issues, especially about wealth inequality, the vast majority of the country, including even Republicans,…

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Accessible Academia is now officially open, though it doesn’t exist in any real way yet! So first off, I’m looking for mods, and created a page about how to apply.  If I think of anything else, or if someone suggests adding/removing something from it, I’ll change it.  There’s also a fairly empty page for about the mods, which only features me so far.

Most importantly, I need to find mods for things that I don’t know as well, because though in their absence, I’ll attempt to handle any asks, I’m not as practiced, so these areas aren’t things I can effortlessly translate.

So, apply and submit asks and submissions of material you want explained! This tumblr will only be as good as the questions it gets!


This is a really good example of why you never put racism up to a popular vote, because racism will win every time,” she said. “It’s not up to the offending class to say what offends the offended.
—  Susan Shown Harjo, quoted in “US Poll Finds Widespread Support for Redskins Name” by Ben Nuckols, Associated Press (http://abcnews.go.com/Sports/wireStory/us-poll-finds-widespread-support-redskins-19092814?page=2)