The Week is Full of Spiders:

DAY 3: Favorite Quote Day

“Do you dream, mon? I interpret dream for beer.”

That’s the town of Undisclosed in a nutshell. This run-down half city with more weirdos per capita than you’ll find anywhere outside of San Francisco. We should have that printed on the green population sign coming into town: WELCOME TO [UNDISCLOSED] DREAMS INTERPRETED FOR BEER.

- John Dies at the End, David Wong 

Is this really my favorite quote? No. I have so many and a lot of them have already been posted. I always liked that JDatE takes place in an unknown Midwestern town so I chose this quote. Also, I made this fake road sign and was looking for an excuse to post and now I finally have one. I love this though I have neglected to give it a background. I was thinking of making it into a sticker but we shall see.

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     The sign said, “Population 430,” so I expected a quiet little town, and it was. But there was also a big stage production at the local school the next morning. As it turned out the school is among the top rated in the state, and its choir and theater director has been been staging two completely original productions for the kids every year for the last 20 years. These two set and costume designers moved here with their families all the way from the Chicago area after driving through Mosier and falling in love with it.
     “It’s a great place to raise our own kids,” they said.
     “And what is the most satisfying part of your work?”
“Helping cultivate the artistic tendencies in children. There are kids who might have otherwise gone through school thinking they’re not good at anything because they’re not good at school or sports. This is something they can do, and they can do it well in a supportive environment. The great thing about theater is that it’s not a competitive sport. Everyone works together.”

Mosier, OR