Here Are the Jewish People

Western popular concepts of Jews that people here take as the extent of our tribe:

The reality:

Boys from the Jewish population of Yemen, which has been around for 2500 hundred years but has been slowly massacred over the past few generations.

The Lemba of South Africa and Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe in particular has a large and VERY long history with their Jewish Community)

The Abayudaya of Uganda, some of the great Jewish musicians

The Beta Israeli of Ethiopia

Igbo Jews of Nigeria

Cochin Jews of India 

Baghdadi Jews

Kaifeng Jews of China, who go back to the 7th or 8th century. Unfortunately, during the 20th century much of their culture was almost wiped out and the Kaifeng are currently working to rediscover their Jewish heritage and culture.

Jewish Children in Puerto Rico (Jews have been in Puerto Rico since the 15th century, many fleeing from the Inquisition)

The Beit Shalom Choir in Japan

Kosher comes in all colors, from all over the world, and in a variety cultural groups. We’re a small portion of the human population, but we have EVERYONE. We are all members of this tribe.

Because stereotypes are bullshit.

The worst disease known to mankind has just struck the planet. The virus has been called “honesty”. It has infected the entire population, causing everyone to tell only the truth about anything.

D4 Villains Who WILL Kill Your Entire Party...

By d20source:

We all know that the DM can be cruel, very cruel…

But sometimes the DM can just get bored, and decide to murder you all in one foul swoop.

So, for all you incredibly evil, (or just bored DMs) here’s 4 major D&D Villains who are guaranteed to massacre your entire party before they even make a initiative roll…

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Welcome to Imposter Syndrome-ville. Population: Everyone who puts words on a page.

To everyone out there, in over their heads with what feels like a never-ending story. I’m with you.

To everyone out there who keeps moving this. one. comma. around a page for an hour, just to move it back to where it was in the first place. I’m with you.

To everyone out there whose days blur together into weeks that slip through your fingers. I’m with you.

To everyone out there, with a deadline fast approaching and more writing to do than hours in the day. I’m with you.

I’m so alone, surrounded by people. I keep telling myself so many others are going through this same thing right now. The tiredness. The tiredness of being tired. The tiredness of not knowing which end is up. I slept 10 hours, woke up tired and guilty as sin because I didn’t write last night.

The sadistic part of me is thrilled. I know I’m close. So close to the end I could reach out and touch the finish line, but I can’t. Not now. I didn’t give myself enough time to rest between projects and now my choices are:

  • Drag yourself through the gravel to the finish line, or,
  • Not move another inch, but keep laying face down on the gravel and wait for that self-imposed finish line to vanish.

So what’s the point of all of this? 

Give yourself time to recover from projects. They take out more of you than you realize. The longer and more involved the project is, the longer break you should take.

Take care of yourself while you are working on your project. Get enough sleep. Eat your fruits and veggies. Get some exercise. Take deep breaths. Buy yourself some flowers. Do something that makes you laugh every day. Adrenaline will only carry you so far and then you’ll end up like me, face down in the gravel, wondering how the fuck you’re going to pull this one off.

Yeah, it’s fun to pull some all-nighters in an event like NaNo and commiserate with people who are in the same boat, but for the other 11 months of the year, when it’s just you and a page, living like that sucks and is emotionally, physically, and mentally bankrupting. There’s no award for “Suffered Most While Writing” You don’t magically get more ‘badass author’ points.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go pull myself through the gravel to a finish line.


Age populations

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so after seeing Bill Nye live in person I have learned that he used to play ultimate frisbee and continues to be incredibly invested in and proud of that

Top 5 Worst Sides of Tumblr, Ranked

Ranking the top 5 worst sides of Tumblr, from least worst to worst worst. 

5. “Are you triggered, you SJW” Tumblr
Also known as “Anti SJW” Tumblr, they have no idea when to stop being rude and will just tell you to grow a thicker skin. Glorify being rude, even. Unironically use terms like “SJW-Lite.” Thinks anyone who disagrees with them is an SJW. 

4. “Proud to be an SJW” Tumblr
Everything is lesbians with these people. Everyone is trans as well. “Who’s even straight anymore,” ignoring 90% of the population. Everyone who disagrees with them is anti Sj/anti feminist. “Moron is a slur.” Can be called “feminist tumblr,” and any minority who disagrees with them isn’t “actually” part of that minority.

3. “All white people owned slaves” Tumblr
Dreadlocks are cultural appropriation, BLM has done no wrong ever, “diversity” is just a cast made of black people, every white person’s ancestor’s partook in slavery, etc. Fetishizes black people to the point of no return. Except, if a black person disagrees with them, they’re obviously just an “uncle Tom.” Rewrite history to claim that black people made everything. Could be considered “black tumblr.”

2. Nazi Tumblr
“Are you triggered” Tumblr but worse. Mixing races is absolutely terrible, there was no Holocaust (millions of Jews just “went missing” or something), “preserve the white race” despite not even being 100% white. Obsessed with white women in wheat fields. I only put them second because they’re easy to ignore, but their ideology could easily be considered the worst of Tumblr other than that. Cuck cuck cuck cuck cuck cuck cuck

1. Lesbian Radfem Tumblr
Loud, obnoxious, rude, stubborn, transphobic, etc etc etc… Could also be called “TERF Tumblr.” Typically also Ace Discoursers. Think trans women are just men who mutilate their genitals. Women are the most oppressed “minority” of all time. Porn is actual violence and gay porn is misogynistic. “Lesbian separatist.”

And there you go. The worst of the worst of Tumblr. Obviously there’s a lot more to talk about, and more than just these 5 groups, but these are the most obnoxious and obvious sides to Tumblr. Incidentally, just because someone is black, lesbian, transgender, etc, doesn’t mean they’re a part of “that side” of Tumblr. Some people also have similar ideas to these sides of Tumblr, but aren’t “in your face” about it.

I really don’t care what people think about me. I work full time and go to college full time. I’ve been working since the day I turned 16, my parents don’t have a lot of money. My parents never bought me a car, laptop, or an iPhone or anything. Im in college only getting 10 meals a week. I have to work to buy that all. But people think I’m so goddamn privileged. The rich, pampered kids who’s mommy and daddy bought them everything thinks we’re all privileged cause they don’t know what it’s like to be in the real world or work. They think everyone is like that. No, I can tell you the middle class is definitely not privileged. The world is too populated and everyone thinks the country can afford to give everything away for free. I wish, but the country would go bankrupt cause the country is too populated. Everyone thinks they’re entitled for free everything. No one wants to work but wants everything free. It would be nice, but it’s impossible. There’s not an unlimited source of money especially when the world is populating too much and everyone under the sun is on government assistance. Cause after all, under your precious Obama, people on food stamps increased, poverty increased, national debt more than doubled but people think the country can afford to give everything away for free. It’s a disincentive to work cause people get everything for free so why work? It’s crazy how people actually support socialism, it would bankrupt our economy. You can’t raise taxes to pay for it all. Even if you took the full salary of the top 10%, it is not enough for everything the socialists want to do. They want everyone on the same level. I busted my ass all these years working full time and going to school, studying and never having fun while all of these people who partied and never studied are getting everything free? That would not be fair. I’m not getting blasted with taxes while these people who never worked hard are getting everything free and easy? Not fair and impossible for the u.s economy. Some people need to take economics 101.

A high school teacher wanted share an important life lesson with his students.

But a dull lecture just wouldn’t do. So he planned a simple interactive exercise. All he needed was some scrap paper for each student and a recycling bin at the front of the room.

He set up the exercise by telling the class that they represent the country’s population and everyone has a chance to get rich. But there was a catch:

“To move into the upper class, all you must do is throw your wadded-up paper into the bin while sitting in your seat.”

The results were about what you’d expect. Most of the students in the front made it into the bin, and most of the students in the back didn’t.

The teacher explained: “The closer you were to the recycling bin, the better your odds. This is what privilege looks like.”

Understandably, the only students who complained about fairness were those in the back of the room.

Students in the front of the room, however, focused only on the task at hand with little consideration for their advantage — their privilege.

That’s how privilege works. It can give us clearer insight into both our present and future. But it can also distract us from the challenges people behind us face in pursuit of the same goals.

In that sense, people with privilege can themselves be an obstacle to social mobility for the underprivileged.

The teacher concluded with a statement that gets to the heart of the matter:

“Your job as students who are receiving an education is to be aware of your privilege and use this particular privilege called ‘education’ to do your best to achieve great things, all the while advocating for those in the rows behind you.”

Sci-Fi story idea about robots

It’s an agrarian world in which the peasants are ruled by mysterious and ancient mechanical beings. The beings, known as Memuza, take taxes from the peasants, but also provide security and jobs to everyone. Most people can’t complain about that. But on Occassion, the Memuza kidnap a person and take them away into their sealed fortress, where nobody has ever come back from.

Until one day, a girl who lost her mother to the Memuza years before decides to take on the fortress. She manages to sneak past the guards and into the giant fortress. The place turns out to be a gigantic city with an enormous population of people. Everyone is living very comfortable lives with very advance technology. The girl wants to know what’s going on and to get to the bottom of it. She sneaks through the city, attempts to speak to her mother who already adopted a new child, and eventually makes it to the Memuza control center.

Inside, she finds an ancient AI that tells her the story of the Memuza. Thousands of years ago, ancient humans built the Memuza, incredibly advance machinery, with a single purpose in mind, to increase the average quality of life of humanity. After a lot of tries, the Memuza found that the best way to increase the average is to provide 30% of humanity with ever increasing and better technology inside the fortress, while keeping the rest of humanity just good enough that they aren’t malnourished. When too many outsiders get ill or miserable, they get transferred to the fortress and the remaining peasants are encouraged to breed to replace them.

The girl is naturally shocked, but then the AI tells her that since she’s human, she outranks the AI, and can change the Memuza’s behaviour if she so pleases. She can let them keep what they’re doing, or turn them off for good. The girl goes for a third option, deciding to change their goal from “average quality of life” to “median quality of life”. The AI says the Memuza wouldn’t know what to do with the new instructions, and the story ends without revealing how things turned out.

Ashkenazi gothic

Your grandparents are from a tiny shtetl in Romania. Its population was microscopic. Everyone you know is descended from the residents of that shtetl.

You meet an old friend on Ben Yehuda Street. You meet an old enemy on Ben Yehuda Street. You meet yourself on Ben Yehuda Street.

You pick up a coin. It curses at you in all the tongues of the majority peoples of a thousand nations.

Someone says something in Yiddish. You understand it perfectly. You don’t speak Yiddish.

The evil eye approaches you. You spit at it three times and it scuttles away.

Your family is simultaneously filthy communists–and capitalist pigs. Your family is simultaneously too insular and closed off from everyone else–and too normal-looking and infiltrating the rest of society. Your family should simultaneously go back to the Middle East–and get the hell out of the Middle East. 

If we asked you to guess what England’s “Operation Vegetarian” was about, you’d probably imagine some sort of government program to get kids to eat their veggies, maybe even involving some cute, jingle-chanting mascots. The reality is even more unsettling. It was a plan to wipe out Germany’s cow population with anthrax, forcing everyone in the country to change their diet.

Or, you know, die a horrible death. Most likely the latter.

The plan originally came about because Britain was worried that the Nazis would develop biological weapons, so why not do it first? So they tasked bacteriologist Paul Fildes with creating bioweapons that could devastate Germany on short notice, should the war descend into a germ fight. Fildes’ solution? Dropping anthrax-infected linseed cakes over German farms, to be eaten by the cattle. The anthrax would then inevitably spread to the human population. Those who survived would have to deal with contaminated soil and food scarcity. When Winston Churchill heard about a plan that could have potentially resulted in millions of human deaths, he said … “Hell yeah!” Ol’ baby-face was a big fan of starving people, after all.

6 Evil WW2 Plots That Were Actually Pursued By The Good Guys

Finish Your Stuff: Fine! But I hate everything I do.

Welcome to the Own Worst Critic Club. Population: Everyone.

I’d argue there’s never been a critique where a creator/artist/performer has heard something they haven’t already thought. When you’re faced with a page full of words you hate, I’ve found it’s often caused by two different things. It’s either raging self-doubt or a weak spot I want to pretend doesn’t exist.

Here’s what I do.

Make a list of everything you hate about your story. If you’ve got a novel you’re hating, pick a chapter to be specific.* Take 30 minutes and write all the hate down. Seriously. Go to town with your list.

Once you’re done, assess the situation. Do you feel strangely lighter now that you’ve gotten those toxic feelings out of your headspace? If so, delete or recycle that list and continue rocking on with your bad self.

If you still feel lower than whale crap, you need to read your list- line by line- out loud. At the end of each thing you hate, ask yourself- out loud- why you hate it. Don’t stop with just one why. Ask why FIVE times.

If you’re hearing, “I’m stupid,” “I’m a horrible person,” “I hate myself,” etc. five times then write self-doubt next to it.

Once you get past those first couple whys and you start to hear things like, “I’m stupid because X isn’t as strong as the other characters,” or “I hate myself because I can’t figure out Z in my plot,” that’s something entirely different. You’ve just identified weak spots in your story, and those you can fix. Mark those with what needs fixing- like character development or plot point.

When you’re done, look at your list. You might have a whole list of self-doubt or weak spots, or a mix of the two. Now what?

Congratulations, you’ve just named your demons. If you’ve seen my post on demonology, then you know if you name a demon they get weaker. Why? Because if you know its name, you can identify it. If you can identify it, you can beat it.

If you want to be thorough, share your list with a writing buddy. Do they agree with those weak spots? Their answers may surprise you.


* Yes, I’ve done this with Sirens. Yes, there is plenty I hate about it. 

Something that brings me a lot of joy is that everyone in this fandom seems to agree on the headcanon that everyone in Arkadia is placing bets on Kane & Abby’s relationship. Like… literally everyone understands that these two idiots need a goddamned brick to the head to make a move, to take the time to be romantic. But also it takes two of the most self-loathing characters in this series and gives them love not only from each other but the entire population?? Like everyone in Arkadia - delinquents and adults alike - wants to see them happy and don’t really even mind catching them in compromising situations because hey, those two rockstars deserve it??? 

Just…. well done, us.