10k Followers WAT?!

Okay, what the fuck…

I MISSED THE BIG 10,000!!! *rage intensifies*

I have 10,000 followers….whoa. *rage subsides*

I seriously can’t thank each and every one of you enough. Even though a lot of you don’t like or reblog stuff I post, you still see it. 

I have something awesome in the works. I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say some things about it. 

I want this to be a YouTube series, based on video games. Not playthroughs/gameplay, which I’ll still have on my channel. This will be a legit series, I hope. I just need people to help me with filming and such. The first video, as a thank you for 10,000 followers, will be Zelda based, but not the Zelda we all know and love. It’ll be something more…dark and by dark I mean the Legend of Zelda’s dark times. That’s all I’m going to say! 

Okay beautiful people, you all have a nice week and many more after that. Remember, my ask box is always open. Stay awesome. 

anonymous asked:

Hey:) i'm a hijabi nd i wanna be a cosplayer too, do you think it would be strange? And how do i find good cosplay stuff/ideas? Aargh sorry 4 asking stupid things but i dont know any hijabi cosplayers >.<

Nope! This isn’t a stupid thing to ask at all, no worries, you aren’t alone, trust me.

I’ve seen so so many Hijabi who cosplay and/ or wear Lolita and do it SO WELL.

This facebook page alone has 10k likes! There is so much creativity~!

You can either add it to an existing outfit a character has, make an alternate look, or even use it in place of a wig- ect. Really endless possibilities!

The Lights Fade Out || Chapter Fifteen

Title: The Lights Fade Out (Part 15/15)
Rating: T
Summary: —AU, all human— It’s been a year since John came home from the war, and for the first time he’s living alone and trying to find his way. Meeting Rose Tyler doesn’t fix everything, but she at least makes it a little better.
Characters: Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler
Author’s Notes: This is one I’ve been playing with for a while now. It’s my first time really attempting to write any form of Nine, so I’m hoping it goes well.

General Story Warnings: This story deals with PTSD – including flashbacks and nightmares – and eating disorders in later chapters. Specific chapters will have warnings as well.

*******CHAPTER WARNING: Eating Disorder mentions, Flashbacks*********

It was a long, uphill battle.

Rose did her best. She started off slow — one meal a day. It was the best she could ask of herself. She made it a good meal, putting as much into it as she could. She started snacking a bit more — fruit cups and pudding and jello and other things that were quick. She did the best she could.

John helped. Whenever they ate together he’d always push for one more bite, just one more. It was aggravating, but on some level Rose knew she needed to be pushed. It was good for her.

She tried not to get too frustrated with him.

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