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hunter x hunter and why they shouldn't be teachers

gon will literally just. give everyone fucking good grades and give out candy and shit no matter what.

killua is a gym teacher. those kids could easily do 500 more pushups. dodgeball is not a game.

kurapika is a pretty good teacher but he’s not allowed near the school anymore after someone wore a spider man shirt

leorio is a good nurse but he just. fucking. hits on everything with boobs and short skirts. mostly that science teacher across the hall.

hisoka teaches chemistry. they make bubblegum. did you know that bungee gum has the properties of both rubber and gum

what the fuck does illumi teach anyway??? no one knows because he’s always just fucking sitting at his desk and silently evaluating all of them. most fail. what he teaches remains a mystery

chrollo is a librarian but again he just won.t stop??? reading??? the f??ucking?? books??????????? books are missing from every classroom. he took multiple of each copy. there’s a fee to check out books at the library.

machi is in charge of sewing class but she just fuckin,g threatens every snobby kid with her needles

ging is just the worst teacher ever. what the fcuk. actually no one knows who the fuck he is, he never shows up for work. pariston is always the substitute. the students debate on who they would rather have teach the class after ging actually comes to school one day

pariston is the worst fucking substitute teacher like do you know how much fucking glitter he steals from the art room for projects???? this is fucking social studies not arts and crafts

kite got a restraining order after he punched a kid in the face for going up to a fox on a field trip


this. this right here is what separates pitou from pouf- both are incredibly loyal, but in different ways. Pouf is toxic, fanatic: he isn’t loyal to Meruem, he’s loyal to the idea of Meruem. He’s loyal to the King that he thinks Meruem should be. He had a mental breakdown because he hates Komugi so much, he felt like she was a bad influence on his precious ideal. So he did everything he could to separate the two. But Pitou? No. Pitou recognized and accepted the fact that Komugi had become extremely important to Meruem- to the point where without her, he would cease to be the way he is. This statement proves that they, unlike Pouf, were loyal to Meruem himself. They did not care if he adhered to the standards imposed upon him. They did not even mind that Komugi had changed him from before. They realized that the influence could not be undone, and that Meruem’s own mental and emotional state was far more important than world domination. They, at this point, accepted the King and Komugi for who they are. Killua even compared Pitou to a mother cat protecting a weaker being. Pitou’s only concern was keeping Komugi safe. Which is honestly more than Meruem asked of them. But in that request, Pitou must have also noticed Netero and Zeno’s shock at his behaviour- and so I think that Pitou must have gained from those reactions just what Komugi and Meruem’s relationship signified.
I just have so many feelings about this part???

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What's your favorite cliche/ overdone AU? (Like cafe, college, ect)

SCHOOL!! like cute romance school aus yes yes yes