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hunter x hunter and why they shouldn't be teachers

gon will literally just. give everyone fucking good grades and give out candy and shit no matter what.

killua is a gym teacher. those kids could easily do 500 more pushups. dodgeball is not a game.

kurapika is a pretty good teacher but he’s not allowed near the school anymore after someone wore a spider man shirt

leorio is a good nurse but he just. fucking. hits on everything with boobs and short skirts. mostly that science teacher across the hall.

hisoka teaches chemistry. they make bubblegum. did you know that bungee gum has the properties of both rubber and gum

what the fuck does illumi teach anyway??? no one knows because he’s always just fucking sitting at his desk and silently evaluating all of them. most fail. what he teaches remains a mystery

chrollo is a librarian but again he just won.t stop??? reading??? the f??ucking?? books??????????? books are missing from every classroom. he took multiple of each copy. there’s a fee to check out books at the library.

machi is in charge of sewing class but she just fuckin,g threatens every snobby kid with her needles

ging is just the worst teacher ever. what the fcuk. actually no one knows who the fuck he is, he never shows up for work. pariston is always the substitute. the students debate on who they would rather have teach the class after ging actually comes to school one day

pariston is the worst fucking substitute teacher like do you know how much fucking glitter he steals from the art room for projects???? this is fucking social studies not arts and crafts

kite got a restraining order after he punched a kid in the face for going up to a fox on a field trip

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omg about this "hxh being unpopular" or like "not mainstream" is it not one of the most popular anime/manga series like. ever? like probably.... i dunno the numbers but id guess like top 15 most popular like super super popular

i think wrt hxh’s popularity we need to split it by region. undoubtedly, hxh is one of the top shounen manga sellers in japan, but the discussion on this blog was limited to hxh’s popularity in the west. people seem to have really conflicting opinions on this – some saying it’s losing popularity, some saying it’s gaining. i think a lot of these opinions are probably based on people’s tumblr feeds and gut feelings – like, seeing less hxh on your dash = declining popularity to some, although there’s no data to validate this claim.

i actually have no knowledge if manga/dvd sales are reported on in the west like they are on in japan, so i also don’t know exactly how hxh is doing. with toonami viewership ratings, it looks like the timeslot is the #1 factor in viewership totals – earlier shows get more viewers than later shows (hxh is in the middle of the line-up). i’d be interested to see if there’s been an increase of manga sales or views on crunchyroll since hxh debuted on toonami. my personal gut feeling is that hxh is growing in popularity in the west – again, no data, just my gut.

related, i think we also need to split popularity and “mainstream” into two separate categories of discussion. while both are related to the amount of fans, “mainstream” is more about how marketable or prevalent a series is. we’re starting to see western hxh goods appear, like the recently discussed t-shirts at hot topic, so perhaps hxh may shift a little more into this category over the next year or two, but for the time being i would not label hxh as mainstream in the west. i’m not sure if it will ever become mainstream as it’s unconventional, which makes it less easily marketable.

is it mainstream in japan? i actually discussed this with my japanese friend during her visit, as her favorite series is gintama so she’s familiar with shounen jump and its various franchises. in her words, hxh is hugely popular, and people were incredibly excited when the 2011 anime was announced, but she doesn’t believe it to be mainstream. it’s not omnipresent like attack on titan is in both the west and japan. she believes the amount of hiatuses is most likely the culprit – despite the long serialization of hxh, there are not many chapters of it. hxh was serialized in 1998 and has 360 chapters. in comparison, gintama was serialized in 2003 and has over 600 chapters.

so there ya go! it’s possible for something to be popular but not mainstream. let’s regroup once hxh funko pop figures are announced :p

For the past few months I’ve been watching Hunter X Hunter and have become a little obsessed in love with it. Because I want to avoid spoilers I haven’t looked up any fanart yet, so I was itching to do some sketches (of mostly Hisoka) :3

People seem to forget that Gon and Killua were 13-14 of age at the time and can be considered the worst age to be at in your life and while saving the world from worst case scenario fast mutating furries you’d think people would give these kids a break about being “problematic”.