• what she says:im fine
  • what she means:cupids chokehold is a musical masterpiece. the way the beat goes with the overall vibe of the song is entrancing. travies and patricks voices contrast so much to one another, but yet they work so well. patricks lyrics make it sound like its a love song, but it is actually about not being able to stick to one person and falling in love over and over thinking that person is the one. travies lyrics show this, and make the overall song very playful and ironic. it deserves its spot as one of the most popular gym class heroes songs, and i am going to burn the single onto a cd so i can then melt it and inject it into my veins. i am going to get the entire song tattooed on my body five times.


As Some of you know last week my AMV Ship Happens, was taken down from Youtube as well asAMV.org as the owner of the song, Not Literally Productions, exercised their copyright on their song “I Ship It”, a parody of Icona Pop’s “I Love It” They claimed that my AMV had stolen their song, and was not given rights by them to use their song in such a way. While I personally belive my work was transformative and under fair use, youtube took my video down.

I sent the creators of the song an email abouta week ago, and while my email was read it was not replied to. They themselves are a youtube channel that promotes fun, geeky and parody content, that creates transformative works off of popular songs and IPs such as Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games and more. And while they have provisions on their site (see here and here) for creators to use their stuff they still manually went after my video.

I will be disputing this on youtube, but I would rather work this out with the creators personally.However it’s really hard to do so when they won’t even give me the time of day


If you wanna show your support of Ship Happens please tweet @HurricaneDana here and @thenotliterally here and let them know how much you love the song and the video! Please Please please reblog this, and retweet this etc and hopefully we can reach them!


The Weekly Squint

This week we’re squinting up in the Store of the Museum of English Rural Life!

This is a Toby Teapot, made in a style which stretches back to the 1700s (though we don’t see many doing the splits..). The Toby bit may come from an old popular drinking song about Toby Fillpot, but has since expanded to cover most ‘character’ jugs depicting people as their main feature.

Squint is an every-Thursday series begun by huntingtonlibrary that features snapshots of small, obscure  details that catch our eye. It’s a little window into some of the delightful minutiae that bring a smile to our collective face.

Signs as Popular Songs
  • **August 2015 Version
  • Aries:Cheerleader - OMI
  • Taurus:Can't Feel My Face - The Weeknd
  • Gemini:Bad Blood feat. Kendrick Lamar - Taylor Swift
  • Cancer:Watch Me - Silento
  • Leo:Good For You feat. A$AP Rocky - Selena Gomez
  • Virgo:Cool For the Summer - Demi Lovato
  • Libra:Drag Me Down - One Direction
  • Scorpio:She's Kinda Hot - 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Sagittarius:Should've Been Us - Tori Kelly
  • Capricorn:Where Are U Now - Skrillex & Diplo, Justin Bieber
  • Aquarius:Fight Song - Rachel Platten
  • Pisces:Lean On feat. MØ - Major Lazer & DJ Snake
Let it go
  • Let it go
  • Idina Menzel
  • Original Soundtrack

Let it go, Let it go

tired of being a good girl. tired of being considerate and then having them step over my feelings and calling me emotional. tired of listening to their demands and being lashed by their expectations

Turn away and slam the door

I don’t have to be confined, I am my own person; an individual of my own. 

I don’t care what they are going to say

it’s about time. 

I’m free

Let it go, let it go
I am one with the wind and sky

I’ll show you, my abilities, what I have. Stop looking down on me. 

Let it go, let it go
You’ll never see me cry

You will see my weakness no more. I won’t give you the power to hurt me anymore. You’ve abused that privileged enough. 

Here I stand
And here I’ll stay

I’ll show you that I’ll stand my ground. 

(all rights belong to the rightful owners)

Diamond rings and old barstools
One’s for queens and one’s for fools
One’s the future and one’s the past
One’s forever and one won’t last
—  Diamond rings and old barstools - Tim McGraw
More Stars Than There Are In Heaven
  • More Stars Than There Are In Heaven
  • Yo La Tengo
  • Popular Songs

Yo La Tengo - More Stars Than There Are In Heaven - Popular Songs (2009)

Hypnotic. Yo La Tengo = an underrated band. This = an underrated album.

“…We’ll walk hand in hand
Across a foreign land
See your face with soft repose
In heaven snow makes catacombs
Until when any runoff flows and glows 
We’ll walk hand in hand…”