hey yall i finally set up a redbubble store! due to popular demand (lol) i’ve only put up some mp100 stickers so far

if you’d like to see me put something up to buy (whether you want one of these on a notebook or phone case, or just new art in general) pls let me know!! i’ll be happy to accommodate :^)


To be fair, Jared’s bank account is pretty demanding. We’ve met before. I was very familiar with it. *no longer*

Backed by popular demand, here she is! Terepy Pepperspray Terezi Pyrope,  in all her blind judicial glory! Tbh I’m kinda mad at myself for never drawing Homestuck stuff sooner because drawing TZ was a lot of fun and I really love how she came out. (plus i’m contemplating making that shirt she’s wearing into a real one)

Height wise she’s probably gonna be 5′8″, which indeed makes her taller than Dave. (just about everyone is taller than him >u<)


This one was a popular demand. Many people people asked me about anatomy tips.

I know how hard this topic is and how confusing at the beginning. It’s just so much to learn! Exactly! I remember how lost I was in the beginning and trying out things that actually didn’t help me understand anatomy better.

Actually what I want to convey here is that you can learn to draw human without learning all the muscles and bones. My personal opinion, based on experience is actually that you can do that as something extra. Learning muscles and bones won’t help you draw. True story. 

If you grasps few essential concepts first you will be better off, plus you will be actually drawing characters. You will be more confident in your lines and gain knowledge that will be enough to create artwork you want. 

Look at body as any other object you want to draw. Simplifying and remembering the simplest ideas is way to go. 

Remember: these few ideas I am presenting are just a tip of an iceberg. As you will progress you will expand your knowledge beyond few essential points.

This is my personal approach so I can’t say it will work for you. I know that it works for me

Hope you like it!


Since many of you asked me tips about drawing, I decided to do this little step-by-step, to show my own sketching/drawing process!

This, in any way, claims to teach you how to draw, neither I consider myself that pro, but it might still be helpful for someone.

This obviously referres to traditional sketching, because I feel more confortable in working on paper when it comes to sketches (call me old fashioned™).

Annnddd that’s all for now, I hope you like this one, there might be more to come! :D

I used my OCs Alan and Fanny as guinea pigs ♡

I'm Fucking Gay Sachet *wlw*

What you need:
❤A sachet
💛A crystal you like
💜A sigil
💜Your gayness
Throw that shit together. Pour your intent and gayness into it. Close the sachet. Carry it on you when you wanna make yourself as gay as possible