@elliotthezubat same here haha i don’t think I could leave even if i wanted to, i’ve made some questionable (read amazing) friends in this fandom hahaha

@eloisatheowl oh yeah i know about that im really glad considering i know how hard servamp is to get ahold of compared to the more high demand, popular mangas out there! I really hope people buy the actual volumes because economy enlarges fandoms, ne? xD

@kareen-chan ahhh me too don’t worry! I might join others but I’ll always be a little servamper in heart! servamper… i feel like i’m a little trooper at a kid’s camp writing that lmfao… 

Introducing Mable Cable! Welcome to the OB Team!

By popular demand, Open Barbers are delighted to introduce our very first colourist Mable Cable. View our Mable Cable image gallery here.

Every Sunday, starting Sunday 16th October 2016, Mable will be offering a range of colour services to be booked directly with Mable following an email consultation and possible skin test if required. For consultations and follow up bookings, please email Mable directly at cablecolour@gmail.com. As Mable does not cut hair, please book a haircut separately.

Prices continue to operate on a sliding scale starting at £10 – 40 + products costs for up to 2 hours and increase by £10 per hour in accordance with time required. Please note that the minimum end of the sliding scale only covers our costs so please pay in accordance with your means to help us keep this service going!

For a full portfolio of Mable’s work please view and follow her Instagram.

A word from Mable!
Hi I’m Mable Cable. Me & Grey have been chatting about bringing colour services to Open Barbers for a long time so I’m very excited to finally be doing it! I have been dying hair on and off for fun for over 15 years but was purely self-taught so recently I decided to get a diploma to hone my skills. I’m currently studying a GPBT Diploma at Allskins School of Hair and Beauty.

I specialize in fun colours from brights to grungy to pastel and I mix my own shades so I can make something unique to you. No project is too big or too small - from a full rainbow makeover to a subtle tint - so if you have any ideas drop get in touch at cablecolour@gmail.com

>When a heretic is but a dog and you are their master (said in an Elven voice). Moreover, I have just uploaded the first episode of a new Skyrim let’s play series due to popular demand. The episode is on my channel and is named “Skyrim. The Dragon Question and Thalmor Merchants” 😊🐸💪!

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CAPTAIN CARTER AU - Captain America: The Winter Soldierrole swap (Sharon, Steve, Natasha, Bucky)