By popular demand, here’s Round Two of Dinner Mafia because we all hate ourselves. Cap is at 2 AM

Dinner Mafia is a little different than Regular mafia, and is an RP-based game rather than a competitive one. Players are placed into a setting with a murderer, and try to stop that murderer before it’s too late and all of them perish.
A more in-depth guide can be found here!

Triggers are always checked at the beginning of the game and are strictly adhered to, but this is murder, after all. So blood and violence are heavy themes in this game.

See you at dinner!


Back by popular demand, my friends and I take on trying our voices at even MORE of your drawings that you all submitted to us! We had a ton of fun with these awesome characters you all made, so we hope you have fun watching them!!

I'm Fucking Gay Sachet *wlw*

What you need:
❤A sachet
💛A crystal you like
💜A sigil
💜Your gayness
Throw that shit together. Pour your intent and gayness into it. Close the sachet. Carry it on you when you wanna make yourself as gay as possible