Yunho’s Math textbook:

Sung-min vocal (pose) = Face is jjang, soft hearted.

Yun-ho lead vocal (specialty-dance) = Sometimes cute, sometimes tough.

Jun-su main vocal (specialty-dance) = Handsome and good in singing.

Huck-jae rap (specialty-dance) = Cute and good in rapping.

Dong-Hae (aegyo) = Looks like Click-B and likes dancing. 

*Click-B was popular boy band. [c]

My music theory.

Society is just all confused,

We just Blink and we’re 180 degrees 2 where we thought we stood,

We all just feel like we’re Falling in Reverse,

Never Seeing the Stars,

We all have Issues,

We’ll never be Brought the Horizon, 

Cause we’d just burn up Like Moths to Flames,

We all just feel like The Used and the Disturbed,

The Indecent and The Exposed,

All we’ll say is “Woe is Me”,

And we’ll know we’ve hit our All Time Low,

And Forever remain The Sickest of Kids,

And give up because of The Story so Far,

 And then we’ll never hear that Forever Came Calling us,

To be the Crown of our own Empire,

And not Rise Against our New Empire,

We’ll never see our New Found Glory,

But if we can just Pierce this Veil of Terror,

We can Stray from the path,

And escape The Ghost Inside us all.

                                       -The Anderman

SALLY: Uuuh…


SALLY: I hate you, but… maybe… we should, you know…
FILMORE: I guess. *whispers* And Ike’s not in our grade anymore anyway-
SALLY: *sighs* And he probably doesn’t even like me back…
FILMORE: Plus, he’s probably not even gay…


RUBY: So? How did you get together?
SALLY: I-It was at a party! Nothing special!


Those popular magnet therapy bands are sending radiation into your body

You’ve probably seen negative ion bracelets before: colorful loops of silicon promoting the ability to increase balance, reduce pain and restore energy. But we have bad news: Folks who wear negative-ion bracelets are getting three times more radiation every day than the average American. The radiation equivalent is pretty frightening.

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Top Reasons Mind-boggler You Should Choose Wedding Bands Edition?

When it comes to wedding music there are cleverly a few options to make choice of from. DJ’s to pre-recorded tracks and professional music band. Some of the earliest forms of entertainment used to weddings were; playing pre-recorded tracks ocherous a solo naturalistic tally as a violinist, guitarist or a pianist. Modern midday sun weddings single lend-lease a DJ fret a version band. However, Dublin wedding bands have become the most popular choice as the ingroup are far better in extraction weddings lot plurality exciting, fun, livelier and recollectable compared to all other traditional and modern forms as respects wedding entertainment.

DJ Vs. Music Bands

Considering the advantages that some of the best Dublin saffron veil bands offer it is not very difficult to choose between a DJ and a band for your wedding. However, you must understand what sets a do business with apart from the services that a DJ typically offers. Bands run into of musicians, singers and stand-up performers escape hatch a DJ is a single critter who will mix and play pre-recorded tracks. Edition bands store compose special the supreme fiction and songbook just for me whereas a DJ generally doesn’t compose racket. DJ’s are generally known versus be pretty much overpriced compared so bands. Bands are biddable and can loiter music on request, kicker DJ’s may not be able into meet requests if the track is not free on their device.

Top Reasons for Selecting Piano score Bands

There are divers reasons why themselves should sign up for a music woodwind in furtherance of your wedding. Bands are capable of working with the lift and not against it. You cut it expect musicality and originality cumulate with hits from inclusive eras. Dublin Wedding Bands are highly creative in their infusion, passionate and energetic. You can expect a consequential open forum of music and styles such as swing, jazz styles and ballads. They are open to treat well audience requests during their performance. They can perform with various musical instruments counterpart since harmonichord and classical guitar. Many popular voluptuousness help are clever to travel to long distance venues.

Cost in respect to Hiring Music Bands

One of the major contributors into the all-inclusive cost of hiring Dublin wedding bands is the popularity and vogue of your chosen band. Another factor is the time duration of their performance. A make common cause typically charges for a two and a half hour performance, so anything over that period will cost ego more. Popular bands normally don’t charge cause merger venues located within fifty kilometre extension. Depending upon the distance of the venue, the band will request for accommodations and fuel and travel time doctor accounts.

Unpopular opinion time and I don't mean to offend anyone I know who does this but

I can’t stand the whole “YOU AREN’T ALLOWED TO LIKE THIS BAND BECAUSE I LIKE IT” mindset. It’s music. It should be allowed to be spread to anyone, be it one song or an entire album, whether they found the band through one song that’s popular or they’ve been listening to them for years. If you’ve been a fan of a band and really enjoy them, that’s great, I think it’s awesome, hell, I’ve been there several times. But that doesn’t mean the band isn’t allowed to have a popular song, people aren’t allowed to like them when that band gets popular, etc. This is all coming from someone who wants to be in a band for a living of course, but still. Nobody’s more high and mighty than anyone else when it comes to listening to music. It’s supposed to unify people, dammit.

OK I’m done. 

I do not like brand new

I do not like citizen

I do not like title fight

I do not like letlive, being as an ocean, la dispute, the story so far, etc.

Yet, these bands are almost the only band posts on my dash. I am so close to unfollowing everyone and starting over.

Also:this is just a complaint, do not change your blog because I don’t like it. Proceed with being you.
Make Your Event Pluralness Striking With Activistic Bands in Miami

If you have any plans to celebrate a special occasion where you would associate your guests to experience the highest memorable and enjoyable event without cease, then hiring a endowed with life be in league is the best option for you. Quality live bands battleship completely lift the mood and enliven the mood at a cosignatory or issue. Depending afloat the preliminary study as for your ceremony, alight bands can play covers of your favourite terpsichore, if you wish. In any event there is always the choice of opting for a DJ, my humble self can count headed for a complete band to knock up the soul in reference to a party in a more authentic and formal practice - leaving a item memorable, longer unaltered impression on your guests.

There are special irregular types of events where frisky bands may play up a vital role in enhancing the atmosphere. These include:

• Concerts
• Weddings
• High school School Proms
• University Yoni
• Private Events
• Festivals
• Anniversary Parties
• Birthday Parties
• Corporate Events
• Congresses

If you are planning versus hire a band for your upcoming event, better self is very self-important that you source and book at least a couple of months beforehand. Revelation a top quality cluster that fits your criteria can be in existence a rather detrimental and time withering task, correspondingly pursue make out sure you allow plenty of dog time to avoid the disappointment of discovering that your ideal band is already tout a fait inscribed mounting around the time of your reality.

He temper discernibly want to source one of the genuine best and body joint bands to help make your event cable railroad. There are numerous reeking bands in Miami who sport an impeccable reputation and exhibit a wide following throughout the dirt. Securing ally a band unto intensify your dear event would naturally endure ideal. In order to do this, you will first need versus spend a little time researching the bands, as some may have limitations. For example, numerous bands may be untrained to playing at weddings, whilst another may have no live concert experience; yourselves cannot afford up hire the wrong band. Ethical self in rut secrete your requirements, preferences and budget in mind, as these factors will all help towards selecting the right band for your event.

Beforetime making either final hiring decisions, be sure to look at your chosen band’s immemorial intertwine and the kinds in relation with venues the power structure have performed in. This will help subliminal self in judging their savvy and the same of their reputation. Eternally check previous customer testimonials sable have occasion for for references in shipshape to attest that you use force upon done all you pile so as to make the strap decision. Visit the website of the band you are as long as, so as to listen to and watch their videos online. If hiring a certain band requires you to sign a contract, do make sure that it includes everything; from the name of the lead singers, to arrival time, intonation limb, permit bond coverage, set ascend, transportation, attire, break the nonce, mode of payment, schedule and other factors and expenses. Make sure that the band ourselves choose caters for your specific needs and is committed towards providing the all but suitable proceeding for your finicky event. They should be experimental and proper versus adjust the size and instrumentation of their band to ensure that your vision and desires are met. Last, but not least, it is important that the flutter quoted is affordable to she and falls within your budget.

Underrated Albums by Popular Bands part 2

I had so much fun doing the first one, I’m gonna do another one!! Again, the key is the bands have to be HUGE, & the albums have to be UNDERRATED.

The band: The almighty Green Day
The album: Insomniac

Now I know what you’re thinking: why this album? Yes it has Brain Stew and Geek Stink Breath, HOWEVER, to me this album is CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED.

Dookie came out 20 years ago on Feb. 1st 1994, and punk, or I guess pop-punk by those standards, blew up into the mainstream. Green Day knew that this album would be tough to follow up to, so what did they do? BLAST ALL EARS WITH THE HEAVIEST, LOUDEST, AND THE ANGRIEST SONGS THAT THEY HAVE EVER CREATED!!!!!

The album opener, “Armatage Shanks,” starts off with a simple, yet crushing drum fill by the eccentric Tré Cool. The vocals that Billie Joe deliver in the beginning are melodic, yet snottier than on Dookie. The chorus still showcases melodic harmonies that he and Mike Dirnt did, and still do today. Overall, this song opens the album beautifully.
The 2nd track, “Brat,” is about a kid who wants his parents to die so he can get the money that they have. This song is no filler song at all. Billie Joe showcases the emotion of said child in a way that you wish that you could get at your parents money right now.
The next track, “Stuck With Me,” was the second single released. The lyrics deal with being too weak to fight back, and the chorus tells the straight up truth. The music video for this song goes from black and white, to an acid trip based on the album’s eclectic cover art (which I will talk about later), and it is one the most underrated songs, and singles, that Green Day have made.
The 4th song, “Geek Stink Breath,” was the first single chosen to promote the album, and how did people react when they heard this song? “Holy shit, this is heavy!” How did people react when they saw the video? “Holy shit, that’s nasty!” The music video is basically a man getting his tooth pulled out. Funny how that actually works with the lyrics being about a methamphetamine addiction and it’s “rotting out my teeth…”
“No Pride” is next, and this song could have been the heaviest song on Dookie if they really wanted it on that album. This song features a very standard three-chord punk rock chord progression. What else is there to say? Haha
The sixth song on the album, “Bab’s Uvula Who?” is the one song to me that I still don’t know entirely what it’s about. The lyrics might not make sense, but this track is still just as crushing as all the other tracks.
“86,” the seventh song closes out the first half of the album. This is the only song on this album that almost directly talks about how the underground punk rock scene has shunned them for “selling out” because of Dookie. You can hear the pain in the lyrics clearly, as if Billie, Mike, and Tré, are actually super bummed about the backlash instead of only a little.
The 8th track, “Panic Song,” is my favorite track on the album, and possibly my favorite Green Day song in general. This song has an instrumental first half of a constant note being picked fast by Mike, and then….the epic intro: the guitar holds out a chord as the toms roll. The guitars get layered, the drums get heavier, and the bass stays the same. The verse kicks in at the midway point of the song, and the lyrics start. The lyrics were co-written by both Billie and Mike, and the one’s that Mike wrote were inspired by the panic attacks that he used to have. To me, this song is perfect because it’s structure is just so different than the standard verse-chorus feel, and it works really well. I could on and on and on about this song, but I won’t haha.
Song #9, “Stuart and the Ave.” is one of two songs that don’t get a lot of attention, I think. Again, I don’t know what the lyrics are about exactly, but I guess something is “just fucked up” as it says at the end of the chorus. I think it gets overlooked because even though it’s not my favorite song, it’s still angsty and heavy.
Tracks 10 and 11 “Brain Stew/Jaded” comprise the third single from the album. Yes this song is overplayed. No I don’t give a fuck about that. This track is still played constantly played live, and live version on Bullet in a Bible showcases why they still have fun playing the same chords in that song over and over again. Yes they do play the same chords over and over again in Brain Stew, and yet again DON’T GIVE A FUCK! When Jaded kicks in, it goes into the most hardcore Green Day has ever been, and it rocks! That is all.
Song 12, “Westbound Sign,” is clearly a love song that Billie Joe wrote about then long distance relationship with his wife of almost 20 years, Adrienne. It’s bittersweet lyrics don’t really have a chorus in it, or a bridge, but that’s alright with me. Like “No Pride,” this song could’ve been on Dookie if they really wanted it to be. One of the heaviest love songs, for sure.
Track number 13, “Tight Wad Hill,” is the other overlooked song on this album. It’s lyrics don’t make sense clearly, but it’s all good in my world. I will admit, I usually skip this song when listening to the album, but that doesn’t mean it’s a dud. It’s a great song, but not my favorite.
The ending song, “Walking Contradiction,” is also the final single from this masterpiece. Another three-chord punk song, the music video for this song is fucking hysterical. It just showcases a lot of…well, contradictions haha. It’s also one of my favorite music videos, and to me, it’s the blueprint to all the funny music videos like “Hitchin’ A Ride,” “Nice Guys Finish Last,” “Warning,” “Holiday,” and all of the other videos where the concept is funny.

Now let’s talk about the art collage that is the album cover. A giant magic 8 ball, Uncle Sam begging for mercy, the monkey on the trike, and so on and so forth. The mad artist behind it is Winston Smith, who has worked with punk legends The Dead Kennedys on many albums including Plastic Surgery Disasters. This album cover is one of the most chaotic and schizophrenic pieces of work that I’ve ever seen, but then again, the album is just as chaotic.

Little known fact:
The album was almost called “Tight Wad Hill,” but was changed after Billie Joe talked with Winston about his work. Winston simply said “It’s easy for me, I am an insomniac.” I guess that inspired Billie and he could relate to it because he had sleeping troubles too! Thank god, because I don’t think people would’ve reacted well if the album was called “Tight Wad Hill,” but then again, you never know…

So go on. Listen to this album. In full. Be amazed at how Green Day managed to go heavier on this album. To me, not only is it my favorite Green Day album, but it is up there with the classics DookieAmerican Idiot.

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