popular shit

Deprived [MUKE SMUT]

A/N: WARNING: Daddy kink :))):
Also a lot of wanking and shit

Being popular is nice, being surrounded by friends is nice, well that’s what Luke thinks anyways, always people to be supportive of you and people you can confide in and trustMichael is almost the opposite, Luke’s best friend, along with being friends with everyone else, but being closest to Luke of course, sometimes Michael cursed himself for becoming friends with Luke

That stupidly cheesy tale of people hating each other and then somehow becoming best friends, this is what happened with Michael and Luke, they were both popular at the time but for some reason never talked with each other, Luke and his friends were always criticizing Michael and his friends and since Luke was an obvious leader, Michael took to picking on him

They would yell and scream back and forth in the hallways, until one was in tears or the fight got physical and teachers had to come by and drag them apart

But when Michael’s friend Ashton and Luke’s friend Calum started dating, both groups had started meshing together, and Michael hated itMichael and Luke were still constantly fighting, even more so than usual But there was one time, ONE TIME, and Michael will deny to no end that this was the only time it happened, it was the first time both groups had gotten together and gone to a school football game together, afterward, they had sent Michael and Luke to tell something to one of the players on the team, someone who was friends with both Michael and Luke, and Michael would kill to know how somehow their friends had managed to lock both of them in the female locker room telling them they couldn’t come back out until they had sorted out their “problems”

Well, how Michael and Luke had “sorted” out their problems probably wasn’t the way their friends meant. They had ended up fucking each other in the girls locker room, how? Michael didn’t know, but he always told himself that he was just horny that night and the fact that Luke was hot as fuck had nothing to do with it

After that, Michael and Luke got along just fine

That was 2 years ago

Now Michael and Luke were the closest of the group, their relationship worked in an odd way, they told everyone they were just friends but they really weren’t , they were together and no one really had to know that, at least they didn’t think it was anybody’s business

At that very moment, Luke and Michael were sat in an overly crowded room full of loud and smelly teenagers that this hell called math class. Michael and Luke were both nervous because they had a huge test that day, they had studied together the previous night but in the end it was really just Luke and Michael cuddling in bed and maybe making out a little, with their math books and work scattered and forgotten on the floor

Michael sat with his head resting on Luke’s shoulder attempting to listen as the slightly younger boy explained some math problems that Michael really couldn’t wrap his head around

Michael was starting to understand, but as soon as he understood something, Luke realized that he had made a mistake and changed everything, confusing Michael yet again

“Okay maybe we should have used our time last night to study instead of laying in bed,” Luke laughed, slamming his math book closed but Michael didn’t laugh, just furrowed his eyebrows in frustration, he wasn’t doing too well in this class and he needed to pass

“Aw is Mikey nervous?” Luke smiled, kissing Michael’s hair

“Yes I’m nervous, I need to pass this class so bad but I don’t understand shit about this unit and oh god what if I fail, I’ll never amount to anything Lukey, I’ll never be worth shit-”

Luke cut him off, “you’ll do great Mikey I promise.”

Michael looked up at him, Luke’s blue eyes were full of love for the older boy, his pupils blown out. And Michael had an equal amount of love in his eyes and he knew it, he always had those doe eyes for Luke

“Alright class, separate your desks, get your calculators, blah blah blah you know what to do,” the teacher said from the front of the room, forcing a smile at the teens in the class

Michael and Luke’s math teacher was a great teacher, great teaching skills, but she always looked so exhausted and Michael really felt for her, she had just had a baby a few months ago but couldn’t get on maternity leave because the school was shitty and hadn’t been able to find a replacement for her, so here she was, dark circles under her eyes, weight gained from having a baby still there, but she still had a smile on her face

Luke got up and got his and Michael’s calculators from the classroom stash at the front of the room and then sat back down beside Michael, not bothering to separate their desks because even though the teacher had said to separate them, he knew she wouldn’t bother actually forcing them apart, she was far too tired to deal with impossible 17 year old boys at 9 in the morning

With a deep sigh, she began passing out the tests and Michael’s hands got sweatier, he didn’t have a sharpener with him today, what if his pencil broke and he had to use the sharpener at the front of the class, oh god, his chair would squeak against the tiled floor, so loud, attracting all the attention of the class, them sending him glares from all over the classroom, and fuck then he would have to use the unusually loud sharpener at the front of the classroom, him being the only one standing up and everyone else would still be staring at him, annoyed with him, and what if his pen ran out and he needed it for a question and-

“Mikey are you alright?” Luke whispered, resting his hand on Michael’s thigh

Michael blinked a few times, looking around and realizing that people had already started their tests and he had just been staring off into space for the past few minutes

“Fine,” Michael mumbled, picking up his pencil to start his test

As soon as he pressed the freshly sharpened tip onto the paper, it broke, and Michael realized that the cursed pencil had never really been fully sharpened and that the led had just hardly been hanging on to the inside of his pencil this entire time

He cursed himself internally, realizing that he would now have to get up and go to the sharpener and god this was his worst nightmare

Without looking over, Luke slid his pencil sharpener in Michael’s direction and Michael had never felt such relief, silently thanking Luke and sharpening his pencil, making sure it was totally sharp this time before he started his test

An hour later, Michael was halfway done with his test, 3 quarters of the way done with this class, and more than done with school

He was fully aware that most of the class was done their tests and were now chatting quietly or on their phones, Michael knew that he was one of the only ones left doing their tests and even though he knew that no one really cared that he wasn’t done and they didn’t care how long it took him to finish, he still felt obligated not to be the last one handing in their tests, which would make him feel totally stupid

“You’re doing fine Mikey calm down,” Luke whispered from beside him and Michael didn’t realize until now that he was squirming in his seat, pulling at his hair in frustration

Michael didn’t say anything, just continued his test in silence

Minutes later, he was back to staring at his test paper, he really didn’t know what the hell to do

Luke reached over, placing a hand on his thigh and rubbing it up and down, calming him a bit, but it didn’t take Michael long to realize that calming Michael down really wasn’t Luke’s plan as Luke’s hand got further up his inner thigh until he reached his crotch, squeezing it

Michael let out a hardly audible whimper and bucked his hips slightly, sending a glare Luke’s way, but Luke simply looked back with hazy, heavy-lidded eyes and Michael knew that look all too well

Luke was horny

Michael wondered how the hell Luke could be horny at a time like this, did math questions arouse him? Did solving for x and then plugging it into another equation really get him going?

As time went on, Luke took it further, his long fingers had Michael’s button and zipper on his jeans undone and was now cupping his balls and rubbing him through his boxers and Michael doesn’t think he’s ever been so turned on before

“Luke stop, what are you doing?” he growled through gritted teeth

“Just trying to help you focus baby,” Luke whispered innocently into Michael’s ear and Michael really couldn’t take this right now, Luke’s innocent voice was turning him on to no end and he knew Luke wouldn’t stop until he was done his math test

“C'mon Mikey you got this baby boy,” Luke spoke softly into Michael’s ear

“Stop Luke,” Michael said, his hips now shamelessly bucking up into Luke’s hand, but every time he did so, Luke would pull his hand away or lessen his grip on Michael and Michael hated it more than anything

He could feel himself getting closer to climax and really didn’t feel like explaining the stain in his boxers to his mum when she did the laundry, so he skimmed through the final questions of his test before slamming his pencil down and reaching his hand forward to grab Luke’s hand and pull it out of his pants

He quickly did up his pants and got up to pass in this test, eyes still hazy and unfocused from arousal

“You’re getting it next period sweetheart,” Michael whispered into Luke’s ear when he sat back down

Right when Michael had said that, the bell had gone, signalling the switching of classes, and Michael and Luke both had a free period. Michael grabbed onto Luke’s hand, pulling him towards a storage closet, and Michael didn’t care what people might think they were doing in there anymore, because frankly, they would probably be right

Michael shoved Luke into the closet, closing the door quickly and finding the light switch to illuminate the room. When he found it, he flipped it up, finding himself closer to Luke than he had thought, seeing Luke’s eyes wide and full of fear and arousal, pupils blown out and hazed over, he was panting, staring at Michael but Michael just smirked up at him, knowing he had full control over Luke at that moment

He leaned up and pressed his lips to Luke’s neck and Luke gasped in surprise, leaning his head back to allow Michael access to continue kissing his neck

Michael had his teeth and tongue all over Luke’s neck, licking and kissing until Luke let out a whimper and Michael bit down on that spot, Luke’s jaw dropping and his heart rate picking up

Michael started grinding his hard cock into Luke’s thigh and Luke began bouncing his thigh as best he could, making Michael gasp, stopping his kisses from reaching Luke’s neck

“Fuck,” Michael grunted, continuing to rut himself against Luke’s leg

“Mikey please,” Luke begs and Michael really wants to give in, he wants to give in and fuck Luke harder than he’s ever fucked him before but he has a better idea

“Not today baby,” Michael whispers, his voice deep and hoarse

“What?” Luke asked, eyes wide, frightened at the smirk that was on Michael’s face

“Nope, no sex for you for a whole week babe,” Michael smiled at him

“Mi-Daddy please, please Daddy I need you, what about you Daddy? That deprives you for the week too,” Luke said, a slight whimper to his tone

“No, sorry baby, but you will give me hand jobs and blow jobs whenever I want for the week,”

“WHAT?” Luke squawked, “THAT’S NOT FAIR!”

“Well I mean if you don’t, I could always make it two weeks with no sex,” Michael said, a tinge of innocence to his voice that made Luke want to cry

Luke shook his head ‘no’ quickly, making Michael smile

“Good boy, now get on your knees for Daddy,” Michael said, pushing Luke down to his knees gently

Michael quickly unbuttoned his pants, shoving them along with his boxers down mid thigh

Luke immediately grabbed his cock and began stroking it, bring sure to thumb over the tip

“No teasing babe,” Michael hissed, grabbing onto Luke’s hair to hold him in place, “now why don’t you let daddy fuck that hot little mouth of yours.”

Luke nodded, opening his mouth and sticking his tongue out

Michael smirked at him grabbing his cock and slapping it on Luke’s tongue a few times before slowly pushing it into Luke’s mouth

“Oh fuck,” Michael swore under his breath, he used Luke’s hair to guide himself, thrusting into Luke’s mouth

“Oh you feel so good baby,” Michael groaned,“ look up at me, look at Daddy babe.”

Luke nodded, staring up at Michael before pulling his head off Michael’s cock, still keeping constant eye contact with him

“I missed this Daddy, I missed you being rough with me and fucking my mouth,” Luke panted, rubbing just the tips of his fingers along the protruding veins on Michael’s cock and sucking at his balls

“Get that dirty little mouth of yours back on Daddy’s cock now,” Michael demanded and Luke doesn’t think Michael’s ever been this commanding and he loves it more than anything, he loves being controlled and taken advantage of when it comes to sex

He licked up the underside of Michael’s cock before taking it back into his mouth, taking advantage of the fact that he didn’t have much of a gag reflex

He began deep throating the trembling boy above him, swallowing around his cock before sucking in his cheeks

“Oh fuck babe I’m gonna cum oh god,” Michael groaned before his mouth closed in a long and loud whine, his eyes squeezed shut as his hot load was sent down Luke’s throat

Luke moaned around his cock, pulling off to let out a choked moan

“Oh Daddy,” he whimpered and Michael knew exactly what was happening

“What happened babe, did my Lukey make a mess of his pants over there?” Michael asked innocently

Luke nodded, breathing heavily and sighing as he realized he didn’t have a change of clothes so he would have to go the rest of the day with these on

Luke felt embarrassed but Michael really seemed to be getting a kick out of it, a smirk plastered on his face as he simply opened the door of the closet and slipped out, leaving Luke alone on his knees, desperate with cum filled pants

After a few minutes Luke got up, letting out a deep sigh, this was going to be a long week

~Day one of Michael’s game~

Luke hated Michael, he had just decided this, he hated him so much

But he hated this game even more, Luke could probably go without sex with Michael for a week but the fact that it was made into a game just made him all the more desperate for it

When Michael called late in the afternoon, asking Luke to come over while sounding needy and desperate, Luke had declined, saying he had to go out with his mum

Unfortunately his mum heard that conversation and was more than thrilled to have his help with groceries

~Day 2 of Michael’s game~

When Luke told Michael that he couldn’t come over to his house again today because he had to clean his room, Michael knew something was up

He knew something was up because;

1) Luke’s room was always spotless

And 2) because Luke had never put cleaning his room before going to see Michael for the day

So he decided he would go pay Luke a visit

When he arrived at Luke’s house, he knocked, rang the doorbell, even tried looking in a window, but there was no answer, but he knew Luke was home, he could see the light from his bedroom turned on from down the hall and some shadows moving around it

This made Michael a bit upset, all he wanted was to see Luke and Luke was ignoring him

He walked back to the front door, wondering if the door was unlocked

Surely enough, it was unlocked, so Michael opened the door and let himself in quietly

He went straight to Luke’s room, Luke’s door was now closed and Michael wondered why

He was about to walk right in when he stopped in his tracks, hearing a moan come from inside the room

“Fuck,” Luke cursed

Michael smirked, but his face dropped when he heard the voice of another male in the room, his eyes starting stinging and his chest hurt as he walked in

What he saw in front of him almost made him pass out

There was Luke, sitting on his bed in front of his laptop, an obscene sight on the screen in front of Luke’s eyes, he had a hand wrapped tightly around his cock while his other hand was being used to finger his ass

“Holy shit,” Michael whispered under his breath, he tried to stay quiet since Luke hadn’t seen him yet but his knees went weak and buckled out from under him, leaving the rest of his body to fall against the door frame of Luke’s room

Michael held his breath, bracing himself for when Luke would turn around, but he never did

Michael wasn’t sure what to do, his already tight pants were getting tighter by the second and Luke looked like he was getting more and more frustrated by the second

“Oh Daddy,” Luke groaned loudly his hand moving faster, biting down hard on his lip, eyes squeezed shut and Michael knew this face all too well

Luke threw his head back and came with a whimper, his body was rocking back on his fingers and Michael knew that he was already becoming desperate

And that’s exactly how he wanted it

~Day 3 of Michael’s game~

After yesterday Michael was starting to wonder if he was really just torturing himself with this game, he hadn’t cum untouched in his pants since he was 15, that was, until yesterday and he was more than ready to give up the bet

He called Luke up to tell him to come over but Luke made another excuse not to go over and Michael didn’t want to admit to giving up the bet over the phone, so he let Luke go

He looked down at his tented sweatpants, really not having the energy to do anything about it but he knew he needed to

And he wasn’t in the mood for a cold shower

He pulled down the sweatpants, deciding on not wearing any boxers today because he didn’t plan on going anywhere

He sighed, grabbing onto his painfully hard cock and stroking it, hissing at the friction

He moved his hand up and down his cock for what felt like forever, until his cock was absolutely throbbing and red at the tip, every touch was overwhelmingly pleasurable but Michael wasn’t close to climax yet

He let go of his leaking cock, thinking about what he could possibly do to help himself out a bit

Suddenly, as if a lightbulb had appeared above his head, Michael had an idea

He reached into the drawer next to the couch in his man cave, taking out a dildo and lube

He really wasn’t in the mood for teasing himself, so lathered the toy in lube before carefully shoving it into entrance

“Fuck,” he whimpered, moving the dildo as fast as he could, hitting his prostate repeatedly

He wrapped his other hand back around his cock, pumping himself a few times before he felt his orgasm finally building up

“Oh god Luke holy shit,” he moaned loudly, his cum shooting out onto his chest and all over the black fabric of his couch but he really didn’t care, because this was probably the best he had felt in a few days

When he had calmed down he pulled the toy out of his ass, and looked over at the mess on the couch, cursing himself while getting up with shaky legs to get a cloth to clean it up

~Day 6 of Michael’s game~

Michael had distracted himself for a few days after that, doing his homework, doing dishes, just trying to last the rest of the week as best he could but he was honestly surprised he had lasted this long without fucking the brains out of Luke, but today he didn’t care, he needed Luke more than anything in the world and he was going to get him if it was the last thing he did

Tomorrow would be Monday, which meant that if Luke didn’t come over today Michael was fucked until tomorrow evening because he couldn’t sneak off in the middle of school to fuck Luke

Could he?

The phone rang multiple times and Michael knew it was because it was 8am, but he really couldn’t care less, he had woken up with morning wood and if Luke wasn’t coming over here, he was going over there

“Michael? Is everything alright my love?” Luke’s morning voice came through, and if Michael wasn’t so needy right now, he would gush at Luke’s concern for him

“No, I need you, I need you so bad, Daddy needs to fuck you baby, can you come over babe?” Michael hissed into the phone, palming himself, hips grinding up into his hand

“Fuck, yes Daddy,” Luke said, hanging up the phone

Michael sat waiting for Luke and he started wondering when the hell the tables had turned, but those thoughts were quickly shoved into the back of his mind as Luke walked in

He looked absolutely fucked out, hair in every direction, still in his pyjamas

Michael got up quickly, pinning Luke to the wall and biting down onto his neck, soothing it by kissing and licking over top of it

“God do you know how much my right hand hurts because of you Daddy?” Luke hissed, pressing his lips hard against Michael’s

“Not as much as mine,” Michael moaned back, grinding his sweat pant clad cock on Luke’s thigh

“God I need you to fuck me so bad Daddy, all I’ve had all week is my hand and now I need your cock and your mouth

"Yeah baby? You want Daddy’s mouth?” Michael asked sweetly, picking Luke up and placing him on his bed

“Yeah Daddy, need it so bad,” Luke moaned,poking at Michael, his face feigning innocence

Michael loved when Luke looked innocent, and Luke knew exactly what he did to Michael

Michael climbed on top of Luke, staring down at his lovers face, losing his dominant nature and smiling at Luke, leaning down and pressing his lips against Luke’s

“I love you so much you know that right?” Michael asked when he pulled back, staring into Luke’s eyes, smile still on his lips

“I know, I love you too,” Luke smiled back at him

Michael pressed his lips back against Luke’s, and as much as they wanted to take it slow, being all smiley and telling each other how much they love each other, they knew they were both past the point of desperate for each other

Their mouths began moving faster together, tongues getting involved in the action

“Fuck, Daddy needs you so bad baby,” Michael groaned, his voice totally fucked out

He shut himself up by kissing Luke’s neck, and over his chest

As time went on, Michael’s kisses got sloppier and their clothes came off

Now totally nude, Michael had Luke’s cock in his mouth, bobbing his head up and down and Luke thought he might actually be in heaven, in an absolute trance of pleasure, a few tears leaking from his eyes at the overwhelming feeling

Michael continued bobbing his head, making sure to run his tongue up the protruding vein on his cock, just to drive him a little bit crazy

“Fuck Mich-Daddy stop fuck I’m gonna cum stop,” Luke begged trying to push Michael off his cock, but Michael didn’t give in, instead bobbed his head faster, opening his eyes to see Luke throw his head back with a loud gasp as his cum shot out onto Michael’s tongue

Michael pulled off, milking the rest of Luke’s cum out of his cock onto his face

“Oh my god,” Luke moaned, “fuck me Daddy, fuck me harder than you’ve ever fucked me before.”

Luke was begging now, and Michael was more than ready to fuck him until he couldn’t think straight

Michael reached his hand down and grabbed Luke’s cock, stroking it back to its full hardness before grabbing the lube out of his drawer (A/n: Michael has a lot of lube ok)

He lubed up his cock, almost releasing just at the pressure to his throbbing appendage

He lined himself with Luke’s entrance, looking up at him with questioning eyes

Luke nodded at him and Michael pushed in, as quickly as he could without hurting Luke

“Holy fuck,” Michael moaned, his jaw slack at the feeling

“Daddy move please,” Luke whined

He started thrusting into Luke as fast as he possibly could, hands holding on to Luke’s waist so hard it could probably leave bruises

“Oh Daddy, harder,” Luke groaned, sweat sticking his hair to his forehead

Michael picked up Luke’s legs, pushing them into his chest before adjusting himself at this new angle

He began thrusting again and immediately started wondering why the hell they had never tried this position before

Luke let out a scream of Michael’s name when Michael hit his prostate

“Oh fuck Daddy faster,” Luke begged

Michael moved faster and faster as Luke reached up, one hand moving to tug on Michael’s hair while the other scratched down Michael’s back

“Oh shit, I’m so close baby are you close?” Michael asked, hoping the answer was yes because he couldn’t hold on much longer

“So close Daddy,” Luke moaned, tugging and scratching even harder

Michael moved one of his hands from Luke’s waist to his cock pumping it

“Fuck fuck DADDY!” Luke screamed, his entire body rocking as his orgasm took over, clenching around Michael

Michael’s jaw fell slack as he came harder than ever before his fun shooting into Luke’s ass

When they both levelled out their breathing, Michael pulled out, going to get a cloth and cleaning the cum off Luke’s stomach and chest before falling into bed with him, holding him close

“I love you so much Luke,” he whispered, looking at Luke with a sickening amount of love in his eyes

Luke looked back at him with an equal amount of love in his eyes and his voice when he said, “I love you more Mikey.”



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Your blog is rad . But you are a big bitch. Very self absorbed. I wonder how you were before you got popular. Piece of shit Bitch. Go suck a Dick and get your head out of your ass you scumbag.


commie-bi-witch replied to your post “Ugh I’m looking up stuff related to other people liking instrumental…”

instrumental can be awesome?? i mean i don’t listen to it primarily but i really like it sometimes.

I mean the problem for me is that I actually know quite a few people who like instrumental music but none who listen to it as like, their main source of music. And when I go online to find people who do, I find a bunch of elitists who think that listening to classical music and shitting on popular modern music makes them better than anyone else. (Not to mention I’m not even a big fan of classical so)

Really all I need is someone who listens to instrumental music that I can talk to about it - like, the same kind that I like, because “instrumental music” isn’t really a genre, it encompasses literally everything without lyrics. I want someone who knows what I’m referring to when I talk about “Children From the War” by Two Steps from Hell or “We Fought As a United Galaxy” from the Mass Effect 3 OST. Come to think of it, I should just start telling people that my favorite band is Two Steps from Hell, because to anyone not acquainted with their type of music it just sounds like an ordinary band name, but to people who listen to the stuff I do they’ll recognize it immediately. Huh.

But yeah I just want to recommend songs to people and have them recommend songs to me because I feel a bit left out sometimes, I’ll see people saying “Omg I heard this song on the radio listen to it it’s so good” and that’s like a normal thing but the last time I got an instrumental song recommended to me was like two years ago by Briar, and it was just one song, and I appreciated it so much and I still listen to that song, and we obsessed over a particular chord near the end of the song together, and I just wish I could do that more - like how people get really excited over a particular line from a song with lyrics, I want to do that more with people except we do it for chords and motifs and shit. Idk. I’m rambling and probably sound really whiny lmao, sorry. 

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i'm not even sure. the sq'ers are the loudest, but i really don't think they are the most popular (regular viewers know shit about them)... maybe cs or rumbelle i think...

yup =)

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have you ever considered writing a fic (any pairing) that introduces one character to another to the bdsm world? I wish more writers focused on this, especially with the popularity of shit like 50 shades. you have a wonderful perspective as a person practicing safe bdsm, I think it it would be really great to read. just a thought!

That’s a great question, nonny! The Dane and I have considered writing a Violax first time bdsm fic where Max wants to do it for Violet and she teaches him how to do it safely! I wrote like three lines of it and then I got distracted by other fics but I do plan on continuing it at some point. My Famelet friend fic I’ll Catch You When You Fall is very much centered on how to properly do after care as well if you’re interested in that.
Thanks for the wonderful suggestion, sweetie!
Love always, The Wolf

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today i learned, some funhaus fans are salty about popular channels being popular

holy shit where






y’know for a long time i was really salty about fluffy romantic novels/movies/music like “god this is all so trite and boring, holy fuck, could i give less of a shit???” but then i realized: what i was salty about was cis/heteronormative romance. when ‘she keeps me warm’ by mary lambert became popular? i lost my shit. i listened to it obsessively for weeks. and now ‘girls like girls’ by hayley kiyoko is gaining traction too?? man! that shit MATTERS! it really does. being able to have media that you can identify with and relate to makes such a difference, it’s so validating. i’m so hungry for LGBT+ love stories that are created by LGBT+ people. i want visibility! i want genuine, feel good LGBT+ romcom’s. i want the “standing under your balcony at 2am serenading you while holding a bouquet of flowers” kind of cheesefest. i want media centering on meaningful and fulfilling ROMANTIC LGBT+ relationships. give me the ‘Easy A’ family dynamic with loving, attentive parents whole heartedly and nonjudgementally supporting and encouraging their biological and adopted LGBT+ children with compassion and humor. give me explicitly LGBT+ neurodivergent PoC in healthy romantic relationships. give me fully realized disabled LGBT+ characters who are never shamed or diminished, but CELEBRATED and LOVED and ACCEPTED. fuck man, like? how many people’s lives would be impacted by that kind of representation? how many cishet romances are marked in cinematic history as “a love story to define a generation”? how many children would you save from needless shame and emotional  turmoil by presenting them with alternatives to the “boy meets girl” narrative and allowing them the opportunity to say “i want a love like THAT” ?