popular shit

ive seen a lot of people asking how to get more popular as artists on tumblr

and tbh

1: draw for popular fandoms

2: make shit posts

3: im not kidding about number 2 my most noted post is in fact a shitpost

4: make sure to tag things correctly (something i should try harder to do)

so I’ve decided to start making monthly playlists, just showing the songs I’ve been enjoying for that month. they probably won’t be too long, and the songs won’t be the ‘new and popular shit’ but if you like the same music as me, you’ll probably enjoy. I’m working on this months right now. the playlists will be on my Spotify (isabelle_crispin)

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Hey im sorry but could you explain who onision is and what they did wrong please?

Onision is a popular youtuber. I’m not totally sure what his videos are about because I’ve only seen a few, but he’s done some dumbass shit. He’s been transphobic, he’s made fake accounts pretending to be his own fan so he can argue with people over himself, and I’m fairly certain he’s done some racist shit too.
He’s also a “feminist”, meaning he claims to be a feminist but then turns around and bitches about women not being the way they “should be” as well as shitting on popular feminists just for the name drop.
There was also something with his (ex?) wife and him being a cuck or something.
Basically he’s an annoying snob, rude and selfish and thinks he’s above other people and smarter. He’s one of those people who would identify as sapiosexual and defend the label.

  • Me:*reads popular book* This is shit. That plot device is cliché, the only person who didn't see that coming is the main character. This is recycled garbage, are people my age actually reading this? The prose is shit too, I could write this better.
  • Also me:*reads own writing* This is shit. Why did I think this was a good idea? You're clearly copying [book/show title]! Oh my gosh how could I have made that grammar mistake, what am I, 12? That's it, I'm burning this. I'll never write again.

bsaashujaa replied to your post:bsaashujaa replied to your post:[sees Wade has…

and because of his influence ppl keep going up to wade and saying awful things to him and telling him to shut up ://///

oh god, the whole “shut up wade” thing is the most irritating thing honestly??? like i get you may think it’s funny and wade probably doesn’t take it personally or anything but can we please just not?? it’s very old and i just wish people wouldn’t throw that shit at wade ):

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6, 23 and 24 00

send me anime-related questions!

6. popular anime you didn’t like

where do i even fucking start? absolutely nowhere because for at least a bit i liked a lot of popular anime like naruto and bleach and attack on titan. i can’t think of a single anime i never liked at least a little bitWAIT

black butler. man my friend was so into it but i never got the appeal and i spent like a year in middle school going ‘haha yeah….what a cool manga……haha’ whenever she brought it up

23. unpopular character you love

fuck what, most of the characters i like are at least relatively moderately popular. umm shit i guess i might? go with? eiichirou maruo from baby steps? because no ones fuckin read the manga please im begging you read baby steps its so good ei-chan is a hard worker and extremely endearing and the supporting cast are super cool too

24. popular character you hate

i dont even hate them, the closest i am to hating them is basically me hating how the fandom took this character and ran with it, in which case *points to the entirety of attack on titan*

I feel like this summer I had some major breakthrough in truly embracing trashy stupid shit that I love. Even two years ago as much as i embraced “weird stuff” I kindof tried to keep it controlled to “dignified” weird stuff that enough people liked and was in contrast to overly popular things.

I love shit that younger babby versions of me would TOTALLY be into but would be too embarrassed to embrace. Thats why airplane furries are so exciting to me, they are so genuine without any pretense of “trying” to be unique or anything. Little me had a lot of weird characters based around airplanes and plants and other shit, and seeing that sortof thing now makes me happy.. 

This mixtape droppin next month God willing. Final tracklist @ 18 songs… after u hear this tape im probly your favorite rapper or top 5 in the entire game instantly… Not to gas you or myself but im just being 💯… Regardless of popularity this shit gonna get me famous… There is no way u put out something this dope and dont blow up… Unless ppl is just plain hating… Which very well may b the case but if they not… And they tell ppl… Im on songs w drake instantly… Im top 100 billboard instantly… 💯💯💯 no joke no lie.. I knew i was raw but damn… This shit is 4 real for real… 💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫 #mixtape #comingsoon #kingnottheburgerking #berkeley #hiphop #rap #bayarea #music #dope #newmusic #newartist #rapper (at Berkeley, California)

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i know lucas isn’t very popular but holy shit that kid is so done with everybody’s shit and I found it so funny like he is an actual kid with bitch face 24/7 he’ll be so popular between the emos and tumblr users in the future god bless


I actually don’t get asked why often but the puzzled look on peers faces says it all. Guys/ Co-Workers people in general often ask the question what do you like to do / What are you into? And my answers usually range from oh I like movies and clothes and Music I love Music and then I’ll sneak in there Im really into reading also . I get asked what do you read and I think the funniest reaction had to be from telling a person I’m reading Storm #4 right now. They looked at me so weird . See I come from a family Unit if you will that has no interest in the things that I like . I mean this song has been played so many times it even has a track name on a few Tyler the creator albums , But I mean I like less then popular shit , I like convoluted story telling, I live for speech bubbles and a bad ass bimbo in a too small outfit makes me feel empowered . Comics are really my Jam . They take me and they dump me into vast wasteland of unforgiving story telling about shit that you couldn’t possibly start to explain . Lol I wish I was young enough to use the line “No one Understands me man “ but I just have to say fuck it and pass me that new Spider-Man and non of that one more day shit either .

I don’t know how I feel about Steve. On one hand I don’t like him because of those temper tantrums but on the other I think he can redeem himself if he stops with the whole I’m popular shit.

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Camila's dilemma today! Short term problems = getting dragged for a few weeks by literally everyone for defending a proven manipulative, professional victim and mean girl. VS. Long-term problems = be seen by multiple fandoms as the ultimate turncoat who rode Taylor's popularity, abandoned her when shit got real and get iced out by Taylor and her squad forever. All of her collabs are because of Taylor! So nope! Long term problems beat short term problems. She's gotta say something. Lol.

At least we know where C got her snake personality from! 🐍

i am just utterly galled by jackasses scoffing that “claiming” a queer identity is just theatrics because “being queer is popular right now.”

fuck, son, popular with who? popular where? popular how?

popular shit is generally widely accepted and last time i checked the queer community was still battling to the cliff edge for every last right and ounce of equality they could get, slaughtered and persecuted in various corners of the world, spat on and rejected by conservative culture, painted abomination by the largest religion in the world, and regularly got people in the supposedly accepting and free country of america kicked out of their homes, fired from their jobs, beaten in schools and parking lots and bars, murdered in their homes, disowned by their families.

but no, yeah, sure, being queer is popular right now because we’ve finally reached a point where more people feel safe or comfortable or daring enough to take the risk of claiming themselves (even if very frequently only in relatively private spaces like online communities and blogs).

apparently queerness (particularly the non monosexual cisgender identities) is only valid and likely legitimate if we’re still mostly in the closet and living as a community more in fear than in bold defiance or pride.

and right, sure, bisexuals and asexuals and others are probably really just straight allies who are trying on queerness like a party hat because they want to feel “cool”, rather than delegitimazied, demeaned, constantly interrogated, dismissed, and rejected from within our own community, as is the actual reality.

it’s preposterous and disgusting the sheer reach you see people stretch for just to shut down anything that doesn’t focus attention squarely on themselves and their personal beliefs.

i went to a play with my dad tonight and on the way he MADE ME describe pokemon go (which is insane because he never gives a Shit about popular things like he doesn’t even have a fucking cellphone) bc so many news outlets are talking about it that he wanted to be informed…

and then at this play which consisted of Old People as the cast and Old People as the audience, the fucking guy announcing the play goes,

“and please… turn off your cellphones. there are no pokemon here; we already checked.”

ALL THE FUCKING OLD PEOPLE LAUGHED??? LIKE THEY KNOW??? what is this phenomenon that is taking over our entire universe i s2g…