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Finding old episodes isn’t very difficult, either. “I’ve downloaded seasons 1 to 17; you can easily find torrents lying around,” writes the owner of Arthur Out of Context, a popular Arthur meme repository. “If you don’t want to download them, though, there are some episodes on Netflix and plenty on YouTube.”

unbelievable. i spent years curating this Brand and the only time i’m in an article it’s because of my piracy. 

This blog hit its two month birthday on the 15th and today it hit over 500 followers!! Never thought my new hobby would be this widely spread! I’m getting my mouse back tomorrow so feel free to send in requests! Love y’all

I got the red Believe Journal a year ago, coming off a minor injury and eager to start training for Boston. I had hopes of a second BQ, a 5-10 minute PR, and multiple shorter races before then. It didn’t happen. The past 12 months have included two stress fractures, multiple “minor” injuries, five MRIs, gaining twenty pounds, thousands of bike miles, no speed work of any kind, and multiple DNS’s. Not exactly the training cycle I had planned for the race of my dreams, but I feel blessed that I’m even (hopefully) able to start. I’m nowhere near where I want to be, but maybe the next year will be better to me than this past year has been.

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Next episode of mpgis is done!

Series Playlist (Episodes 1-13 are not mine!)