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feedback culture has rly died on here for content creators tbh

Gradually, it’s been declining, but i feel that right around the 1st few months of this year is when it rly took a huge plunge

Not only have i noticed this w my own art and stuff, but a lot of friends who create stuff have noted similar things. even popular artists and writers who used to get 5k+ notes per post are only getting a couple hundred. I used to get abt 800 per post and now im lucky if i break 50. 90% likes to 10% rbs.

Ppl say u shouldnt create just for the attention but damn spending HOURS on smth and getting little to no feedback when u used to get a decent amount is shit

art tips post

for all the artist following me

  • Have two sketchbooks: One for finished and high-quality art (stuff made with Prismacolor or Copic if you use that or art for your portfolio) and the other sketchbook for more messy doodles. This way you have a place to try new things and mess up as much as you need. When I only had one sketchbook I was scared to draw in it because I didn't want to mess it up
  • Do studies. I cant tell you how much I've improved just by doing studies of shoes, hands, noses, and all that. This works for when you have art block too since you’re not really making stuff up and just learning how real things work.
  • Learn from others. I’ve never taken a real art class because 1. I can’t afford it and 2. there’s no good art classes/programs at my school. I’ve been following several artists and learning from them over the years and they’ve helped me tremendously. Just please do not steal art because that is never okay.
  • Break down concepts. If you notice there’s something wrong with your piece then figure out why. You can’t get better if you leave mistakes and don't try to understand whats going on. If the color is weird figure out if the values look right or maybe its the saturation of the color.
  • Watch youtube tutorials. Here are some youtubers I think are pretty good art teaching all things art:

    Draw with Jazza |  DrawingWiffWafflesProko |  Baylee Jae

  • Have an inspiration folder/blog. Sometimes you just need a collection of starry nights or a misty forest or even a French bakery. All of those things can help you get inspired to draw. It could even be completely unrelated to what you plan to draw.
  • There are no dumb ideas in the creative process. If you want to draw a lizard in a dress go for it! If you want to draw various pastries with faces do it! Don’t let the thought of it being too dumb stop you because if I’ve learned anything in my several years of drawing it’s that an idea can lead to another and another and another and you may get a really good idea just from doodling dumb things.