hey did yall know that 2d gorillaz is actually trans

- damon albarn said in an interview “it’s an album that i sing on, i sing on it. it’s pretty much just me singing, it’s very sort of in the world of 2d, but you know, he’s kind of come out and is singing very expressively and it’s sort of…i don’t know. i feel really good about it, i feel really good about it.

- one of the tracks on the now now is literally called “tranz” like do i really need to say more

ppl always wanna put mental health symptoms down to “doing it for attention” as if wanting attention is inherently a bad thing. let alone the fact that it implies that it’s being done on purpose which is seldom the case. as if attention isn’t what society lusts for every single day. no one wants to feel unwanted and uncared for but when a mentally ill individual is expressing their pain in a way that isn’t considered acceptable then it’s suddenly the worst attention-seeking behavior they’ve ever seen