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How to be an ulzzang - Make Up

An ulzzang’s make up is always on point. They use make up to look younger and flawless. I will give a few pointers to achieve the Ulzzang make up look.


1) Find a foundation that fits your skintone, (or one that is a bit lighter because Ulzzangs tend to go for pale skin).

2) Contour, to get a smaller face.

3) Use a light pink or apricot blush to have a cute tint on your cheeks.

4) Straight eyebrows are sported by almost every Ulzzang out there because they give a more youthful and cute look. Find an eyebrow pencil that fits your eyebrow colour and try to get the same shape.


1) Ulzzang’s tend to put a lot of attention on their eyes to make them appear bigger. For this they use lots of eyeliner, false lashes and/or mascara and sparkling eyeshadow (to brighten your eyes). (+circle lenses)

2) They accentuate the aegyosal (fat under the eyes) with a sparkling eyeshadow, to get a younger look.


1) A gradient lip is still the most popular look.

Ulzzang Diet Tips:

It has been requested to share some popular ulzzang diets/tips, so if you’re thinking about dieting too, these diet plans could be a starting point or help you to make a variation of your own!!!

In no way are we encouraging you to lose weight or diet, this is just for those who are interested 

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AY. It’s ya girl, Kay ( aka @fmjaehwa + @fmjiho ); back again with another muse, Kim Yongjun. So, like, I still don’t like doing intro posts cause what am I supposed to really write? Everything is under construction for now but as always, feel free if you want to plot either here or on discord ( ultima#4572 ). Thank you for the welcome! Below is… y’all know what’s below:

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How to be an ulzzang -  Clothes


Ulzzangs are mostly models for korean clothing companies, so that’s why they are always so well dressed. Different companies have different clothing styles for example:

Stylenande (cool & edgy), Vintage Vender (Vintage & casual), Bongjashop (cute & girly), … So an ulzzang‘s clothing style will differentiate from the clothing store they model for. Also their own personal style can be very different from the type of clothes they wear when they model for a certain brand. This means that when you want to dress ‘Uljjang’ you can chose from a lot of different styles. A few examples:

1)    The most popular Ulzzang style is deffinetely the cute style. Brands like Bongjashop, 3tempo and Loveloveme are known for their cute clothes.

2)  The more cool, different and edgy look. Ofcourse stylenanda is known for these kind of clothes.

3)   The casual/ vintage look, which you can find at LoveLoveme and Vintage Vender. 

As you can see there isn’t really 1 kind of ulzzang clothing style, there are many. My advice for you, If you want to achieve the ulzzang clothing look. Browse trough the different brands and look for a style that you love and feel comfortable wearing. Because when you feel confident in what you wear you will look so much better.

When you don’t live in Asia it is hard to get your hands on a korean clothing brand, the solution for this is to select some clothes you like on these online korean sites. Then you can find similiar looking clothing in shops near you.


These transcriptions are provided for educational purposes only.

We’re a bit short on time, this time, so we haven’t made subtitles, however, I’ve made the transcriptions available below, for those who want to know the contents of the documentary.

Feel free to use this transcription to make subtitles, but please give credits to Stellar Twinkles if you do! (This will help others find the English subs for Stellar videos!) If you make subtitles and let us know, we can make them available here as well. Thanks!

You can view parts of the MBC Documentary in the official samples provided below:
(1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxp09d2zMKo
(2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pyx8LIHpn4Q
(3) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmO9lqF__nM

I’ve marked the corresponding sections of those sample videos in the transcriptions below.

Preview Image Copyright: Stellar Twinkles
English Translation Credits: So yeon

=== English transcription below ===

Narration: (About 30 girl groups released their new tracks this summer)
(It was truly a great war of girl groups)
[Summer 2015 is a great war of girl groups]
(Yet, here’s another girl group who ambitiously threw their hats in the ring)
[5th year girl group Stellar’s revolt]

Gayoung: [We’re not a popular girl group yet, but we’re Stellar and want to be a popular girl group]

Narration: (These ladies are heavily armed with sexiness. They look familiar, but you are not sure who they are?)

Minhee: [Hello, I’m Stellar’s Minhee]
[Rookie of the Meokbang world, Minhee] *Meokbang is a neologism and a shortened term for “meokneun bangsong” which means eating/food show

Gayoung: [Hello, I’m Stellar’s Gayoung]
[Honest leader, Gayoung]

Hyoeun: [Hello, I’m Stellar’s Hyoeun]
[“Good housekeeper” lead vocal, Hyoeun]

Jeonyul: [Hello, I’m Stellar’s Jeonyul]
[Full of potential, maknae Jeonyul] *Maknae: youngest in Korean

[Stellar’s struggle to survive]
Narration: (Not-so-rookie-anymore, this year is their 5th year since debut)
All: [Stellar fighting!]
Narration: (Stellar’s dizzy girl group survival starts now)

<Not-so-rookie-anymore, Stellar’s Girl Group Survival>

Located below the documentary title on the top left corner: <걸그룹 생존기 스텔라>
<Girl Group Survival Stellar>

[Gyeonggi-do Suwon-si] * “do” in “Gyeonggi-do” means province and “si” in “Suwon-si” means city
Narration: (Suwon’s baseball stadium)
(This is known as a gateway to become a daesae girl group) * “Daesae” means “top trend”
(The ladies are here for the baseball pitch)
Gayoung: [Ah~ what to do?]

Gayoung: (Two, three)
All: [Hello, we’re Stellar)]
Narration: (Baseball stadium is the best place to promote the group to many people)
[It’s a girl group~ :D]
[Gayoung/Stellar: good luck (with the game) and hope you all get good results] kt wiz, fighting!
[Girl group Stellar, fighting!]

Narration: (However, their first baseball pitch and swing ended in the blink of an eye)
[Girl group Stellar’s baseball pitch was hotter than baseball]
(Still, someone out there today would probably remember Stellar’s name, right?)

Narration: (But you see, they are seniors, who are greeted by others when they arrive at their home ground, the music programs)
[5th year girl group Stellar is greeted by others]

[Hyoeun/Stellar: Since we’ve been singers for a few years now, our bodies get stiff]
[My body doesn’t feel like what it used to be]
[I was full of energy when we debuted] like this
[The stage floor was too slippery last time, so my high heels kept going like this. I kept skating…]

Narration: (This is their 5th year already as singers since their debut)
(It’s not a big deal anymore for them to have a wound or two like these on their pretty legs)

Hyoeun: Huh? Who? No? When did you hear that, unnie?
[Girl group Stellar has matured after going through the pain]

Narration: (After getting ready, it’s finally time for them to go on the stage)
[Stellar “Vibrato” fighting~!]

[Vibrato by Stellar]
Narration: (This stage is for the song they recently released a few days ago)
(It’s their 7th song since debut)

[People tell me that I’m like a flower bloomed in ice]

Narration: (Although there are people who don’t know Stellar yet sometimes)

[I understand you want me but you’ll end up with cold hands, what to do?]

————— (1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxp09d2zMKo —————

[Jeonyul/Stellar: When idol groups hit their 5th year, most of them either do well or disappear]
[But I think we’re right in the middle of that. We don’t really have a hit song,
[but then we’re not disappearing either and continuously doing our best]
[so we talk (about us) and say that ‘We’re in the grey area’ a lot]

[Gayoung/Stellar: I envy those who became successful but it’s a shame that we always seem to be like rookies]

Narration: (Do you remember this girl who caught the attention of the public as ‘Gugak National High School’s ulzzang’ on a popular variety show?) * “ulzzang’ is a neologism used to describe someone who has good looks
[Gayoung caught the attention of the public as ‘Gugak National High School’s ulzzang’]
(She joined the group produced by Shinhwa’s Eric and attracted attention at the time of their debut)
[Fabulous debut as a group produced by Shinhwa’s Eric]

Narration: (However, shortly after that, people’s interest in them has decreased dramatically because their cute concept was not much different from other girl groups’ concepts)
[Stellar’s cute concept was completely ignored]
(They couldn’t draw enough attention with every song they released and it became harder for the label and the members)

[Gayoung/Stellar: Music programs and the (stage) spots are very limited and there are dozens of teams who are waiting for those spots]
[There aren’t many spots left once the top and popular seniors take their spots]
[Then the small record labels fight for those spots]

Narration: (These ladies needed a breakthrough)
(And they finally escaped from their share of grief as an unknown with the incredible sexiness of all time)
[From an unknown girl group to a girl group who mesmerized people with sexy choreography]
(And these ladies have made their comeback with a sexy concept once again)
[Chose a sexy concept again to survive]
(People’s attention was intense yet harsh)

Title of news articles:
[Stellar ‘Vibrato’ 19+ Music Video]
[Stellar, Are those panties or pants? Hauisiljong Stage Outfits ‘Overexposed]
* “hauisiljong” is a neologism which means “missing bottoms” or “no-pants” fashion
[Stellar, Are They Singers or Adult Movie Actresses…]

Narration: (They realized that fame brings misunderstanding and prejudice as its best friends)

On Naver website:
Question title: Girl Group Stellar
Q: Is Stellar an unsuccessful group??
A: Stellar totally failed. That’s the group that only wears stockings kekekeke
*** Group (I think this answer was partially blurred b/c it was rude and offensive :()

[Hyoeun/Stellar: First of all, we’re not that kind of girls and were scared that people viewed us in that way]
[Then, we thought many times that it’d be scarier if everything ended like this]
[because we have a lot more to show them]

[Gayoung/Stellar: I think if we can make them listen (to our song) at least once or watch the music video and listen to it,]
[then they can hum the song and maybe they’ll look for the song themselves and listen to it again]

[Jeonyul/Stellar: We think ‘It’s just a performance’ so we express.. On the other hand, singers are like actors/actresses, you know?]

——————————————– END (1) ——————————————–

Narration: (How would a girl group in their 20s look like after they left the performance on stage?)

Hyoeun: [(laundry) piled up a lot!]
[You have to pour detergent]

[Jeonyul/Stellar: After living together, I think (Hyoeun) is the number one prospective bride. She cooks well and does a really great job with housekeeping]

Narration: (Hyoeun is the good housekeeper in the dorm where four of them live together)

[Jeonyul/Stellar: Don’t you think a girl group’s toilet is revealed way too much?]
[Hyoeun/Stellar: When (the toilet) is dirty, my heart aches]
[VJ: I’ve never seen a girl group cleaning their toilet before]
Hyoeun: [Really? This must be surprising to you then]

Narration: (It looks like pleasant guests have arrived. No wonder they were doing a general house cleaning)
(Member Gayoung’s mother and Gayoung’s dad walked into the dorm with a huge pot in his arms)
[Park Myeong-nam/Gayoung’s mother]
[Kim Nam-gyeong/Gayoung’s father]

Gayoung’s mother: [I cooked and brought side dishes]
[Did you eat?]
Gayoung: [No I, (Gayoung’s mother: You didn’t eat, huh?) (ate) fruits only]

Narration: (She stood in front of the gas stove for half a day for the daughters who are exhausted from the heat)

Gayoung: [It’s samgyetang] * “Samgyetang” means ginseng-chicken-soup that consists a whole young chicken filled with garlic and sweet rice, and also scallion, spices, jujube, and Korean ginseng.
Gayoung’s mother: [All of you need to improve your health with this] * Koreans often enjoy “Samgyetang” during hot summer b/c it restores one’s health after sweating and being exhausted from the heat

[Park Myeong-nam/Gayoung’s mother: All of you have to eat a whole chicken for yourself]
Gayoung: [What?]
Gayoung’s mother: [have to eat a whole chicken for yourself]
Gayoung: [How do we eat them all?]

Narration: (It’s a moment like this when they realize parents’ love)

[Kim Nam-gyeong/Gayoung’s father: (Gayoung) looks like me from her nose and up and looks like her mom from her nose and down]
[Both of us don’t have double eyelids]

[Gayoung/Stellar: When I’m with my younger sibling, the top half of my face resembles my dad and the bottom half of my face resembles my mom and my younger sibling is the opposite of me. It’s fascinating]

Narration: (They seem like little girls sitting right in front of the parents’ love)
(Can’t even remember when it was the last time they had a decent meal since they have been busy going places to places with a new song that was released a few days ago)

Gayoung’s mother: [There’s a lot of good stuff in there (chicken)]
[So delicious~!]
Jeonyul: [It’s so delicious]

Narration: (There’s no doubt that parents are the best supporters, but it wasn’t easy for the parents to become the best supporters)

————— (2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pyx8LIHpn4Q —————

[Park Myeong-nam/Gayoung’s mother: (Gayoung) came to get an approval from me, but I really wanted to go against her decision] *Gayoung’s mother is making that hand motion to express that she almost said “No” to Gayoung’s decision
[Kim Nam-gyeong/Gayoung’s father: We opposed because she’s a daughter. But I trusted my daughter]
[and she didn’t really disappoint us or did wrong things in her life,]
[so I thought it was best to support her for the things she wants to do]
[Park Myeong-nam/Gayoung’s mother: The thing I feel bad about is that our children got bruises like that, you know?]
[They practice like this but it breaks my heart when people around them, for example, tell them bad things]

[Gayoung/Stellar: I was really thankful that (my family) supported me a lot after I decided to do this]
[and I want to be successful like others so I can give them better things and all but]
[I was upset a lot of times because our reality doesn’t allow that to happen]
[I feel sorry for my family and I’m in my mid-20s now but]
[I feel like a child who keeps depending on her parents, so I want us to be successful already but]
[I keep hurting them by showing this side to them]

Narration: (Pretty sure these daughters have been writing a letter of apology endlessly in their hearts)

[Kim Nam-gyeong/Gayoung’s father: Never told us it was (hard). I guess it was her unspoken way of expressing that she’s going through hardships by not telling us]
[Didn’t tell us at all that it was hard]

Narration: (She finally burst into tears after holding them back with all her strength as the oldest daughter and the team leader)

——————————————– END (2) ——————————————–

Narration: Now, it’s time to transform into Stellar’s Gayoung again
[Gayoung/Stellar: I’m not just a regular Kim Ga-young but I am Stellar’s Gayoung, so I think I change according to the concept and the stage]

————— (3) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmO9lqF__nM —————

[Seoul-si Jung-gu Myeong-dong] * “Jung-gu” means “Central District” and “Myeong-dong” is located in this district

Narration: They came to a place that is a bit more special

Minhee: [More people are coming as time goes by]
Hyoeun: [Let’s shout this together again]
Gayoung: Two, three!
Stellar: [Hello~ we’re Stellar!]

Narration: (The heart of Myeong-dong is crowded with people)
[Girl group Stellar is on the street!]
(They stood there bravely)

[Gayoung/Stellar: We’re not a popular girl group yet, but we’re Stellar and want to be a popular girl group]

Narration: (These extraordinary ladies have guts. Drawing people’s attention is a success for now)
[와~] [우와] [와~]
[Wow~] [Woah] [Wow~]

[Gayoung/Stellar: Many of you misunderstand us since our concept is sexy but]
[Jeonyul/Stellar: We’re nicer than we look]
Gayoung: [We’re innocent kids. Please love us a lot]

Narration: (It was purely their decision to face the prejudice and promote their song themselves)
(This tiny speaker is the only thing they lean on)

Narration: (They had many concerns before they decided to go on the street as 5th year singers since debut)
(They wanted to perform on stage and received attention with the sexy concept, but there were days they couldn’t perform on stage because of that)
Narration: (Even if they’re not on the wonderful stage, they’re happy as long as they can offer their sincere hearts)

Gayoung: (Thank you)
Gayoung: [Couldn’t hear the song well, right?]
Jeonyul: [When we become more popular, we’ll bring a good speaker and come]
Hyoeun: [We’ll meet a lot of you with a better speaker]

Gayoung: Please hand these out a lot
Jeonyul: [We’re girl group Stellar!]
[Jeonyul/Stellar: I wish all of them would become our fans]
Jeonyul: [S.TEL.LAR.]

[Jeonyul/Stellar: We lack a lot to put an advertisement (or do other promotions),]
[so we’re on our feet like this]

[Gayoung/Stellar: I think our voices got louder because we’re trying to promote us]
[but we don’t have a megaphone or something like that so our voices are slowly (going away)]

Narration: (Don’t you think someone will understand their longing hearts that just want to perform on stage in the near future?)
[Stellar from distance: Please love Stellar a lot]

——————————————– END (3) ——————————————–

Narration: (They have endured all these years to survive as a girl group)
(If they didn’t have skills as their shield, then they probably wouldn’t have been able to survive in this battlefield)
(Because performance exists to make a song stand out)

Singer/Vocal Trainer: [Can’t stumble in verse 2. Make sure to have strength in your abdomen and chest even though it’s tiring]
[Don’t gasp for air]
[Good. Okay, we raised the (pitch) together. Guys, do you think you can you gasp for air or no?]
Stellar: We can’t
[If that happens, then we’d hear the sound like this through the microphone in verse 2 and verse 3 during the live performance, right?]
Singer/Vocal Trainer: ‘What to do’ ready, go
Stellar: What to do~ what to do~ what to do~~

[Yun Hwajaein/Singer & Vocal Trainer: It’s quite upsetting because it seems like people only focus on what they see instead of focusing on (Stellar’s) music]
[I hope there would be a wonderful stage where the girls can showcase their singing abilities only]

Narration: (The responsibility rests heavier on Hyoeun because she’s the main vocal of the team)

Singer/Vocal Trainer: [I told you not to sing prettily. You need to make your (voice) a little thicker]
[Our Hyoeun needs to get on her knees. I can’t even-]

Narration: (But it seems like she strained her vocal cord when they were promoting the group on the street. Today isn’t quite her day)
(Days like these drain your energy because things don’t go well no matter how hard you try)
(There’s no better medicine like family in times like these)

Hyoeun: [Give auntie a ppoppo~] * “ppoppo” is a peck/kiss

Narration: The entire family showed up after hearing the news that youngest daughter
Hyoeun: [Recorded two programs]
Hyoeun’s mother: [It must’ve been tiring]
Hyoeun: [Did an interview and yeah]

Narration: (Hyoeun’s mother has found something after cleaning Hyoeun’s room after she heard Hyoeun is coming home)
Hyoeun: Ah~ what is this~ Omo omo
[Kim Mi-jeong/Hyoeun’s mother: (Hyoeun) made the family newspaper for her homework on August 18th, 2004]
[Lee Yun-hui/Hyoeun’s father: I didn’t know before but realized she wrote ‘I want to be a singer in the future’ on here]
Hyoeun’s mother: [(Hyoeun) wrote ‘my dream is to become a singer’ like this]
[Hyoeun/Stellar: I’m telling this to them now but I actually have never told my parents that I wanted to become a singer in the future when I was in elementary school]
Hyoeun: [They probably don’t know]
Hyoeun’s father: [Hyoeun said she wanted to go for popular music instead of classical music]
[Kim Mi-jeong/Hyoeun’s mother: I’m always worried about (my daughter)]

[Hyoeun/Stellar: (My parents) didn’t watch the music video and I only showed the choreography video to them but]
[mom quietly went to her room]
[Lee Yun-hui/Hyoeun’s father: But it’s okay to have a group like Stellar in Korea]
[Kim Mi-jeong/Hyoeun’s mother: I’m the opposite of your dad. He’s very open-minded and understanding]
[but I’m worried because you’re a daughter]
[Lee Jeong-ye/Hyoeun’s second oldest sister: (you) have a family that supports you and prays for you]
Hyoeun’s mother: [Cheer up]

Narration: (Actually, Hyoeun has three older sisters and they all studied classical music)
[From left to right: Second oldest sister Lee Jeong-ye, Stellar Lee Hyo-eun, Third oldest sister Lee Jeong-yun, Oldest sister Lee Su-yeon]
Narration: (But when their baby sister, who they thought would follow their footsteps, decided to be “the ugly duckling,” the sisters and parents became Hyoeun’s biggest supporters)
(That’s the reason why Hyoeun is even more thankful for her family for comforting her)

[Hyoeun/Stellar: They (my family) encouraged me a lot by telling me ‘You can overcome this’ many times]
[(I think) it might’ve been a tough journey if my family wasn’t here for me from the debut until now]

(Today, the ladies go on the stage again)
(They have learned the way to become stronger by overcoming their share of grief as an unknown group and the center of the controversy throughout the five years)
(The ladies miss their next stage already)
[We support Stellar’s passionate stage]

Gayoung: [We will continue to work hard and do our best to create good music for you to listen, so]
[we hope you’ll keep your eyes on us and support us from now on]
Until now (All: it was Stellar. Thank you~)
[Until now, it was the hot girl group Stellar]

[Directed by Kim Eun-mo]
[Scripted by Cho Se-ra]

==== End English transcription ====

humanstuck au where feferi’s this rEALLY POPULAR ulzzang(google that shit) and is basically a big deal on cyworld and posts a shit ton of selcas
and sollux’s her extremely plain looking boyfriend who just randomly appears in her photos getting something from the fridge or finding his stylus or turning on the wifi and basically imagine a picture of her having a smile that can launch a thousand ships and in the background some nerd in pororo underwear trying to open a jar and i really like this pairing