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Fandoms and Stranger Than Fanfiction

“The biggest reason why I was inspired to write this book was because fandoms around the world are proof that we can all be united, despite our differences, by something that we love and not something that we hate or something that we fear. Fandoms and fan ships absolutely prove that.” 

—Chris Colfer on how fandom inspired the diversity in his newest novel, Stranger Than Fanfiction, via Teen.com

i know a lot of you need to hear this right now

your fp loves you so much. they care about you, even though they may not be talking to you right this moment. they may be busy with class, or they may be feeding their pet, or maybe they fell asleep talking to you. their relationships with other people do not effect their relationship with you. they love having you around. they love talking to you. i bet they think about you more than a couple times a day.

they know you’re trying. they know you love them more than anyone else in this world. they know you will always be there for them, and they appreciate you.

they love you.

they are so proud of you.

anonymous asked:

Do you think dnp see themselves as YouTube leaders? Like they talked about being Guinea Pigs and they said something about there's no guidance or advice helping YouTube to succeed and I wonder if as 'dinosaurs' they kinda have that role. Like Phil was definitely that mentor person for dan but they kinda do that by representing YouTubers accurately and fairly and help pave the path in other media (bbc, this panel) just a thought that prolly doesn't make sense

firstly, can i mention how funny this is to me: not even the edinburgh festival twitter has promo’d the video at all, and obviously dnp either. i think the largest account to tweet about it was updatedphan yet:

which literally proves their point about having a loyal fanbase and being comfortable in creating the content they like.

About the other thing, i think when they say they’re guinea pigs, they mean all the youtubers who stand on the first line to further their careers outside the internet: dnp, lilly singh, game grumps, etc. 

i think their case is special and it speaks so much about the internet in general, for something they themselves pointed out that i hadn’t thought about: they didn’t get famous overnight for a viral video or an important iconic piece of content, they got famous by just doing what they did, and the fanbase just grew around them, which makes them differ from other youtubers which did get famous for one iconic video or one series that got popular.

I think also, about what Hank Green said in Story of TATINOF, about how their fanbase now, the phandom, is one of the most engaged in youtube in general, the fact that we can get them over 100k views on a 43 minute video with no promo, speaks so much of how the phandom works by itself regardless of them putting content or not.

I think one of the points they tried to further, was to kind of making the people on tv understand, that they need to create an engaged fanbase within their shows and their channels: they mentioned it, the accessibility, the replay function, the online global content: they are all factors of the recipe to build online presence and people who are gonna seek content from you. thats why netflix shows get so popular, stranger things, 13rw, making a murderer was based on watch and tell, “hey have you watched this?” “hey this was SO GOOD!” “i made gifs about it”; that’s what makes dnp so special and a unique case in youtube.

i think about this a lot lol because in the great scheme of things; we aren’t MANY people who are constantly engaged, you see how here gifs at most get 5k notes on a good day, but we’re engaged to the max, we give them not 1 view, but 10 or 20. we stop it and replay bits, and then 4 months later come back to it. 

we go online, make blogs, an entire forum to discuss them (which? has any other youtube community build their own forum? like vlogbrothers doesn’t count because they did themselves right?), twitter accounts, resources like dinofvyou1, updatedphan, daphq, phanshows, etc. 

So yeah, dan and phil have a lot to tell as mentors, and even more than most youtubers, because not only they come from the old days of youtube, but also they have what no one else has: an actual fandom that has a life on its own, and that acts at the same level as other big fandoms like doctor who, sherlock, kp*p, etc. 

What’s inside the February NOVLbox?

Hey NOVLers, it’s that time again—unboxing time! Today, we’re taking a peek into the February NOVLbox Chris Colfer curated in celebration of his newest novel. Stranger Than Fanfiction is a story about four fans that jokingly invite a famous actor from their favorite hit television show on a cross-country road trip and plot twist: he says yes! Pretty wild, right? Let’s take a peek at what items Chris put into the box…

  • Stranger Than Fanfiction. A funny, heartbreaking, unforgettable novel about friendship and fame.
  • Travel Notepad. “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” —Saint Augustine
  • Luggage Tap. “Let’s go on a roadtrip” 
  • Struck by Lightning. At once laugh-out-loud funny, deliciously dark, and remarkably smart, this story unearths the dirt that lies just below the surface of high school.
  • The Land of Stories.  Alex and Conner find themselves in a foreign land full of wonder and magic where they come face-to-face with the fairy tale characters they grew up reading about. 
  • Rapture Practice. A book recommendation from Chris. In this funny and heartfelt coming-of-age memoir, Aaron Hartzler recalls his teenage journey to find the person he is without losing the family that loves him. 
  • NOVL tote bag. To carry all of the above.

Thanks for curating this awesome road-trip inspiring box, Chris!

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i know that particularly on tumblr, there’s a culture of idealization, idolization, and elevation of other people - celebrities, people with popular posts, strangers, but just because a lot of people do something, and just because it’s common with the culture, doesn’t make it okay.

some people, when told off on their behavior to me as a trans man, tell me that i am suffering from toxic masculinity for wanting to be referred to as a regular average man the way you’d talk to any other dude you know and not a doll.

toxic masculinity is NOT wanting to be respected as a human being before being referred to using terminology you’d use for a dog or a stuffed animal ie being called a too pure precious baby/soft and smol and precious/too pure for your sinner eyes.

these things seem small, simple, and harmless, but things like this, idealizing strangers and painting images in your mind that you refuse to see in any other way, acting like it’s your right to use whatever language you want without being told off, structuring and labeling other people who you probably know little to nothing about without figuring out who they are as PEOPLE - that’s how you get fetishism, transphobia, and you can see this in a lot of marginalized groups, not just people who are LGBT.

with this mentality you create impossible standards and images in your mind of how these people (celebrities, trans people, many other marginalized people) ought to be to you, and anyone who doesn’t keep up with this image is outcasted or not seen with the same respect, seen as a buzzkill, as vicious, unapproachable, and just in general unappealing on the very basis that they don’t conform to the stereotypes YOU foster. 

you create dehumanization (no dehumanization is good, whether you elevate them to godliness or tear them down to evil), melting down into stereotypes - all trans ‘boys’ are precious and small and pure and weak, whereas all trans women are merciless goddesses who should step on you and violently kill you? 

reducing these people to the qualities that, regardless of whether they want to be associated with them, are labeled with anyway, qualities that are currently attached to the gender they do not feel comfortable aligning with?

to the point that many people start to believe that, rather than criticizing their wording and thinking for a good minute whether what they say might be massively uncomfortable, they are in the right and these other people are just ‘sensitive’. 

stop immediately projecting your desires and your images on PEOPLE, who are PEOPLE first and not a gender, not a set of body parts, not an IDEA, and stop responding to someone’s discomfort with ‘oh you’re just one of those suffering from TOXIC MASCULINITY’ or other similar bullshit as if you know ANYTHING about the people you’re trying to create personas for against their will.

The February NOVLbox

Rabbit rabbit, NOVLers! It’s February! 

And it’s going to be a very happy February for ten lucky readers…because this month’s NOVLbox is curated by Chris Colfer, award-winning actor, bestselling writer, and author of the new YA book, Stranger Than Fanfiction (out February 28th and if you pre-order now, you can get a free magnet. More details here). Chris has written some amazing middle grade fantasy with his Land of Stories series, but now he’s back with another little something for an older audience, AKA you guys! Stranger Than Fanfiction is the tale of one TV star and four super fans on an epic, bumpy road trip across the country. It’s a hilarious and honest look at life in the spotlight and discovering your true self. We can’t wait for everyone to read it—And we just might be able to help a bit. You’ll have to enter to find out! ☺

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Trimberly Fic?

I started this bit cuz I was bored at work… 😁

Trimberly Fanfic where Kimberly has a podcast on Tumblr.

Kimberly was no stranger to popularity. She was the captain of the cheerleading squad, and had dated the second most popular guy at school, first of course being Jason Scott. Although, after the little stunt he pulled earlier this year, he seemed to have fallen from grace. As of lately though, Kimberly has been alienated by her own friends. She can’t blame them though, she deserves it, or so she thought. After what she did, of course she deserved it, right?

She had been walking the hallway alone, just like she’s done the past few weeks and then she sees her. Hair partially braided on one side and loose the rest of the way, yellow t-shirt, and ripped Jeans, Trini Gomez. She doesn’t quite know the girl but she knows of her. They have biology together and as much as she’d hate to admit it, you know pride and all, she’s been intrigued by the girl.

Trini always seemed to be in a bad mood and today was no different. Her stoic face gave away to absolutely nothing. She walked down the hall and past Kimberly clutching at her backpack. She watched the small girl almost fly past her and out of the school’s double doors. Kimberly wants to know more about the mysterious girl, and why she’s always either so angry, or so emotionless.

Kimberly doesn’t quite understand why she’s so intrigued by this girl. She has been ever since Trini transferred to Angel Grove high the beginning of the school year. As soon as Trini had walked in, she took a seat toward the back of the classroom several seats away from the rest of her classmates. She went home that day unable to take her mind off the new girl.

Kimberly turned on her computer mic and began to record. “Hey guys, today hasn’t been my day. Remember that girl I told you about? Well, she seemed upset today. It was only for a split second, but it was still there,” she leaned back on her computer desk and sighed. “I wish I had the guts to talk to her.” Kimberly had found comfort in podcasting after her friends cut her off. The first thing she did was talk about the horrible mistake she had made by sharing the picture her friend sent to her. She took responsibility for her actions and spoke about how at the time she didn’t.

“There is something about this girl, I know I keep talking about her, but I don’t know, I,” she paused trying to find the right words to describe what she was feeling. “I don’t know how to explain it. There is definitely this need to make sure she’s okay, though. I just wish I wasn’t such a chicken, You now?” Kimberly has always been straight forward, but with Trini, it’s not that simple.

“I wonder where she goes when she’s not at school. I mean, I don’t think she goes home. Do you think she knows who I am? I mean I’m not really popular anymore. I’m not trying to be self centered here, I just have this need to know if she knows who I am. Like I said, I don’t know how to describe it. Anyway, I have homework to do. I’ll check in with you guys later. Thanks for listening, and if you’re new to my podcast, welcome, and thank you for following.” Kimberly shut down her mic and uploaded the audio to Tumblr.


🐠🌸🔱 melody {daughter of ariel and eric} aesthetic and headcanons for anon 🔱🌸🐠

{ i imagine her face-claim to be lily collins }

- land-locked for most of her life, but enjoys swimming more than anything
- comes to class {late} dripping in saltwater
- super chatty, even towards strangers
- token popular girl, but much friendlier than audrey
- head in the clouds
- very bubbly, efforvescent personality
- tomboy; has mostly guy friends
- self proclaimed leader
- playful rivalry with uma; she takes a liking to the pirate despite uma’s attempts to distance herself
- non binary
- has the kind of laugh that makes you laugh
- keeps a fishtank in her dorm, and her roommates often catch her talking to the fish and hermit crabs
- additionally, anywhere she goes, sebastian goes. he makes sure she doesn’t get into trouble, more or less
- cries if she sees her friends cry // is always there with movies and ice cream if she has the slightest idea that they’re having a bad day
- closely knit with the core four, lonnie, ben, and jane
- avid hugger
- always daydreaming about the impossible
- resting pouty face
- appreciates all the little beauties in life
- “i’m not a hoarder, i’m a collector”

- lana 🐚

interesting to think about how It being remade as a movie is pretty clearly the result of the popularity of Stranger Things, which itself is obviously heavily, heavily inspired by It