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Cities for the Signs

Aries: London, England
Taurus: Portland, USA
Gemini: Barcelona, Spain
Cancer: Toronto, Canada
Leo: Los Angeles, USA
Virgo: San Francisco, USA
Libra: Paris, France
Scorpio: New Orleans, USA
Sagittarius: Sydney, Australia
Capricorn: New York City, USA
Aquarius: Tokyo, Japan
Pisces: Rome, Italy

all in my opinion

17 December 2015 - Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy gets punched in the face by a young man during an election campaign event where he was meeting the people in the streets. Rajoy is leader of the conservative Partido Popular and his government has subjected Spain to harsh austerity and draconic laws against free speech and demonstrations. [video]


Entrando no peiteado by Juan Soriano Barceló