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Something that needs to be said, and something that I had to learn myself, is that the views on a music video put out by a group does not determine whether or not that group is underrated.
For example, if we went based off of views, NU’EST wouldn’t be considered underrated because their MV “Face” has 56,862,227 views. Sales and wins is what determines how popular a group is.

It is why people still talk about Monsta X being underrated despite that they have 26,652,516 views on their MV for “Hero.” A group can have a really popular music video/song and still be underrated.

2016 with VIXX was a great year; great albums, great music (all songs are in the charts, not just that one popular song), great music videos (even a cute one with their fans!), dope mixtape, great solo projects, great musical performances, great Japanese albums, great concerts and fanmeetings. But it will always be the year VIXX got copied and had the recognition handed over to imitators.


 “Sober” the first track on the Kauai EP released on January 9th of 2015 is produced by Ludwig Goransson.

SYNOPSIS: The clock is stopped because Gambino is imagining everything, symbolic of how his thoughts are stuck in a time when he and this girl were in a relationship. The clock represents the time he asks for to work things out but is not given, and is both the cause to this place (emotional/mental purgatory) and evidence of the place itself.

  The video, as expressed by Gambino himself, has a Michael Jackson type of feel. This is noteworthy because the visual showcases Donald’s character as being quite zombie-esque; This is quite possibly inspired by MJ’s “Thriller”. More on this later. 
  LET’S JUMP INTO THE THEORY. In the beginning of the video Donald is staring at this girl, BUT, more important is the setting. If you notice the clock on the wall, you may have also noticed that the time NEVER CHANGES! This has to be deliberate; a concise creative decision. It’s not like they started filming and the clock just happened to be out of batteries…
So what is going on??? and why?
  Now I was first introduced to this theory by a reddit poster titled masterminnich1 where he asks these exact questions. The answer… it simply didn’t happen. Donald begins and concludes the video in the same pose. The girl ignores him for most of the time and, at moments, suddenly breaks from any attention she does pay him (i.e. during the end when she picks up her food and leaves.) Such harsh contrasts would support that Donald is imagining the situation and sometimes loses focus of his daydream due to what is actually taking place. 
“I know it’s hard sometimes, baby just give it some time… If you just give me some time.” Hmm, that’s a lot of talk about TIME in two bars (four lines). Gambino uses poetic elements to parallel the song with the story. His first verse is all about time. The first verse beginning the song, parallels the beginning of the relationship… which is the time that his thoughts always return to. He is broken out of this daydream by the chorus, which changes the setting to the present tense from the past. It’s like the song is reminiscing, saying man fuck that, smoking a bowl, and then reminiscing some more… VERY much mirroring the exact process Gambino’s character goes through after this break up. He is caught here forever, hence “I’ll NEVER be sober.”
 So, as Bino asks for all this time, the clock becomes another symbol. The symbol of his requests rejection; IT IS BECAUSE HE IS NOT GIVEN THE TIME TO WORK THINGS OUT THAT HE BEGINS AND ENDS THE VIDEO EXACTLY THE SAME. HE IS CONTINUOSLY LOOPING THROUGH THE SAME THOUGHTS OF THIS WOMAN. Gambino’s “Thriller” resembling, awkward yet graceful sashay would then be the visual symbolism correlating to the overall theme and chorus of Sober. Which is anything but childish (pun intended). CG is devastated by the end of a relationship and enters into a purgatorial state of being, numbing himself with drugs and narcotics. So torn by the breakup, Gambino becomes the living dead. 

Though some of this is derived from sources (linked throughout) on the internet most of this is personal opinion, conjecture, and analysis. I put a lot of time into edging this theory out and analyzing the lyrics and video, and ask that should you share, mention, or use this in any personal work/research you credit my blog.

Do you buy into this? Want to share theories of your own? Have any questions or want to know more?


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A person is not a fake fan of an artist or a YouTuber if their favorite song or video is one of the artists or YouTubers most popular songs or videos. They are popular for a reason because they are good. If you make someone feel bad for enjoying something popular and bragging that you enjoy the not as popular songs/videos it doesn’t make you seem cool. It makes you seem like an asshole.