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Retrospective on UNDERTALE’s Popularity

Though it was released almost a year ago, I have the same opinion of it.

It’s about an 8/10, niche RPG game.

If you like the characters and the humor, you’ll probably like it, and forgive it for its flaws.

If you don’t, you’ll probably hate it.

Surprisingly, there are many people who like this type of game. Though I did work hard, there’s definitely a lot of luck involved in having a game become this popular. So, it wouldn’t surprise me if I never made a game as successful again. That’s fine with me though.

Not only did I not expect this level of popularity, but initially, I was afraid of it. I didn’t want UNDERTALE to become tiring for people, or become spoiled before anyone even got a chance to play it. Early on (this was probably excessive) I even tried to contact certain Let’s Players to tell them not to make any content about it.

But, the game became very popular. Unavoidable, even. At the height of its popularity, “not liking the game” felt like a cardinal sin to many fans online. In reaction to these circumstances, others began actively hate the game, creating an endless whirlwind of discourse…

Like a thunderclap to a small dog, all of this attention stressed me out. And every time it seemed to die down, something revived it, such as the GameFAQs contest, the award shows, bizarre theory videos, and so on. At times, I wished I had a way to quell the attention. I felt a strange powerlessness. (And guilt, for feeling stressed when the success of the game SHOULD be something I’m nothing but ecstatic about.)

At the same time, countless wonderful things were happening. People told me the game helped them through a difficult part of their life. Others told me that the game had made them laugh, or cry, or say “I want to be kinder.” Many young kids told me they wanted to create games or music because of it. And, on a personal level, because of its popularity, I have been able to help myself and many people in my life. (And, hopefully, in the future, I can help many other people because of it, too.)

So, ultimately, it’s a good thing that the game reached so many people, and I’m very, very, very, very, very, very, thankful to everyone that supported it, and everyone that helped me make it.

Thank you.

And thank you to anyone who has created fanworks for this game over the past year. I’ve been in fandoms my whole life. I drew Cave Story characters in the margins of my 7th grade history class notes. So it’s amazing to see something I created incite a similar passion in other people.

Someday, UNDERTALE will fade from people’s minds. But, I’m sure in 10 years, some kid who played UNDERTALE will create a game that surpasses it…

I look forward to playing that.

Tomorrow, on UNDERTALE’s anniversary, let’s have a fun time. I am thinking I will open the askbox, and…


Working on pulling together a personal Godzilla design for my own purposes. The main influences should be pretty obvious. The ShinGoji design has only gotten more popular since its release, and for good reason: it’s one of the best designs in the series, and arguably the best at achieving the effect that it was intended to.

I don’t see many people talking about my favorite aspect of the design, which is its shape– ShinGoji has a beautifully balanced and imposing silhouette, and I love everything about it from the flabby legs to the tiny arms. Naturally, I’m basing this design’s silhouette on ShinGoji’s very closely, but I wanted the detail to be different, more like the classic Godzilla, to allow a wider range of expression. The result is somewhere between Shin and ShodaiGoji, with a bit of Legendary thrown in for a more natural look. I tried to keep Godzilla’s scarred appearance, but make it look as though the scarring was due to excessive wear and acute damage, like underneath there was still an animal that was created by nature, rather than the charred hellbeast that was ShinGoji.

I always imagine that Godzilla doesn’t really understand what happened to it– all it knows is that it was hurt by something more painful than anything else in existence, and it’s terrified of ever feeling that pain again. It acts on its fear in the only way that it can: with rage, by destroying anything that could pose a threat to it, never allowing itself to show weakness, and enduring any injuries it might sustain with the knowledge that the pain will never be as bad as that day, and as long as it remains so, it might as well be invincible.

I have a free moment at work and I’m feeling less sick, so let me just finally bitch about the Grammy’s for a second.

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I fucking love Adele and want her to win awards because she’s a shining beacon of actual talent and quality in the music industry. For me, Adele’s popularity and recognition is in many ways the public saying en masse to the music industry, “We’re not stupid, and we reward quality, talent, and effort.” She’s in many way a symbol of how the typical, hyper-marketed pop star mold isn’t what works, and how we deserve better. 

And usually I just want her to have all the Grammys. 

But this year was the exception.

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A Tragic Kind of Wonderful

“I can’t choose how I feel, but I can choose how I think about how I feel.”

Eric Lindstrom first made us fall in love in his debut, Not If I See You First, with the sassy and snarky Parker…and now he’s back to introduce us to a fantastic new character—Mel Hannigan. For sixteen-year-old Mel, bipolar disorder makes life unpredictable and a tragic kind of wonderful. 

Mel is one of those characters you can’t help but feel for. She’s not the only one in her family with bipolar disorder—there’s her aunt (who we call HJ for Hurricane Joan) and her brother (Nolan)—and they all deal with it in different ways. For Mel, she doesn’t like feeling out of control so she takes her medicine and meticulously documents how she feels with graphs and breakdowns (head, heart, health, and mood) every day. It’s a system that keeps her stable and helps her keep everything a secret from her friends.

But things get complicated when she falls into a new relationship and a former friend confronts her about their past. The deeply buried secrets she’s been holding in all this time threaten to come out and if they do, they will upend her shaky equilibrium. Mel must figure out whether she can trust the people she loves with the truth—fast.

This book keeps it real, grappling with mental illness in an honest and moving way, and shares an exploration of life, love, fear, and courage that we think is so important. We want to say happy book birthday to Eric Lindstrom, and thank you for bringing us a fantastic new character and perspective. 

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Coming soon: Pokémon patterns!

Sorry for being so quiet, I’m in the middle of a very complicated situation! But over the years I’ve been asked several times if I had a pattern for making my pokemon amigurumi. Unfortunately, I wasn’t skilled at the time.

I’ll be doing a big revamp, and changing everything giving everything a fresh clean start! Upon so I’ll be releasing 10 popular pokemon patterns. Thank you for reading! I need 10 pattern testers to eventually be able to read through and make sure everything is okay. Send me an ask if you’re interested, only 10 will be selected!

Watch: ASTRO Literally Looks Like They Stepped Out Of A High School Anime In “Confession” MV Teaser

[Soompi article]

Spring, summer, and now autumn; no matter the season, it seems like ASTRO will always be there to lift up your spirits.

On November 7 at midnight KST, the popular rookie boy group released a teaser for their latest title track, “Confession,” from their third mini album “Autumn Story.”

The song features another happy-go-lucky melody that is solidifying into ASTRO’s signature sound, as the boys run around picturesque landscapes and backgrounds. Looking amazing dressed in high school uniforms, the members seem almost too perfect with their good looks.

Watch the gorgeous teaser below and don’t forget to check out the whole album when it drops on November 10 at midnight KST!

  • me, taking a breather after all the recent DCEU news: hoo boy were we close to a heart attack from all excitement this weekend or what
  • me, suddenly remembering SS reviews claiming batman "is BTAS bats personified in the film": HOO 👏 MY 👏 BOY 👏

I noticed this at their meet against Utah as well, but the Utah State ladies do really nice piked giengers and keep their legs together when catching (which is more than some elites can say)!!! Coach must be good at coaching them because almost their entire lineup does them and they are generally a loss popular release move in college.

BTS Shows Amazing Results On Billboard's Music Charts With "You Never Walk Alone"

BTS Shows Amazing Results On Billboard’s Music Charts With “You Never Walk Alone”

External image

BTS has risen to many music charts on Billboard with their new album “You Never Walk Alone.”

According to Billboard, BTS rose to No. 15 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart. Billboard described this achievement as, “unprecedented given K-pop’s history on Billboard’s singles chart,” and praised BTS for their performance with the title song “Spring Day.”

“Spring Day” was so popular after its release…

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I really like my cabin. It was off on a kind of rocky start and there were some kids I didn’t think I’d like very much, but I’ve been incredibly lucky. They’re good kids, though that doesn’t mean they’re easy.

Every one of them has proved to be unique and interesting, with strengths and talents of their own. The brash, sensitive kid with a troubled past? Natural leader and exceptionally creative storyteller, with a soft-spot for stuffed animals and a sharp eye that misses nothing. The awkward boy with a dripping nose and a really grating, annoying-on-purpose scream? Instinctively knows when someone is feeling left out and accommodates them as naturally as breathing, and has encyclopedic knowledge of every popular video game released in the last five years. The edgelord weeaboo who says ‘your mom’ more often than he blinks? Has an unrelenting curiosity and thirst for knowledge of all kinds that I admire immensely.

They’re all dumb, stinky kids who are obsessed with shitty memes. But they’re also surprisingly wise and insightful, and I’m going to miss each one of them… albeit to a greater or lesser degree.

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I completely agree with you. Whenever I introduced a friend to kpop I always showed them dumb dumb or nowadays Boombayah. I love Twice and I like their music... but their music style doesn't appeal that much to Western people I feel like? I don't think Western non-kpop fans appreciate overly cute concepts which is fine of course. Twice will only become more popular especially after they released their first Japanese single.

yeah, it’s a lot easier to introduce people to kpop nowadays with groups like blackpink or kard or bts but the problem with that (and this is my main issue with new kpop fans) is that they refuse to branch out and try to listen to other groups because they think the music is too weird and they’re so caught up in the assumption that everything has to sound western to be good (which is annoying)

i mean i was introduced to kpop in 2011 through songs like the boys, bubble pop, mirror mirror, mr simple, roly poly, or other songs that new kpop fans nowadays would probably refuse to look at.

though twice does have A LOT of international fans/attention, they are probably hated the most (for no real reason imo)


Title cards from the Gorgo franchise: 1961 - present

Having recently re-read some of the early ‘60s Gorgo comics from Charlton, I got to thinking about another world where Gorgo was a popular and successful enough film to spawn a long-running kaiju franchise of its own.

Detailed history of the franchise (directors, trivia, etc.) under the cut.

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