popular power

  • Peter: Im...grounded?
  • Tony: *folds arms* Yes, you're grounded!
  • Steve: You disobeyed an order.
  • Thor: *holds up a shovel* And now we're gonna bury you until you've learned your lesson!
  • Tony: Thor, that's not how grounding works.
The Signs as Egypt Goddesses

Bastet - Aries, Capricorn 

moon goddess, associated with ctas, protector against contagious diseases and evil spirits, also regarded as the goddess of perfumes, caring mother figure

Sachmet - Gemini, Pisces 

goddess of healing, her breath formed the desert, “the powerful one”, respresented by the searing heat of the midday sun, patron of physicians and doctors

Maat - Taurus, Libra

goddess of truth and justice, represents the primal laws of the universe, associated with balance and harmony, she decides whether a person would succesfully reach the afterlife by weighing their soul against her feather of truth

Nut - Cancer, Aquarius 

goddess of the sky, mother of the gods, barrier between the order of creation and chaos, “she who holds a thousand souls”, passionate lover, Milky Way is viewed as the celestial image of Nut

Neith - Leo, Scorpio 

goddess of war and hunting, powerful and popular, depicted as woman wearing the Red Crown of Lower Egypt, patron of weaving, wise, protector of woman 

Hathor - Virgo, Sagittarius 

fertility goddess, joyful and fun loving, associated with music and dance and alongside with Nut associated with the Milky Way, protector of desert regions, she greets the souls of the dead

Baseless Power Rangers headcanons just because

• The Power Rangers Soundtrack? More like Zack’s latest mixtape.

• Jason’s father had big plans for his life. He never meant to settle down, especially not in a dinky town like Angel Grove

• Kimberly pretty much disassociated her way through the entirety of her High School career

• Billy’s father was totally clueless. All of his talk about there being “something out there” was just to give his son a purpose. Guess it worked.

• Trini’s abuela is a total drunk and she has no idea where her daughter’s conservative values came from

• All of the Rangers have customized bedrooms in the ship that only reveal themselves when one of the kids (Trini) is searching for the meaning of “home”

• Zordon cyber-stalks the teens’ personal social media pages

• Alpha 5 is always cleaning up after the kids. He feels like an under-appreciated stay-at-home mom 

• All of the notes Zack passes in detention are in Chinese so the other kids have to use google translate. They’re always either extremely lewd or genuine compliments. Sometimes both.