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Power Rangers feat. KK Harris, Ian Eastwood, Sean Lew, Nonstop & Dytto 💛❤️🖤💙💗-⚡

One day I hope I reach a point where I’m happy enough to forget about all things you did to me
So I was reading some things about the Soulmate AUs

and I found this AU were everyone wake up on their 21nd or 22nd birthday in the body of their soulmate. literally it can be anyone from all around the world and you have to try to figure out who you are to find each other and regain your own body. And then I thought, what if you wake up and

  • you’re in prison/asylum
  • you’re in a mermaid body but you don’t know how to swim
  • you’re trapped in a coffin bc your soulmate is dead
  • you’re completely naked in a bed with a stranger who is also naked
  • you’re in another country, on a scene with a band and a micro in your hands but you don’t know how to sing (bonus if they can’t speak the language of the country they’re now in)
  • you’re in the body of the most popular/powerful/rich person in the world
  • you’re in a car with someone talking to you but you have absolutely no idea who they are or what they’re talking about (bonus if they’re in traffic and/or if there’s children in the backseat)
  • you’re in the body of a pregnant women (bonus if they’re in hospital and about to give birth)
  • you’re in a bedroom with tons of posters of rock bands but you’re religious and/or you absolutely hate punk kids
  • you’re falling. like literally all you can see is the ground hanging over dangerously fast
  • you’re in the workshop of an artist but you were blind and it’s the first time you finally get to know what colours looks like
  • you’re in the body of the person you hate the most in the entire world (bonus if they take this opportunity to do mean pranks to the other, like humiliate them in public or break up with their bf/gf)
  • you’re in the body of someone who was in the middle of a public speech OR a teacher who was explaining something to their students, but you were mute and have no idea how to speak and everyone. is looking. right at you.
  • you’re tied and/or shut in somewhere and the body of your soulmate is very thin and small while you were super strong and athletic
  • you’re in the body of the person you had a crush on for years. you’re super happy to know that they’re your soulmate until you learn that they already have a fiancé, and they think that you’re only platonic soulmates
  • the day after your wedding, you wake up in the body of someone who is definitely not your partner
  • you’re in the body of a criminal (bonus if they were in the middle of committing a crime when you swapped bodies)
  • you were in prison and woke up in the body of the cop who arrested you
  • you’re vegetarian in the body of a hunter/cannibal/vampire
  • you wake up in a glade in the middle of an unknown forest bc your soulmate is a werewolf but you don’t know that and think they’re a criminal or something
  • you wake up in a bedroom with 4 other people, and apparently they’re the friends of your soulmate but you don’t know who they are and they don’t know that you’re not their friend
  • EDIT: ( my friend didn’t want me to add that one for personal reasons but now she doesn’t care so here we go; ) your soulmate was about to kill themselves when you swapped bodies, so you wake up and there’s a chair on the ground and a rope around your neck and you cannot breathe

(also if you write a story based on one of these please contact me, I’ll want to read it)

Hetalia Characters as Quotes from my Theater Group Part 2

Italy: “I’m not crying because I’m hurt I am just emBARRASSED”

Germany: “yOURE SUCH A B- wait I can’t say that here.”

Japan: *Naruto runs across stage*

Romano: “If you pronounce the ‘j’ in Spanish words leave me alone.”

Spain: “Your homework is to watch the Mickey Mouse Club.”

Prussia: “Okay but hear me out: babadok, the musical.”

America: “Did he just eat a cigarette? yOOO.”

Canada: “Girl, why were you in the boys locker room- ooOOOH OKAY THEN.”

England: “WoW. I could almost tell you couldn’t act.”

France: “He literally just sPUN OFF THE STAGE OH MY GOD.”

China: *sniffs violently* “I smell American Chinese food.”

Russia: “You’re looking pretty shady with that harmonica.”

Belarus: “I’m the lowest of the low right now.”

Ukraine: “Have you ever had toothpaste problems?”

Hungary: “You are the wORST UUGH”

Austria: “I’m just feeling really petty today.”