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if nct had tumblr
  • <p><b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Hansol:</b> food aesthetics, animals, perfect angled selfies, many dance videos (probably of him dancing), doesn't really use it but has a quality and pretty much popular blog, is also really friendly but the type to not send messages first or at all, changes icon only twice a year<p/><b>Taeil:</b> probs ranting all the time about the other members, his personal singing uploads, sometimes reblogs johnny's memes, a nice guy, is not really popular but doesn't care, posts selfies but doesnt know what to do with his face so they all look the same<p/><b>Johnny:</b> makes and posts his own memes, some of the memes are made out of the boys' photos, hella popular, also a fashion icon, his tags are sassy, won't hesitate to fight you, ''@tnt-ten us''<p/><b>Taeyong:</b> still prefers 'myspace', made a tumblr just to make sure the fetus line won't reblog anything nasty, b&w aesthetics, food porn, emo quotes and poetry, checks jaehyun's blog and always likes his posts, forgets to answer asks and messages, stil uses 'xD'<p/><b>Yuta:</b> drags dongyuck a lot, football stuff all over the place, secretly a meme enthusiast, is done with them all and judges a lot, stunning selfies, actually is a sweetheart too pure for the world, loves hansol and his blog and food pics more than life<p/><b>Kun:</b> accidentally unfollows people, was winwin's first follower, rarely online, messy blog, mostly reblogs stuff from the boys and doesn't wait until they load before he reblogs them, "kun/20/chinese", stalks winwin on a daily basis<p/><b>Ten:</b> Johnny's left hand, is that one guy who is also really popular and everyone is intimated of him but is actually a giant softie and a dork, 24/7 on tumblr, runs 33 sideblogs, keeps all of them updated, gorgeous selfies, also shemeless derp selfies, screams a lot in his tags<p/><b>Doyoung:</b> makes sarcastic jokes, constantly stressed when taeyong and ten are online, once almost blocked them, lives for the drama between the members, nature and blue aesthetics, sometimes is bitter and judgmental but tries his best, uses '$.$ , @.@ , ^.^ , : )" a lot<p/><b>Jaehyun:</b> "i've lived in america for 4 years, thats why im here baby", super duper popular, minimalist blog, typography, almost never responds to messages unless its mark, doyoung, taeyong or taeil, sexy selfies, shows his dimples a lot, blue black aesthetics, url is flawless<p/><b>WinWin:</b> mostly posts his own pics, cute morning selfies with filter, night selfies b&w and r00d, tumblr famous, his favourite blog is taeyong's blog, uses the trade mark a lot, everyone thinks he a model, url is loselose<p/><b>Mark:</b> also a meme enthusiast, johnny's bitch and part of the #foreignswaggerssquad alongside johnny ten and jaehyun, is ignored most of the time, texts back in 0.002 seconds, passionate about emojis, always on tumblr even during classes, stays up until 4am going through his dash and eating cereal, queues johnny's and ten's memes<p/><b>Donghyuck:</b> roasts everyone including the boys and the tumblr staff, a 5 y/o pure savage, when he was 10 everyone thought he was like 24 until he reblogged a hot wheels giveaway and lost 23 followers, is also a tumblr famous but still tries to outshine johnny, surprisingly aesthetically pleasing posts, makes the 'tag urself' memes out of the boys' derp pics<p/><b>Jaemin&Jeno:</b> run a sideblog together, meme on themselves, lonely af, used to be online for only 1-2 hours per day because taeyong would take their phones while they are at school and return them after they finish their homework but take them back at 8pm and they blocked him for revenge, the only ones who pay attention to them is mark, winwin and doyoung<p/><b>Jisung:</b> taeyong said he is too young for this shit and will let him make a blog when he turns 16 but until then he can only play candy crush and stardoll<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

Tonr — The Photo App That Makes Your Melanin Pop!

Instagram is obviously one of the most popular photo editing apps available right now. And for people with darker skin tones, the only solutions Instagram offers to the white biases of our phones’ cameras is to make us lighter. Making darker skinned people lighter only reinforces lightness/whiteness as a standard of beauty and does nothing to celebrate those with darker skin.


That’s where tonr.co comes in. Created by a group of app developers, including three Black women, who wanted to create an app that was inclusive, tonr currently consists of 10 photo filters that “amplifies how beautiful a variety of skin tones are instead of washing them out.”


Something else I really love about the app is that it’s open source software. This means that anyone with the skill set can contribute a filter to the app and that’s amazing. Even open source communities are still often completely white and male, and by creating this possibility, the creators of tonr have made it possible for those who don’t often get a voice in technology to have one.

Totally gonna give this a download and try it out, especially now that I’m getting plenty of sun.


Cícero Rosa Lins

nos Maus Hábitos, no Porto

Julho de 2016

<e o concerto>

(Pentax K1000 | Kodak Double X| 1600)



I was asked today: “what is your passion?”

For a moment I stopped. I have a passion for a lot of things. For writing until my thoughts have been exposed thoroughly on paper into a beautiful story. For wanting others to understand their comfort zones and how to retract from being trapped in it for a life times. For finding love in new adventures and things and feelings. I have a passion for many things, but most of all,

I have a passion for capturing moments.

I don’t like to refer to it as photography. Realistically, I know that’s what it is, but it seems so much more personal than a dictionary definition in terms.

I like the idea of capturing a single moment. One where the person has no idea the true happiness and exhilaration fueling their bodies. Where they’re closed off from the world and for a few seconds are taken within their mind, trying to remember every second of this moment, or adventure. Even the ones where they’re unaware of how important this exact minute will become to them in the future until they look back on the photo.

I like the idea of a tingling sensation washing over their epitome from focusing on a single picture that holds all the secrets, conversations, and feelings that washed through them when I captured it. It’s my biggest joy to bring to someone to see them reliving a simple time or place.

I never let them know they became my muse for the the day until the experience has come to an end and they are heading to bed, than send them the moment they’ll carry with them for a lifetime.

The generation before us has this obsession with the idea that we millenniums spend more time wasting experiences with their phones, but me personally, I see a new century of connection. Connection to others, and ourselves. To our future endeavors, and our pasts. What they’ll never understand is in that moment, the few seconds and minutes we take out our phones were capturing a memory that when we reach their age we’ll be able to look back and feel everything we felt when we’re young, in that exact minute. We have a way to connect with ourselves, and I’m passionate and forever grateful to have this type of opportunity to capture what will become our history.

The legend of a romantic relationship between king Casimir and the Jewish girl Esther was very popular among Polish Jews. Photo: A painting by Władysław Łuszkiewicz, “Casimir the Great Visiting Esther” from the collection of Lviv National Art Gallery.

■ Today almost mono-ethnic and predominantly Catholic Poland was once a multi-cultural polity, inhabited by Poles, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Lithuanians, Jews, Tatars, Armenians and Germans.

■ The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, as it was called from the 16th to the late 18th century, was one of the earliest confederate countries in early modern Europe. For a long time, it also boasted a tolerant policy towards different ethnicities and faiths.

■ This led to a massive influx of Jews fleeing persecution in the countries of Western Europe as early as the late 15th century. Within a short time, Poland became the biggest area of Jewish settlement, a homeland to the blooming Yiddish civilization of the Ashkenazi Jews.

■ During the Reformation, Polish tolerance also contributed greatly to the country becoming a safe harbour for members of protestant churches. One of the most illustrious examples of their splendid role was the activity of the so-called Polish Brethren, a protestant church, whose members opposed social privileges and refused military service, becoming one of the earliest pacifist movements in history, impacting, in this respect, later philosophers like John Locke. (source: culture.pl)