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black-person-of-color asked:

Honestly when someone is pretending to be black on anon it's so painfully obvious "listen dawg, as a PoC brotha of color I know dat da white bois experience racism too, ya feel? Dis shit ain't just one sided fam..." I love it

Lmao yes! ending with fam is another marker that seems to be popular right now. they’re all so formulaic like “bruh, [insert rant about how they are so super Black like Blacker than anyone else on tumblr ever and why tumblr user is so wrong because white feelings~ all rendered in horribly mangled AAVE because they fail to recognize that it is a valid language expression with its own grammatical rules and instead just assume it’s a case of ‘Black people talk funny’ + plus throw in some shit that sounds like Jar Jar Binks] and that is so whack and decidedly not, as we say in the streets, 'on fleek’, fam.”

like your url is one of my favorites because that’s the type of shit I think of every time

the WONDERFUL THINGS invenustum has called me:

  • bro
  • tittybutt
  • assmunch
  • a tit
  • giant grandchild
  • “y OU FUCKIGN m E ME“
  • Tall Tiny

& the always wonderful

  • WHY

Are you a young, aspiring letterer? Do you live in New York City? Can you eat an entire party-sized bag of Cheetos in one sitting? Hom Sweet Hom is looking for a summer intern, and it could be you! Details below.

Who I am: I’m a California-born, Brooklyn-based designer and letterer. Known for my bright color palettes and playful letterforms, I’ve had the pleasure of creating work for clients like Starbucks, AT&T, YouTube and TIME Magazine. My work has been recognized by Communication Arts, the ADC, the TDC, the One Club, and the Webby Awards, and I’m also the author of the popular blog (and now book) Daily Dishonesty.

Who I’m looking for: An enthusiastic and entrepreneurial gal or guy who loves lettering and illustration. Must be proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign and comfortable with a Wacom tablet. Good sense of humor and good appetite strongly preferred. Ears can withstand eight hours of Beyoncé and/or emo music from high school.

What the job is: The main focus of the internship will be assisting me with producing illustrations for my next book. Responsibilities will include inking and scanning my sketches, as well as editing them in Photoshop. You’ll also assist me with on-site chalkboard projects if you’re interested in chalk lettering. Secondary duties include: updating blogs and social media, doodling on my chalkboard wall, and eating chips with me so I don’t feel like I ate the whole bag.

What I’m offering: $10 per hour plus lunch and snacks. Laptop and Wacom tablet provided for you to work on. You can wear sweatpants to work.

Where we’ll be working: In my studio (aka living room) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It’s a 5 minute walk from the Lorimer stop of the L train.

When you’ll be working: One or two days per week (preferably Tuesdays and Fridays) starting the week of June 15th and ending early September-ish. Schedule is flexible.

To apply: Send a little blurb about yourself and a portfolio link to: hellohomsweethom@gmail.com

Applications will be accepted until Sunday, June 7th. Good luck lovelies!


dear internet,

how is a straight male transphobic because he put on makeup? everyone in movies (even straight males) put on makeup. but when someone on the internet does it once, and i mean ONCE, you all get butt hurt. look at all the popular bands now that have straight males in them, guyliner. guyliner is make up. he tries to better himself and everyone in his fanbase constantly. he gives them inspiration, hope, a positive roll model that society now a days severely LACKS. he even gives hope to sick kids who watch him in the hospital and with the money he raises for the children’s hospital giving kids new hope for a future. a big, bright future that they will be happy with. he is a human, he makes mistakes. honestly, has anyone ever not make a mistake? impossible. thats what makes us human. making mistakes and learning from them. there are other youtubers that  have done FAR worse then 1 mistake. if it was an accidental error, then it was a mistake. if it was purposeful then it was not a mistake.  i guess live and let go, doesn’t exist anymore. if it wasnt directed toward transgender people then how is it transmisogynist? someone said he was ugly, and responded to it with a picture of him wearing makeup.  if you have been trans for a while then you already know how to apply makeup very well so if someone applys makeup badly, its against trans people? the caption being “am i really?” (caption is not word for word) then doesnt that imply that if you are trans and you wear makeup, you are beautiful no matter what? how would you feel if someone said you were ugly and tried to better yourself and you did? if someone is comfortable in there own skin, then they shouldnt need makeup to feel beautiful or accepted. no matter what, feel beautiful in your own skin. if you got offend by this post, im sorry, i am just trying to prove a valid point, or is mine not valid because in a bisexual male? if you need me, ill be doing something productive now.

anonymous asked:

Do you seriously think it makes sense to go with an unknown for Fantastic Beasts rather than an Oscar winning actor who is super popular right now??? Why wouldn't Eddie Redmayne have been cast he is perfect in terms of already having a fan base and being extremely talented

I never said unknown. I said PoC. The two are not mutually exclusive. Eddie Redmayne has a fanbase, yes. You know what else has a fanbase? The Harry Potter franchise. They don’t need an Oscar winner. They got one because they could.

anonymous asked:

Y was your school on the news?

So these two guys were fighting and one of them swung at the other guy but ended up hitting our principal and the videos like all popular and stuff now and i know one of the guys and it’s just kinda weird seeing somewhere you go practically everyday on the news


Guys I made a vine account


The DUFF Full Movie in HD!

WATCH HERE  ↦ The DUFF Full Movie Streaming 2015


Bianca is a content high school senior whose world is shattered when she learns the student body knows her as ‘The DUFF’ (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) to her prettier, more popular friends. Now, despite the words of caution from her favorite teacher, she puts aside the potential distraction of her crush, Toby, and enlists Wesley, a slick but charming jock, to help reinvent herself. To save her senior year from turning into a total disaster, Bianca must find the confidence to overthrow the school’s ruthless label maker Madison and remind everyone that no matter what people look or act like, we are all someone’s DUFF.

PG-13  |  101 min  |  Comedy  |  20 February 2015 (USA)

A high school senior instigates a social pecking order revolution after finding out that she has been labeled the DUFF - Designated Ugly Fat Friend - by her prettier, more popular counterparts.

Director: Ari Sandel

Writers: Josh A. Cagan (screenplay), Kody Keplinger (novel)

Stars: Mae Whitman, Bella Thorne, Robbie Amell



watch out … (w/ Marcus Johns; inspired by Joe Weller)