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In order to survive and maintain a social pecking order, birds tend to form cliques from an early age. These cliques are formed at school, and they become increasingly more exclusive as the birds grow up. It is unheard of for a bird who comes from a lower ranking to associate with the popular birds. Unfortunately, this jay had a classic “new kid” moment when he switched schools, and didn’t get the memo over what his level of social status was. He attempted to sit with the popular kids, and is now being forced to move his belongings piece by piece while the others look on and laugh.


“I once had an aro person describe it as an emotional disorder affecting how they can love people so I’m going to use that for the entirety of this ‘aromanticism = homophobia’ argument I’m gonna do”  it’s amazing what allorom people will pounce on to try to dismiss and villainize us

Drow Elves (AD&D)

So, these guys.

Possibly the most famous Dungeons and Dragons creation aside from maybe Beholders, Mind Flayers, or the Tarrasque, Dark Elves or Drow have been popular for decades now, especially in terms of characters made in imitation of R.A. Salvatore’s Drizzt Do’Urden, the seminal example of “individual of a typically Evil race who goes against his culture’s moral norms”.

Despite having their roots in Scandinavian folklore (and evidence suggests that Norse “dark elves” were quite possibly just another name for the dwarves), the dark elves of D&D have grown to be iconic in their own way. D&D dark elves evil matriarchal spider-demon worshipers, but hey, it’s certainly striking.

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i only follow a few popular am blogs now bc the rest have proven themselves to be agents of the white man and it makes me so u_u

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That HONY photo isn't capitalizing on the fears of gay people. It's showing that we still have problems other than marriage equality. It's sad and no one wants to see it. But it's the truth. Grow the fuck up.

no the TRUTH is that they posted a picture of a vulnerable child afraid of what people will think of their sexuality on a website so popular its now trending on facebook! fucking HILARY CLINTON has commented on it!!! do you seriously think that will have no ramifications for the poor kid?? what happens when they walk into school on monday and suddenly EVERYONE knows they’re gay? all so straight people can scramble to pat themselves on the back with their “oh bb i accept u(:” bullshit and HONY can get a few hundred thousand more pageviews. seriously, FUCK off

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MakiRinPana or any of the first years' ships! (again xD)

Maki sure is popular right now.  This ship is gonna turn into a giant cuddle pile by the end, you know that right?

Who would win tickle wars:

Rin has so much energy that she would win by virtue of being the only one of the three still able to move at the end.  Maki would give it her best to try and turn the tables, but Hanayo is just too cute to attack and Rin uses her distraction to launch another devastating assault that leaves them both breathless.

Who would draw pictures of the other in their sketchbook:

Hanayo draws really cute pictures of the three of them, but she is too embarrassed to show them to anyone.  Rin only doodles when she’s bored during class and (depending on just how boring it got) will sometimes end up with a flipbook style adventure starring the three of them as stick figures.  She proudly shows Maki and Hanayo her work during lunch which leads to Maki scolding her about her about wasting her class time drawing instead of paying atttention.

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Der neuste Internet-Star: So feiert die Schweiz Bruno den Kameramann | Blick am Abend
Innert weniger Tage wurde er zur Berühmtheit. Der zehnjährige Junge Bruno vom Youtube-Kanal «DieRieder». Als die Facebook-Seite «Swissmeme» ein Video des Kanals postet, verbreitet es sich blitzschnell im Netz. Brunos Satz: «Ich bin Bruno und ich bin der Kameramann» wird zum Running Gag. Es folgen Dutzende Memes, Videos und Zusammenschnitte. Und auch Bruno meldete sich zu seinem Fame.
By Blick am Abend

If you wanna know what’s popular in Switzerland right now ;)

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of my favorite actors and I followed the Terminator films since its inception. I followed the story of John Connor and his mother, Sarah Connor. Similarly, I like the actions of the power of stories.

As we know, John Connor is the future. Someone wants to change history for the powers that be at John and Sarah who gave birth and an unexpected new mission: To reset the future ……. Very interesting and fierce.

If you intend to view it as well, now, you can see the full movie online easily.

You can just click on this link, then freely we will watch it comfortably.

That link is easy way to watch Terminator Genisys Full Movie Streaming Online. 

Enjoy :)


look at this little nugget



Anna Kendrick

Meet Anna Kendrick:

Former Twilight side cast is now more popular than K Stews.

 She enjoys long walks on red carpets while looking more fabulous than all others.

She also enjoys the occasional opportunity to make her fans swarm over to SNL like moths to light.

A great hobby of her’s is slaying us with tweets that can only come form the mind of our favorite Maineian.

She enjoys the beach and taking killer photos.

And also likes massive amounts of eyeliner… but who’s complaining?

She can quite literally break the tectonic plates on Earth by sitting in a chair.

Or sitting at all for that matter.

Actually standing might be her best suit.

Then there is always her love for animals.

And pools.

But sometimes she just looks like a college student taking family photos.

…Or not so family oriented photos.

And let’s not forget her ability to look tall… even if she definitely isn’t.

But height means nothing to this one.

Because she is still a princess to so many.

And an adorable on at that.


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