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Signs of an Elder Goth?

You’ve seen the “Goth Look” get co-opted by mainstream fashion so many times that you no longer get snarky and dramatic about it- instead, you patiently wait for the trend to fall out of vogue so you can score great clearance items.

“Seven dollar black lace shirt? Yes, please! Clearance bin of patterned fishnets?? SCORE!”

Find the perfect fall/winter outfit based on your zodiac sign 🔮🍂

Find the perfect outfit based on your zodiac sign ✨



If you haven’t already seen the editorial image for the new ‘Neo Noir’ collection from KIKO cosmetics then Google it now!!
It’s all about the eyes and subtle glowing skin, simply captivating! The PR company for KIKO contacted me and asked if would like to sample some of the new collection and naturally I said ‘YES’.
I just had to recreate the eyes from that image, and of course, I filmed it.

Here is a link to the tutorial: https://youtu.be/pwHyk5LicS8

I’m seriously demanding more soft bellies on girls in popular media. More celebrities with soft bellies and thick thighs and chubby faces and bums that are big, but they’re not round and perky. More fat arms, more fat calves. Double chins that are beautiful. More “you are beautiful” and less “you are comic relief”. Give me more unapologetic women and girls who own their chubby bodies, but also give me representation on how much of a struggle it can be to accept yourself when you don’t WANT to be thin. Give me fat girls as love interests, give me fat girls who are superheroes, give me fat girls who are loved and their body isn’t a joke to anyone, even themselves. I want to see fat girls in every type of outfit being ooh’d and ahh’d over, whether they’re in the typical “quirky fat girl femme” outfit, or they’re butch fat lesbians. Enough is enough.