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  • Mary: Either you leave the cul-de-sac of your own accord, or I use Robert's switchblade to forcibly expel you from the cul-desac, followed by all of your organs shortly thereafter. Got it?
  • Joseph: Oh, please. You wouldn't hurt a fly.
  • Mary: You're right. Because a fly is an innocent creature that never knowingly did anything to anybody.
  • Mary: You, however, I would maim.

Black History Month (Year 3) | Day 7 | Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr is a graduate of Yale University where he founded the improv comedy group, Purple Crayon. In 1989, he became a member of the award winning sketch comedy group, The Groundlings. LaMarr also studied improv at The Secondy City and at the Improv Olympic. Through his connections within his improv network, he was able to start a film career—-his first movie being “It’s Pat”, in 1994. He has also appeared in a plethora of tv shows before it started his voice acting career—such as “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, “Hanging with Mr. Cooper”, “MADtv”, “Living Single”, and more. He’s even had a role in the popular cult classic  Tarantino Film, “Pulp Fiction”.

But the meat of his work is within the cartoon and video-game industry. Name a cartoon right now, go ahead. Did you do it? Yeah, he’s been in that. LaMarr has led an impressive voice acting career, his most notable roles being Jack (Samurai Jack), Static Shock (Static Shock), Hermes Conrad (Futurama), Wilt (Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends), Green Lantern (Justice League).

LaMarr is set to reprise his role as Samurai Jack for the show’s fifth and final season, this March.

OPM High School Teacher AU

Mr. Saitama:

  • History teacher
  • “Just call me Saitama”
  • No one calls him Saitama
  • Barely ever gets out of his chair to teach
  • Has the highest test scores out of all the other teachers
  • Always gets his students to turn the lights off for him
  • Always buys his school supplies on sale
  • Doubles as the track and field coach
  • Denies ever buying the dancing flower that sits on the math teacher’s desk
  • but he totally did 
  • Best friends with the guidance counselor  

Mr. Genos:

  • Math teacher
  • Youngest member of the faculty 
  • The king of resting bitch face
  • There’s a rumor that he smiles but only around the history teacher
  • Goes from 0 to fuck you in 3.5
  • Somehow manages to both frighten the students and be their favorite
  • Teaching style is strict and intense but he never leaves anyone behind
  • Tied for 1st place as the most popular teacher
  • Bought the cactus that sits in one of the windows of the history teacher’s classroom
  • Adamantly hates and despises the physics teacher
  • Sponsors the robotics club

Mr. Mumen:

  • Guidance counselor 
  • Nicest man on the planet
  • Once baked cookies for all of the students
  • Rides his bike to work and always keeps it behind his desk
  • He’s the best at helping people with their problems
  • One student literally said they had come out of his office a changed man
  • Always smiling 
  • Keeps trying to help the physics teacher with his anger issues
  • Always ends up beat up whenever he tries to stop a fight


  • Principal 
  • Some people think he’s the oldest person in the building
  • Is literally the oldest person in the building
  • A walking fortune cookie
  • Keeps trying to get people to join his martial arts club 
  • Sometimes just stares at people 
  • One of the teachers bought him a #1 Boss mug and he always walks around with it

Ms. Fubuki:

  • Biology teacher
  • Her students act like her followers 
  • There’s a rumor going around that she’s a cult/gang leader
  • She may or may not be
  • People always pay attention in her class
  • Has the best boobs 
  • Once lectured a student in front of the whole class because they fell asleep at their desk
  • Has a rivalry with her sister that no one seems to understand
  • Always eats lunch with the math teacher, the history teacher, and the gym teacher 


  • Gym teacher
  • Everyone calls him King
  • Worst gym teacher in the history of man
  • 90% of the time he’s sitting around playing video games
  • Sometimes the history teacher sits with him
  • Usually tells his students to go run around somewhere so he can finish playing his games
  • No one complains in his class because they’re too scared of him 

Mr. Sonic

  • Physics teacher
  • Always angry 24/7
  • Expects his students to get everything he teaches instantly
  • Can zoom across his classroom in 2.5 seconds
  • Absolutely HATES the math and history teachers with an unhealthy passion
  • A student once told him a joke that had him do his weird laugh for a good ten minutes
  • The math teacher once threw a ball of paper at him while he was teaching 

Mr. Mask

  • Cosmetology teacher 
  • Savage King 9000 over here
  • Roasts your existence to dust
  • Has the worst personality out of all the members of the faculty
  • Tied for 1st place as most popular teacher
  • Has a cult following in the school that rivals the Biology teacher’s
  • Very strict when it comes to grading
  • Keeps insisting that blue is his natural hair color
  • People keep thinking he’s trying to get into the math teacher’s pants

Mr. Puri Puri

  • Home Economics teacher 
  • Yes that’s his legal name
  • Is only allowed to teach all female classes because of…incidents
  • Is the only member of the faculty that has gone to jail
  • “I can bench press 20 men”
  • Makes a mean apple pie
  • Is probably the second nicest teacher in the school
  • Stalks the math teacher when he’s not teaching
  • Always wears the sweater his boyfriend made him

Ms. Tatsumaki

  • Assistant principal
  • Always mistaken as a child
  • No one can ever find her because she looks like she goes here
  • Always in a perpetual state of fuck you
  • Very strict about the dress code despite the fact that she always wears skimpy clothes to work
  • Almost hit the history teacher for calling her a two year old
  • Is incredibly strong for such a tiny person
  • Once caught the history and math teachers making out behind the school and yelled at them for an hour
Ch 125: The Blue Sect’s Age and New Questions?

In the latest chapter we’ve gotten some possible information on how long the sect might have already been operating which raises more questions.

We now know that the main sponsors of the cult were all suffering from renal failure and that they were all supposed to die sooner because of that illness. But since Bravat performed a blood dialysis on them their dates of death were delayed and they lived longer than they should have according to the original to-die list. 

Othello is showing Ciel the original time of death for one of the old guys which is March 27th, 1888.

So that means that Bravat must have started to replace the old guys’ blood before that date at the latest and therefore he must have been collecting blood for that purpose for at least one and a half years. The beginning of his activities must have started even earlier or at least around the time when when the story of the manga begins.

However, the popularity of the cult has only recently begun to get greater and the P4/S4 only joined the cult after they’ve been expelled from Weston, so after June in 1889 (more than one year after the latest possible beginning of Bravat’s work). The purpose of the Blue Cult is to attract visitors in order to get their blood. But if the cult has only recently gained attention, where has Bravat gotten the needed blood from before that?

Bravat even said to the sponsors that they’ve only ever gotten the leftovers. So it seems like his true purpose was to get blood for the Lords of the Stars all that time, meaning that the Lords must have existed already when Bravat started with the dialysis of the old guys’ blood (i.e. March, 1888 at the latest). 

So somehow Bravat must have had access to a blood source even before the cult was created or at least before the cult became popular. And something must have changed for him to make new plans on getting so many visitors to draw blood from. What could it be?

Possibility 1: He suddenly needed a lot more blood.

If he only had limited access to blood before and suddenly needed a lot more, this would explain why he changed plans. His old blood source might have not been enough anymore. However, it’s not clear why Bravat would suddenly need more blood. If the Lords have already existed before (which is likely as I’ve said above) why would their blood demand increase all of a sudden? Unless something in their ‘treatment’ (or whatever the reason why they’re needing blood in the first place is) changed. There are already many theories about the Lords being Bizarre Dolls and we know that Undertaker’s methods of creating them have improved lately. So maybe one of these improvements for getting the perfect Bizarre Dolls requires a lot more blood than before which could explain a sudden increase in the demand for blood and therefore Bravat’s plans on creating a cult where he can draw blood from the visitors.

Possibility 2: His old blood source didn’t work anymore.

If the amount of blood Bravat needs for his purposes has stayed the same something must have happened to his earlier blood source so that he couldn’t have access to it anymore. In that regard it would really be interesting to know what his old blood source was because it now seems like he needs quite a huge amount of blood and you don’t just get your hands on so much fresh blood easily.

Again, since it’s likely that Undertaker is involved in this sect there might be a connection to him. Maybe Bravat obtained the blood from Undertaker before the cult became popular. As a mortician UT might have had access to blood, his connections to hospitals or even the Aurora Society and maybe the Osiris Company might have been helpful for that purpose, as well. But after the Campania arc this might have become more difficult and after the Weston arc Undertaker even left England for some time to visit France and Germany. So Bravat might have been left in charge at that time and was forced to search for a different way to get the blood needed for the Lords.

So, in summary, the cult or at least Bravat’s treatment of the old guys and therefore the Lords’ presence must have existed for much longer than the public is aware of the cult’s existence. And since the amount of visitors only recently increased Bravat must have had a different blood source before. But something must have happened that made it necessary for him to gain another or a different blood source (i.e. the visitors) now. So that raises the questions:

  • Where did Bravat get the blood from before the cult became popular?
  • Why did he suddenly need a new blood source?
  • Could this be connected to Undertaker?…

accio-toffy  asked:

*flips the desk over* okay, i give up, i give in. all those gifs, and now i must ask you - who is morse and what is this show, because i feel like i need to watch it. what is it about?


Ahem. Excuse my outburst. First things first. You may vaguely know about a British TV show called Inspector Morse, adapted from a book series by Colin Dexter. This show, who got very popular, is set in 1980s Oxford and follows Detective Inspector Morse, beer and opera lover, and his Sergeant Robbie Lewis. This show produced a spin-off, Lewis, which is about the aforementioned Sergeant Lewis, now a Detective Inspector himself.

Now to the topic that interests us. Inspector Morse is still widely popular and has become “cult”, if I can say it like that. And so, for an anniversary about something I can’t remember, ITV produced a 90-minutes pilot called Endeavour. It tells us about Morse’s first steps in the police, back in the 1960s. Thing is, the pilot got so successful that ITV decided to commission four other episodes. And thus Endeavour is born…

The show, as said previously, is a prequel to Inspector Morse and introduces many characters that appear later in that show. But fear not, you don’t need to have seen Morse to understand what’s going on in Endeavour, although being familiar with the show makes you understand some references and inside jokes. But why Endeavour, you may ask me? Simply because it is…Morse’s given name. Yes, you heard that right. His given name is Endeavour. Don’t laugh. Nope. Don’t. Stop that.

Anyway, as I was saying, the show follows Morse’s (if you use his given name even once his ghost will appear and play loud, dramatic Wagnerian opera) first steps in the police force. So here’s a small guide to see if you want to watch that series or not.


Endeavour Morse

Originally posted by guardiansinferno

The eponymous protagonist of the series. Morse becomes a policeman after experiencing a difficult period in his life, which is hinted at in the show. I won’t tell you anything more, I’ll let you discover the rest! If you wonder about his given name, I’ll tell you this: it is actually a virtue name (quite popular in some Christian movements) and Morse is very embarrassed about it and would rather die than tell you his name. Hence why he only goes by Morse. He’s played by Shaun Evans, a wonderful actor who gives great depths to this character. Plus he’s incredibly beautiful. Sometimes I rewatch the show solely to see his angel face. I love this character quite much, mainly because I’ll most probably end up like him (i.e. not having his shit together and being a moody intellectual).

Fred Thursday

Originally posted by tatzelwyrm

Played by Roger Allam. Thursday is one of the few characters that doesn’t appear in Inspector Morse. He takes Morse under his wing and teaches him his trade. He is a kind of father figure. He’s great, he has punched some Nazis and he loves his wife’s sandwiches. Also don’t fuck Morse up or Fred Thursday will find you and fuck you up 10000 times harder.

Peter Jakes

Jerkass number One in this police station. He often clashes with Morse with his cutting cynicism. He’ll grow on you, eventually, as his relationship with Morse warms.

Jim Strange

A nice guy who just wants to be Morse’s friend.

Max DeBryn

Sass Master unchallenged in Oxford. He’s the pathologist (or coroner, if you’re American) for the police. He’s witty and clearly someone who has the same level of education as Morse. He has roasted almost every character on this show at least once and you will love it. He finds in Morse a soulmate kindred spirit and you see the two becoming friends over the episode and it’s just the best. Also he looks like he could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll.

…and there are many more characters I should talk about but I got lazy. But know that all the characters are awesome and most of them are my faves.


Four seasons have currently aired. A fifth has been commissioned and filmed not long ago! Each season is set one year later than the last and has four episodes (except for season four, who is set only a few weeks later after season three’s final). It has been announced that the fifth season will have six episodes instead of the usual four. There are some rumors that this fifth season will also be the last, although nothing has been confirmed so far. My personal opinion is that indeed this new season will be the last, but it’s only my opinion.


If you like period dramas, you should be in love with everything in this show. If you are familiar with the universe of Inspector Morse then you should definitively watch Endeavour! But most of all, you should watch it for the character development, the beautiful acting and the writing that gives you so much to talk about! It’s what made me fall in love with the show (that and Shaun Evans). I love the meta you can write about it, I love the dialogues, I love the characters… Even if the seasons go gradually darker, watch it. You won’t regret it. Yes, true, sometimes the plot is really meh but the characters are really wonderful and the actors (especially Shaun Evans) give such a great and nuanced performance!


Give it a go, at least watch the pilot. Do it at least for Evans’s angel face.


On this day in music history: June 27, 1980 - “I’m Alright (Theme From “Caddyshack”)“ by Kenny Loggins is released. Written by Kenny Loggins, it is the seventh solo single release for the singer, songwriter and musician from Everett, WA. Coming off the success of three consecutive Platinum selling solo albums between 1977 and 1979, Kenny Loggins starts off new decade with yet another big hit. In the Fall of 1979, Loggins is asked by executive producer Jon Peters ("Batman”, “A Star Is Born”, “The Color Purple”) to write songs for the soundtrack of a low budgeted comedy titled “Caddyshack. The film starring Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Ted Knight and Rodney Dangerfield centers around life on an upscale country club golf course, and the culture clash between the characters. In all, Loggins writes four songs for the soundtrack, including "I’m Alright” which is used as the theme for “Caddyshack”. The track is recorded at The Record Plant in Los Angeles in late 1979 with co-producer/engineer Bruce Botnick (The Doors), backed by his touring band which include Mike Hamilton (lead guitar, backing vocals), George Hawkins (bass, backing vocals), Brian Mann (keyboards) and Tris Imboden (drums). During the sessions, singer (and label mate) Eddie Money is recording in an adjoining studio, and Kenny invites him to contribute background vocals to the song. Though Money later expresses his displeasure when he does not receive credit for his contribution. Featured over the opening title and end sequences of the film, “I’m Alright” becomes synonymous with the animatronic gopher that Bill Murray’s character, the groundskeeper Carl spends the duration of the movie trying and failing to eradicate. Though “Caddyshack” is initially only a modest box office success before later becoming a hugely popular cult classic, the theme song is an immediate success. “I’m Alright” is released as a single a month before the film arrives in theaters, taking off quickly at radio. Entering the Hot 100 at #88 on July 12, 1980, it peaks at #7 on October 11, 1980. The single also earns Loggins a Grammy nomination for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance in 1981. A live version of the song also appears on the album “Alive!” in September of 1980. The success of the film theme not only gives Kenny Loggins his second top ten hit, but changes the course of his career for the next decade. Throughout the rest of the 80’s, Loggins scores his biggest hits with the songs he contributes to the film soundtracks for “Footloose” (title song (#1 Pop), “I’m Free (Heaven Helps The Man)” (#22 Pop)), “Top Gun” (“Danger Zone” (#2 Pop), “Playing With The Boys” (#60 Pop)) and “Over The Top” (“Meet Me Half Way” (#11 Pop)). When the sequel “Caddyshack II” is made in 1988, Kenny Loggins also writes and records the films theme song “Nobody’s Fool” (#8 Pop), giving him his fifth and final top ten single in the US.


MYTHOLOGY MEME  [1/∞]: Orpheus, legendary poet, musician, and prophet 

Orpheus was the son of the muse Calliope and the Thracian King Oeagrus. As a child, Apollo gave him a golden lyre and taught him how to play it, and his mother with the rest of the muses taught him how to sing. The major stories about him are centered on his ability to charm all living things and even stones with his music, his attempt to retrieve his wife, Eurydice, from the underworld, and his death at the hands of those who could not hear his divine music. Orpheus was one of the most revered figures of the Hellenistic world. The Ancient Greeks believed him to be the first epic poet, and the founder of the cults of Apollo and Dionysos. He was also the legendary founder and prophet of a popular mystery cult called Orphism.

Calendar of Roman festivals: Aprilis/April


- KALENDS,traditionally offerings to Iuno and Ianus were given as well as offerings to the Lares*

- Veneralia, festival in honor of Venus Verticordia(Venus the changer of hearts) and Fortuna Virilis(the ‘manly’ aspect of the goddess Fortuna),historically the statue of Venus was removed from her temple to the mens baths and was undressed and washed by her female worshippers, men and women both asked Venus for help romantically and sexually.

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Ok so, I’ve been writing an AU about JD and Veronica where they met before his mom died, and because he had Veronica growing up he didn’t get totally fucked up because he wasn’t completely alone and he actually had someone who loved him. I’ve been taking age prompts where I write short fics about them at that age, and I’m finally doing 17, but since it’s basically taking place during canon it’s gonna be really long, so I’m breaking it up into a few parts. This is part one! It’s basically a rewritten version of Beautiful. I hope you dig it folks :-)

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anonymous asked:

I just went on to youtube and saw a video from a very popular trans youtuber (uppercasechase1) saying that a lesbian who won't date a pre-op trans woman with a penis is transphobic. I think it's pretty funny how the trans cult on tumblr claims that no one ever says this, but when a popular person in their cult does it on a very public forum they're all quiet about it. I guess because they agree and think lesbians should just take dick and accept it.

Of course they claim no one says it. Just like when something the trans/genderist crowd came up with meets a backlash they suddenly blame it on radfems.

“Not uh! Radfems invented the cotton ceiling! Not uh! Radfems invented cis!”

It’s ridiculous, and it can’t be sustained. So when you see a heterosexual male whining that lesbians won’t have sex with him call it out for what it is. 

sci-fi icons of our times

  1. John Boyega ( Pacific Rim Uprising, Star wars, Attack the Block )
  2. Mackenzie Davis ( The Martian, San Junipero, Blade Runner 2049 )
  3. Zoe Saldana ( Avatar, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Trek )
  4. Oscar Isaac ( Ex Machina, Star Wars, Annihilation (upcoming, but surely will be an event)  )
  5. Tessa Thompson ( possibly in the future, Westworld, Thor: Ragnarok ( has major sci-fi undertones, Annihilation )