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I searched in a lot of tags already but was wondering if there was a specific tag that would go more in depth for black hair in post-apoclyptic settings. I only found one post. I'm specifically looking for care and maintainance of 4b hair, and styles that would be best for a fallout universe situation, as well as styles that would be most likely based off of the 1950's and what to take into consideration when one goes from having the means to take care of hair to suddenly no clean water

Black Hairstyles for the Apocalypse II: Post-Nuclear  

For a situation like the Fallout game universe, post-nuclear with limited/no clean water, I can only reinforce what has already been said in Black Hairstyles for the Apocalypse; a character with afro hair would need those dependable protective styles on lock down (braids, dreadlocks, etc. look up and take your pick of protective natural styles), more so with little to no safe water to dip her head into.  


Everything you read up on regarding afro hair’s needs is still relevant; Black hair generally needs lots of moisture and protection.

Afro hair routines tend to involve a lot of water, oils, gels, butters and creams. You mention the character’s hair type is 4b, but hair type isn’t even the most important factor when it comes to Black hair maintenance. 4A, 4B, AC, or a mixture of– these numbers are more of a general assessment of what that hair type looks like, needs and reacts, but every individual is different. Hair width, density, and porosity is super, if not more important. Research, research, research. This information is quite accessible nowadays.

My favorite natural hair site is www.naturallycurly.com/. Pinterest has an addictive mash-up of natural hair tips, info and DIY solutions too. Note that doesn’t mean everything is relevant to your character, or even accurate so i’d check with other sources on any information you find.

Important Takeaway: Water to moisturize + Oil to keep it in.

Hair needs water (or water-based moisturizer, typically referred to as leave-in conditioner) to moisturize, and oil to seal it in lest it deplete rapidly (take it from me; my hair gulps down any bit of moisture it gets). 

Most oils do not moisturize by themselves because it cannot penetrate the hair shaft (save a privileged few like coconut oil).

Research key terms: natural hair + moisturizing/sealing, L.O.C. method

If your character has a protective style in most of the time, i’d also be researching “natural hair care with [x].” Though hair needs lessen, they do not disappear.


Depending on what resources can be scraped up, there may be opportunity to make or find items that would work as extra hair protection that add and seal in moisture, or even a silk scarf or bandana for extra coverage and for sleeping.

Whether a character does come across these things is mostly out of their control, so the protection that comes with a long-term style like braids is the main tool they’d have to rely on.

As for the 1950s: If this is America, you could look up African American hairstyles in the 50s but the popular styles you’ll see will likely be unfitting for the apocalypse, especially one of this nature. Straight, loosened-textured looks for afro hair won’t thrive well and will be sweated out to one’s natural state quickly, plus their hair weakened from the straightening process. 

However, there were some braided styles popular in the 50s (unspecific to Black people) that could be done for afro hair and would serve as protection. 

For example: the “crown braid” comes up a lot in a quick search (See the image above). Not sure how much one would care to style their hair to stay “with the time’s” in this situation, but that’s for you to work out.


Protection is the key here. Reliable long-term styles like braids that tuck in the ends endure breakage and tangling way more than any free-flowing style. It’s that low manipulation and vulnerability to the elements (and hands) that’s key.

For other maintenance questions, do your research and see what you come up with in terms of what the character may scavenge and make do with.


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Google "Dutch braids" before spewing racism. Seriously, Google it. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when you see what comes up. White women can't wear it, eh? Well, tell that to the Dutch of 900 AD...

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You did the hair thing!! OMG thankyou!!! The galaxy/universe is now seeing an upswing of beings who braid their hair (celebrity style mimicking). No one can beat the wookies for the elaborateness or sheer volume they manage with their 'warrior knots'.

“Your…troopers did that?” The senator stared at Obi-Wan’s hair and the Jedi gave a low hum.

“Well yes, they wanted to do a more complicated look then usual since I was going to a charity ball, I wasn’t going to argue with them.” Obi-Wan chuckled and ran his hand lightly over the glittery band on the back of his head.

Honestly, how Waxer managed to learn to do a corset braid Obi-Wan would never understand and while the hair play had felt nice, he would only wear it for special occasions.

Like the charity ball for war refugees that Palpatine was arranging.

Technically speaking it was two braids, one on each side of his head with a ribbon band passing between it to mimic the style of a corset lacing.

Waxer had picked a soft green one with glittering stones that caught the light now and then and he claimed would match Obi-Wan’s eyes.

“But to be honest, I’m surprised at the amount of braids I do see around here. None has the wookie’s beat though.” The redhead smiled, grateful that his little misdirection had worked in bringing the attention to the delegation from Kashyyyk, all who wore several braids in their fur decorated with precious stones and bands.

“That would be your doing.” A quiet voice offered beside him and Obi-Wan looked down quickly, raising his eyebrow at the Senator beside him.

“Senator Amidala. What do you mean?” He glanced about.

“You popularized braiding quite a bit, its all over the holonet with everyone wanting to mimic you.” She grinned, a glass of something green and poisonus in her hand. “Take a good look at your legacy my friend.” She teased.

Obi-Wan gave a heavy blink and glanced about the room again. “Oh dear. Why would they… I mean, not that I’m not flattered, but why?”

“Because they admire you, you’re popular so the fact that you’re sporting a particular kind of hair style, the braiding you now favor, now they are trying to mimic you and gain favor with their voters.” She chuckled into her drink.

“Oh dear.” Obi-Wan hummed, crossing his arms over his chest with a faint frown on his face.

Then he chuckled warmly. “Did you know that both Ahsoka and Anakin also braids now? Ahsoka is better then Anakin too.”

Padme hummed a bit then eyed Obi-Wan’s hair style, her lips twitching into a faint smile. “You do look good though Obi-Wan. Whoever of your troopers did that, they did it well.”

“I won’t tell you how long I sat with Waxer peppering me with a water spray to pull it all as he wanted.” He passed his hand over his hair, his smile slowly fading as Senator Amidala laughed softly beside him.

‘I’m going to have to shave this for my mission…’ He swallowed faintly.

He felt a weird sort of discomfort at the idea.

‘Its just hair… I’m not attached to hair.’ He reminded himself firmly.

Obi-Wan may not be attached to his hair however, but he was attached to the gentle attention he had gotten from his troopers.


         It’s common knowledge that Janet Jackson is a music legend. But, she is highly underrated when it comes to her contributions to fashion. She has lowkey been giving us fashion tips for years and people probably don’t even realize all of the trends that she single-handedly popularized.         

       I think of the 80s as her babygirl phase; she was making her first big waves in music and her style reflected that. But the era of complete slayage began in the  90s, the first time we saw her as a grown ass woman. Janet blazed through the decade and served several unforgettable, unique looks in the process. One could go on and on about some specific looks: her firetruck red natural curls, the ab-bearing crop tops, latex body suits, her septum and belly button piercings, the ever-popular Poetic Justice braids, baggy jeans….the list is honestly endless. 

       Her style is timeless for the most part; many of her outfits have been reworked and are worn by a pseudo innovative generation. Let us take this time to acknowledge and celebrate Janet’s importance. Thank you for all that you’ve given us, Miss Janet!

-Brooklyn White

Felassan x Lycanae Lavellan for @ladyartanis

Felassan doesn’t have a canon look as far as I know, so he is a combination of what I imagine a typical elven facial features to be plus fanart Abelas’ popular long braid look with Dirthamen’s Vallaslin as requested by @ladyartanis! 

Lycanae Lavellan belongs to @ladyartanis.

Transparent Vallaslin patterns made by firemadeflesh.