popular braids


         It’s common knowledge that Janet Jackson is a music legend. But, she is highly underrated when it comes to her contributions to fashion. She has lowkey been giving us fashion tips for years and people probably don’t even realize all of the trends that she single-handedly popularized.         

       I think of the 80s as her babygirl phase; she was making her first big waves in music and her style reflected that. But the era of complete slayage began in the  90s, the first time we saw her as a grown ass woman. Janet blazed through the decade and served several unforgettable, unique looks in the process. One could go on and on about some specific looks: her firetruck red natural curls, the ab-bearing crop tops, latex body suits, her septum and belly button piercings, the ever-popular Poetic Justice braids, baggy jeans….the list is honestly endless. 

       Her style is timeless for the most part; many of her outfits have been reworked and are worn by a pseudo innovative generation. Let us take this time to acknowledge and celebrate Janet’s importance. Thank you for all that you’ve given us, Miss Janet!

-Brooklyn White