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When the director of The Ghost in the Shell calls Scarlett Johansson “the best of her generation” what he actually means is she’s the most popular.

Only white actresses were considered for The Ancient One.

A Chinese actor with 15 years of martial arts experience auditioned for Iron First and was told he had to be the villain to a white hero.

An Indigenous actress was told to her face that she couldn’t audition for Tiger Lily because they didn’t want the character to be Native anymore.

So until Hollywood stops discriminating at casting calls and allows people of color their fair shot in this business I don’t want to see anymore white people being held up as the best in the business in defense of whitewashing.


“I never thought I’d receive this great award, Hallyu Star Award. The Korean Wave wasn’t formed solely by a single actor or actress. This popular phenomenon was possible thanks to the viewers in Korea, directors, writers and staff who work day and night, and foreigner fans of Korean dramas. I don’t know if I really deserve this award. Still, I am very thankful. […] As all the actors and actresses here know, we’re acting in such favourable circumstances. Although it’s not easy to understand and embrace another country’s culture, many foreigners love our culture. Their love really touches my heart every day. I wish I can continue working as an actor especially for them.”

Lee Joon Gi (Hallyu Star Award)
SBS Drama Awards 2016

“it’s love- yeah all they’re looking for is love, from someone else…” - la la land, 2016


“Can we have ice cream later?” 

“Oh Misty darling, you know that sweet stuff makes you fat and is terrible for your teeth. And you’re so pretty, just like me when I was your age, do you want to be fat and ugly?”

“N-no mumma.”

“That’s my favorite girl. Now, honey do you remember the dance routine we practiced with your sisters?” 

“Yes mumma.” 

“Good. Now there’s your cue, baby—go out there and do your best for me.

Little Misty Morgan was born into a family of showbiz, with a mother Mitzi Morgan who was a popular Kantonese daytime actress in her prime and three stepsisters (Violet, Lily and Daisy) said mother managed  as a troupe of child-to-teenage dancers. (Their mother slept around with producers sometimes for better roles, and neither of the sisters have the same father, and Misty has no idea nor care who hers is). 

Misty was a very precocious toddler; smart, talented and confident, every moment captured on film and she out of all her siblings showed the best promise as a dancer and a singer and by god, did her mother make the most out of it, more so because she out of all her sisters most resembled their mother and was thus, the golden child. 
She was entered into child beauty pageants and was a part of the Sensational Sisters since she was five, dancing and performing when she wasn’t doing schoolwork and while she enjoyed it initially and loved working with Pokemon which was something which came naturally to her, it began to wear on her as she grew older and Mitzi wanted her to take a starring role which put her at odds with two of her older sisters Violet and Lily (who already resented her for being the favorite) and the practice workload and neverending shows took a toll on her grades. 
Mitzi micromanaging every aspect of her life and being emotionally (and as time went by, physically) abusive didn’t make the situation better and she battled with self-esteem and image issues as a teenager until she was fifteen at which point she got into a massive row with her mother (after hacking off most of her well-cultivate long hair which Mitzi was proud of), which resulted in a physical scuffle that was brought up in family court. 
Through emancipation of a minor, Misty was able to remove herself from Mitzi’s care  and Daisy, the one sister who was supportive of her (and was already 18 at that point) vouched to be her guardian.

Taking a sabbatical from showbusiness, she decided to focus on her studies as well as Pokemon training and gained both a stellar CGPA and extracurricular record, enough for her to be chosen to further her studies for Marine Biology in Unova which was attempting to mend its ties with Kanto at that time through a student exchange program. 
There, she met up with Marlon, the son of Humilau’s chief who was studying in her line and whom she grew close to. He struck up her interest in owning a gym, a desire which she took back with her to Kanto and after proving her worth as one of the nation’s top Pokemon trainers, was given the gym lease for Cerulean City. She’s steadfastly held on to it through criticisms lobbed her way from some members of the public who believed a ‘spoiled showbiz brat’ had no right to own a gym and her own mother who expounded constantly how doomed her venture was. 

Due to her time as a child celebrity, she’s become extremely good at faking niceties without even realizing it and comes off as a Stepford Smiler; While she loves dancing and performing and still puts on special shows with her sisters, she dislikes being reminded of her time performing as a child due to her memories of it versus what most people saw. 
Without her mask or for those who manage to get beyond it, she’s a headstrong, tempestuous, impatient and hotheaded spitfire who would step across broken glass for her passions and the people she loves, has an opinion for everything and will probably discourse you to death at three in the morning AND ANOTHER THING ASSHOLE

She doesn’t even know why she has a Togepi; DC (Dumb Cutie) is pretty much a useless pile of fluff she rescued during her travels that can’t battle yet, needs a lot of care and poops on her shoulders during inopportune times, but she dgaf, he cute. 

Other notes:
She’s partially based off Trish Walker from Jessica Jones! Also look, I wanted her to have a proper wetsuit don’t judge me.
It should be said at this point, that all headcanons including Misty’s story here, Old Gods and New Worlds and the Oak Family Saga are how these characters exist in Sins of the Father’s timeline, because I’m a sucker for stories. 


Imagine: You’re in a relationship with Dan, but you’re also a very popular singer and actress. So Dan thinks you won’t be able to watch his show live, little do he know you’re there.

Dan:“Oh man..”

Phil:“Dan, everything is going to be alright, believe me. At least she can see our show on her computer when it’s up on YouTube Red.”

Dan:“It’s not the same.” *Signs*“It’s just this is so important for me, for us. And she’s at this dump concert.”

Phil:“Dan, you know it’s her world tour. She cant just cancel that because of two idiots jumping around on a stage singing stuff about the internet. Dan its not that easy, I guess.”

Dan:“Yeah I know, but one of them is her boyfriend.”

- - -

Fan 1:“ OH MY-ohmygosh are you Y/N?!?”

Y/N:“Yes I am, but pssshh.”

Fan2:“What-Wait-Why are you here? Aren’t you doing a world tour or something?”

Y/N:“Yes I should, but I can’t miss this.” *Points finger to the stage where Dan and Phil are jumping around* “I can’t miss this!”.

Fan1:“Does he know that you’re here?”

Y/N:“Nope!”*smiles*“He has no idea!”

- - -

Dan:“Oh my gosh this was unbelievable!”*smiles*

Phil:“Yes that’s true!”,

Dan :“I guess this was one of the best performance we ever did!”

Y/N:“It was pretty awesome, that’s true!”

Dan:“Oh my-Oh ”

Phil:“Y/N, you made it!”

Dan:“Darling-Youre here!”