393. Ravenclaws actually have a very strange sense of humor, where historical references and any other intellectual connection to represent a funny situation is the center of the joke. Witty jokes and smart metaphors are the most valued, and sometimes it can get annoying because the other houses may not understand every joke, and because once they start no one can put an end

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Imagine: Giving birth to Draco’s child. He holds your hand, and whispers soft nothings into your ear. [x] [xobviously, this is set after hogwarts when draco and the reader are older

Draco: Are you okay, my love?
Y/N: No! I’m going into labour, Draco! *sighs* This is all your fault!
Draco: *holds your hand* *smiles* I know it is, love, but you’ve got to calm down. Can you do that?
Y/N: I can try… *starts slowly breathing in and out* Draco, I’m nervous…
Draco: Everything’s going to be fine. I promise.

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If after this, you still don’t believe Harry has a very competent team working for him, I don’t know what would convince you. They went for the big splash and pulled it off perfectly. And yes, I feel confident saying that without having read a single word from the article. This has been the plan all along imo and yeah, it may not be in the “how you launch someone” textbook but it’s still happening and I love it. All the boys are going to have to think a bit outside the box for solo projects and Harold just set the bar pretty damn high.

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Isnt it curious that the last cover of Harry, with the recent haircut, doesnt have the 'oh boy!' title?? And it has some lines that look like cracks? Like breaking the glass. Idk if I'm reading too much into it, but maybe Harry will talk about his gender non conforming behaviour or something else if he identifies as such. Or maybe I'm reading too much into it haha

I haven’t noticed that, good catch anon!! But no, I don’t think you’re reaching much here, you know? I think every detail is carefully planned and meaningful. The oh boy missing from this picture gets him as far from the womanizer image as it is possible. 

And I don’t think anything is coincidental here.