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names and faces | nct dream

you had a problem.

you just been accepted into an art school, specializing in the ever-so-complicated instrument known as the violin, which required a hell’s worth of memorization and concentration. you had pretty good grades as far as everyone’s standard, and you spent a lot of time listening and concentrating (and sometimes sleeping) during class to get those grades. you also remembered nearly every annoyance that your little brother has done to you since birth, and made sure to bring it up everytime you wanted.

but despite all of these strengths, you were absolutely terrible at one particular thing. 

remembering people’s names. 

you don’t know why or how, but it seemed like everytime you were introduced to someone, it would take you at least three weeks to remember their name, and that was only if the two of you talked to each other every day. so, unfortunately, those awkward situations in which you wanted to call their name but didn’t remember and had to resort to calling them “you!” was a common occurrence. 

and one that you wanted to avoid at all costs. 

but, that all changed on the second day when you landed eyes on a student that majority of the female population, (and some of the male population), could not shut up about. 

“look, he’s coming this way! act natural!” your friend whispered excitedly into your ear. 

you picked up your head to finally see what all the talk was about, and you met eyes with him. 

and you gulped. 

shit. he is handsome. 

you broke eye contact and looked down to stare at the music books in your lap. but then all of the sudden, your friend was slapping your arm like she went crazy and you realized that the light around you got darker. 

you picked up your head and there he was, looking down at you with a small smile on his face. 

“oh! hello!” you exclaimed, getting up with disregard to the books on top of you, and watched as all of your books tumbled from your lap and onto the stone ground. 

a hardcover one, about 300 pages thick, even had the luck on landing on top of his foot. 

to add on, you heard him wince in pain and at that moment, you wanted to kick yourself. 

“shit, sorry! i’m so sorry,” you said, scrambling to the ground to get the book off of him. you mentally cursed the book out for being so heavy as you pushed it into a pile. 

“i forgot it was, on my . . . lap,” you faltered, as you watched him bend down and help you collect the loose-leaf papers that have flown from the textbook. your faces were only a few inches apart, and you leaned back a bit in case your breath wasn’t particularly fresh

“it’s okay,” he said, sending a smile that made you blink twice and probably shattered the heart of your friend sitting behind you. 

“you take violin? that’s pretty cool,” he said, gesturing at your notebook, where you had pasted a large picture of your personal violin, the forenza secondo series 6. 

“ye-yeah. how about you?” you asked. 

“i’m taking urban dance,” he said, handing you your binder. 

“oh! that’s super cool. i wish i could, but i would probably break my ankles if i tried to dance,” you confessed, which made him laugh aloud. 

god even his laugh is pretty.  

“it’s not too hard if you really put effort into it. i could help if you wanted?”

“huh?” you gasped, clutching your binder to your chest, “help me? dance?”

“sure,” he said, chuckling, “you might not be as hopeless as you think.”

“um-” you started and looked back desperately to your friend, who seemed to be in a state of shock with her jaw slack. you realized you weren’t going to get an answer from her and turned back around. 


“cool. i’ll give you my number and you could stop by the studio later. i’m lee jeno, by the way,” he said, but your mind seemed to blank out after he said the word number

he said what now? i’m getting the handsome dude’s number? on the second day of school?

“hey, are you okay? you seem out of it,” he asked, and you focused back into the conversation. his hand was out in front of you, and you looked at it curiously. 

“i’m okay, uh,” you said, glancing back down at his hand. he seemed to catch your eyes and he retracted his hand. 

“oh! sorry, i just,” you said, and for god knows why, pulled his hand back to yourself and shook it firmly. 

woah, his hands are way bigger than mine. 

“i’m harper, sorry for dropping my gigantic book on your foot,” you apologized once more, but he waved you off. 

“it’s fine. i’ll write my number on a piece of paper,” he said, whipping out a sharpie from his bag and uncapping it with his mouth. 

wait he’s actually still doing it? what the- 

“here you go,” he said, folding the piece of paper in two and handing it to you. you took the paper from him and tucked it neatly into your pocket, and scooped your books into your arms. 

“it was nice meeting you, harper,” he said, getting up from the ground. you followed his movements, making sure to balance the books. 

“same for you too, uh-” you faltered, his name not appearing in your mind. 

so you improvised. 

“uh-i’ll text you soon,” you said, and he smiled, his eyes flattening into dark lines and his mouth as a pink curve. 

it reminded you an awful lot of an upward view of a stingray that you had seen online, but it was still cute. 

“nice. i hope to see you soon,” he said, giving his final goodbye as he waved himself away. 

as soon as he was out of sight, you nearly fell onto the table and your books slid from your grasp across it. 

“sam. what. was. that?” you asked, not expecting an answer as you hid your face into your arms. 

“that, my friend, was lee jeno,” she replied, “and you, you lucky bastard, just got his number.” 

to be continued!