On Narrators, Observers and the Sun Arc

So for once I’m going to make a meta on how things might not be as bad as they look. It’s shocking, I know. There’s something I’ve noticed though, that was revealed this chapter that I have not seen anybody else talking about.

That the narrator who carries such an objective and flourishing style in narration that was almost absent from Tokyo Ghoul with the exception of the end of chapter and beginning of chapter brief segments, is none other than Furuta himself. Not only that but for most of the time, these narrations are completely objective and more descriptive of the situation around him rather than Furuta’s actual thoughts and emotions.

Clickbait title: why is naki going to survive? Find out below. 

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ok so i REALLY dont wanna involve myself in fruitless direct argumentation here but id like to maybe nip this mentality in the bud for anyone who has already seen arguments to this effect.

so mspa and homestuck were, for a long time, the projects of one guy with like, a tip jar, some limited merch and other sources of income to rely upon. to even reach the scope of what “homestuck the work” is pre-epilogue, hussie had to go full time with the project, find people to contribute to the comic, expand its scope, pay astronomical monthly hosting costs, travel to events, expand merchandising so as to pay for all this, etc. and even still it took years and years to get up to this point.

in this era, artists who create truly expansive works are taking on an unimaginable amount of financial risk, for themselves AND for anyone who they bring onto their team. there’s no socialist art patronage via the state, theres no guaranteed housing, income, healthcare etc that allows one to work at art without worrying for personal or familial survival. since our world is very much a bleak capitalist hell, even choosing pursuit of art means taking ones survival into ones own hands.

do i know corporations have suspect motives? hell yes i do, they literally are defined by a sole existential commitment to profit seeking and expansion, which overrides any other consideration individuals in the corporation might have. do i know that corporations that patronize art can become very meddlesome? absolutely. but without a stabilizing financial basis that corporate patronage provides, there was never going to be more homestuck to begin with.

homestuck is a historically unique work, an incredible one at that, but its appeal is somewhat niche, and the costs of even keeping it alive, let alone continuing it, have been very daunting. hussie’s decision is, ultimately, i think, very wise if survival of this saga is to be ensured. it is up to hussie and the WP crew to struggle for the independence of their work within the context of a new source of patronage, but yknow what? ive got a funny feeling like they’ll succeed in that struggle if they have enthusiastic enough fans supporting their work, to demonstrate that the homestuck saga, in its unaltered form, is populae enough to benefit viz.

so, let the works stand for themselves. for the love of god, dont decide that you think that homestuck is “too corporate” now because it has a strong financial backer instead of always being in a state of uneasy existential risk. because if you make a prior judgment and move to other stories, what are you going to do? are you going to make sure you dont touch any other corporate properties? because i hate to say it, but narrative media is pretty well under the corporate thumb nowadays!! is there nothing published by another company that you like? do you see anything that isnt independent of corporate influence and say, “this is superwholock to me”?

capitalism and the corporate structuring of industry, media, services etc need to be done away with. maybe some day the arts will be fully emancipated from capitalist control and truly belong to the people once more. but that is a huge, protracted struggle that will require massive coordination–a heavily individualized aversion to consuming anything tainted by the corporate is not a significant part of that struggle.

in the meantime, ill keep believing in the people who made the best artistic work ive ever seen, and be glad that their survival has been guaranteed for that much longer with thos latest move.


Throwback to 6 | 06 | 2014 …
The First Y Thai Teenage Series was launched On TV.

Base from the best popula Fiction on Internet
and now…

3 Years Anniversary of “Lovesick The Series SS1“

Thank you to make me enjoy and happy when I watched this Series.

“เชื่อว่ารักครั้งนี้ อยู่กับเราตลอดไป…”


Cardverse is the Kingdom of Cards, bascially when Hetalia characters are based on a deck of cards. 

The Kings role is the commander of the army and bascially in charge of the whole kingdom. The Queen is like the secretary of state and handles foreign relations and trade in the kingdom. The Jack is in charge of finaces and policies in the kingdome. While the Ace’s are thought to be either Assassins or high priests. The jokers (Prussia and Sealand) don’t really have a role, though the black joker (Prussia) sees the past while the red joker (Sealand) see’s the future. 

The kingdom of hearts royalty is Germany (king), Japan (queen), and Italy (jack). Hearts is know for love and it’s many inventions, it is also the most populaous. Though it’s not canon the Ace of Hearts is thought to be Romano.It’s unknown why Japan is the queen and not jack of hearts. 

Diamond’s royalty are France (king), Lichtenstein (queen), and Switzerland (jack). Diamonds is known for textiles and it’s fashion culture. Diamonds is the richest kingdom. The Ace of Diamonds is thought to be Spain…. I have no idea why they put Lich. and Switzerland with France.

The kingdom of Clubs royalty is Russia (king) , Hungary (queen), and Austria (jack). Clubs is known for luck like a four leaf clover. Clubs also has the most land in all of the Kingdom of cards, though it is not the most powerful, also many famous businessman come from Clubs. The Ace of Clubs is Belarus. In most fanfiction the author puts Austria and Hungary together because the title queen and king are just roles and the king and queen  are not forced to marry. (this includes all kingdom’s)

The kingdom of Spades is what everyone talks about because of USUK, America is the king of Spades while England is the queen, also China is the Jack. With these three together it is quite possible they can talk over the world, which is why Spades is the most powerful country in all of  Cards. Spades is known for it’s Universites and huge cities. The Ace of Spades is Canada.

Have anymore questions? Did I miss something? Add on if you like…


WOAH HOLY SHIT !! THAT’S A LOT OF PEOPLE.. in one box, too.

but anyways, tHANK YOU?? all (almost) 80 of you gr8 people???? like this is sort of expected, what with  kindergarten being popula r and new but still holy heck. i p resent this boy of both pureness and corruption as a way to say thank you. :3

including different versions, cause who wouldn’t want monty holding a box and being very happy about it?

Aphrodisiac (smut)

For @noomsu

Katakura Kojuro x MC (Natsu)

-Kojuro’s POV-

Today’s just another beautiful day. I’m working beside Lord Masamune as usual.

Or that’s how it supposed to be, until Shigezane comes into the room…

“Hey, listen now!” He looks so excited about something. I wonder what happened?

“What’s wrong?” I ask him, letting out my curiousity.

Then Shigezane smirks, “Do you know about the new shop near our castle that just opened recently?”

“What about that?”

“I heard they sell something interesting! It’s even popular between all women and men!”

“Oh, what could that be?”

“I don’t really remember the name… hmm.. what was it again? Hmm….”

“How come you don’t remember the popula–”

“Oh right! Aphrodisiac!!”

“Mmmmrgh!!” then I heard the unexpected voice from Lord Masamune, who looks like he just choked his meal.

“Lord Masamune, are you okay?!” I rub his back carefully then offer him a glass of water.

Finally, Lord Masamune calms down and exhale deeply, “Shigezane….. damn you…”

Shigezane just grins widely, “Judging from that reaction, I bet you already know what that thing is, right?”

Lord Masamune then blush slightly, “W-well…”

What is aphrodisiac anyway? The name itself is already difficult. Is that some kind of food?

Shigezane seems to notice my confusion then asks me, “Don’t tell me you don’t know about it yet? Even though you always pass that shop everyday?!”

“Well, that shop is always crowdy indeed. But I thought they just sell common stuff, so I don’t really care.”

“Even Masamune know it already! I guess the grown up one here is Masamune, huh.”

Lord Masamune averts his gaze while still blushing, “I just…. happened to know it from the maids…”

Shigezane smiles widely, “Before Masamune beat you, you better buy it! Make sure to eat them with Natsu, okay?”

Lord Masamune blushes furiously, “Shigezane….! That’s….!”

“This is for their relationship too!”

“But still…..”

If this ‘aphrodisiac’ thing made Lord Masamune acts like this, maybe I should buy it on the way home. Shigezane said that I should eat it with Natsu, so maybe this 'aphrodisiac’ is a food? Now I’m curious…

Why should I eat it with Natsu anyway?


Then, on my way back to home, I decided to bought the aphrodisiac. I bought it while making sure Natsu didn’t notice me. She would yell at me that I waste my money on something that I even don’t know about, and I just can imagine her face right away. So now here I am, sit all alone in my room while staring at the aphrodisiac.

The shop keeper told me that this is some kind of drug. But seems like this isn’t just a mere drug. I mean, when I went to bought this, the ladies in the shop keep ask me, “Who’s the lucky lady?! I bet she won’t get a wink of sleep tonight!”

What did they mean anyway?

“Lord Kojuro, your dinner is ready.” I hear Natsu’s voice, then she opens the door and serves our dinner in my room.

“Thank you.” I smile at her.

She smiles back, but then stands up again, “I’ll wash my hands first.”


I watch her went outside of my room, then I stare at the aphrodisiac. Shigezane told me to eat this together with her, but she doesn’t even know that I bought this. How can I eat this together with her?


Ah, I know!

She can eat it with her food!


Not long after that, she returned to my room and we have our usual dinner. We chat happily, and still nothing happen.

But, when she finished her food….

“T-tonight’s so hot, isn’t it?” She says while fanning her face with her hand.

“Yeah, quite a hot one. I wonder why.” Actually, it’s not just hot. I feel so restless. I somehow….. aching…..

“You’re heavy breathing, milord. Are you okay?” She asks while approaching me.

I don’t know why but I see her even more beautiful tonight. No, she’s becoming sexier. Look at her eyes and her flushed face. And her slightly open cute lips…

They look so sweet….

I… I feel like I want to eat them…..

What is this? I never feel so…. turn on…. over her like this…

Is this the effect of the aphrodisiac? If it’s true, then Lord Masamune reaction made sense.

I mean, this aphrodisiac is….. for……

“Mmmn..!” Natsu’s eyes widen is surprise.

Can’t think straight anymore, I pull her close to me and kiss her. I kiss her passionately, and I even slip my tounge inside her mouth. Sometimes I suck her tounge too and we even trades our saliva through each other mouth.

“L-Lord Kojuro….” she looks like out of breath so I pull away from the kiss. Look at her eyes that full of lust. I can’t hold myself back any longer.

Don’t want her to take a break, I quickly strip her naked and trace her whole body with my finger, “Natsu… your skin is so smooth…”

“Ah…. Lord… Kojuro….!” I just touch her, but she moans already. She’s becoming so sensitive. This is nice.

“Natsu…. I’ll give you what you want….” I smile then go down from top of her to face her cute and aching little pussy.

“N-no… Lord Kojuro… this is… embarassing….!”

“So… you want me to stop?” I tease her while rubbing her clitoris.

“Aah…! D-don’t say it like that….!”

“Tell me, do you want me to stop?” I lick her clitoris now. Oh god, this is making me crazy.

“Y-you’re meanie….. aaah…!”

“Say it, or I won’t be able to understand.” I suck her clitoris this time. Waiting for her answer while giving her pleasure at the same time.

“Aah…! I…. I… I don’t… aaah… I don’t want you… to stop… aaah…!”

“I see. Glad to hear that. Because…” I lick her pussy this time, “….I don’t want to stop either.”

“Aaah, Lord Kojuro!!” She screams in pleasure when I slip my tounge inside her pussy and even suck it as hard as I can.

“Mmh.. mmn..” I try to suck it harder and lick it faster. I like this taste, this is making me crazy.

“Aaah…! Lord… Kojuro…! I…. I…. I’m gonna….!”

“Oh, not yet, Natsu.” I stop right away then strip in front of her, “I won’t let you cum with my tounge. But with this…”

I rub my hardened penis in front of her. Her eyes goes wide and blush furiously, “Lord Kojuro…. you’re going to… put it inside me?”

I smile while positioned myself on top of her, “You don’t want it?”

“N-no… um….”

I rub her pussy with my penis this time, “Hmm…?”

“Nngh…. y-yes…. I… I…..”

“Say it, clearly.”

“I… I want you… inside me… Lord Kojuro….”

“Good girl.” after hearing that cute voice of her, I don’t think I can control myself anymore. I want to give her the best pleasure in the world, so I thrust my whole penis inside her pussy to the deepest part.

“Aah…” this is great, really.

“Aaah….! Lord Kojuro….! Y-you’re so big… and… deep…!”

“Bear with it… it’ll make you feel good soon.” I say, then I start to move my hips. I go with slow pace, but I think her body doesn’t feel good enough with that.

“Aaah… Lord… Kojuro…! More…! More! Give me more!”

“A-are you sure?”

“Yes! I… I don’t know… I can’t… I can’t think of… anything anymore! Aah… I just… want you….! All of you!”

Aphrodisiac is amazing. I never see her like this, and I think I’ll go wild tonight, “If that’s what you wish for… then I’ll give it you!”

I quickly move my hips faster and she grabs my shoulders then screams in pleasure, “Aaah!! Yes….! More! Lord Kojuro….! Aaaah..!!”

“Aah… nggh…! Y-you’re so cute, Natsu….” I keep move inside her. I’m trying to hit her sensitive spot, and when I do…

“Aaah!! Lord Kojuro…!! I… I almost….! Aaah…!!”

“T-together, Natsu….! Aah… aaah…!” I’m moving my hips faster and faster. Making her body shakes wild and it looks so sexy.

“Lord Kojuro…! I…. I can’t anymore…..!! Aaah…! Aaaah!!”

“Me too, Natsu…! I…. I’m going…. agh… i-inside….! Aaah!”

I finally cum, together with her. I let out my semen fill her inside. I try to pull away from her, but suddenly she wraps her hand around my neck and says, “Done already?”

Oh god…..

I think those ladies were right…

“You won’t get a wink of sleep tonight, Natsu.”


The next day, I’m working like usual. The room is quite, until Shigezane asks me, “Did you buy the aphrodisiac? What do you think?”

I smile, remembering last night, “It was amazing.”

“Mmmmmrgh!!!” and Lord Masamune choked his meal again.

Girlfriend: Dean Winchester

A/N: I just stole Misa from death note XD, so I don’t own any characters or the show (I wish I did, just saying). Please don’t kill me, thanks XD

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“For the past 75 years, a small bridal shop in Mexico has been the subject of some pretty crazy rumors. The creepiest rumor centers around a highly detailed mannequin sitting in a window that many say is a perfectly preserved corpse. Eventually, people began to notice the similarities between the mannequin, nicknamed La Pascualita, and the daughter of La Popular’s proprietor, Pascuala Esparza. According to legend, Esparza’s daughter had tragically passed away on her wedding day, victim of a Black Widow spider bite. Locals whispered that the beautiful figure in the window was, in fact, the embalmed body of Esparza’s daughter. Of course, Pascuala Esparza formally denied the allegations, but by that point, it was too late - the legend was set in stone.Today, La Pascualita still sits in the window of La Popula, and the rumors have only become more pervasive. Of all the employees who work at the popular bridal shop, only two are allowed to change her clothing, and only behind closed doors. It’s a practice that makes some of the employees pretty uncomfortable.”

a trend i’ve noticed

One thing that annoys me about boy positivity blogs, is their constant need to guilt trip the community they adhere to. And I’m not saying all of them do it, but a lot of them. And what I mean by that is the mods constant “Hey, we can have our positivity, but girls matter more” or “We can have our positivity, but we’ve gotta make sure boys positivity isn’t overrunning girls positivity” or “boy positivity is nice, but make sure your respect girls all the time”…

And I’m not saying that respecting girls is wrong, or respecting girls positivity for that matter is wrong either. But here’s the thing. I rarely, if ever see disrespect for girls in boys positivity communities, or in mlm communities. It’s all about “yeah boys need their positivity, but don’t speak over women” and like, I just don’t see where people are getting that from.

If anything, it’s the other way around. I can’t count how many times people have redirected our posts and tried to veer them toward women’s positivity and wlw positivity, and while I have nothing against wlw and girls positivity, our posts are not meant for that. Furthermore, I feel that there is some type of internalized hatred or misandry for men, even in their so called “positive spaces”. I repeat again, I have yet to see blatant and popula rdisrespect in the boys positive/mlm community toward women.  Because if that was the case, I wouldn’t be co-running a boys-positive blog given that I am a woman (same with the other mod) and I wouldn’t put myself in a community where I felt misogynistic attitudes toward me.  And in the boys positive community I don’t.

And again, I feel that the boys positive/mlm community is really missing the point. Here some blogs are, trying to make commotion of an issue that is simply not happening, but ignoring all the hatred that is coming to your supposed safe spaces by almost all of tumblr and not only do you let it happen, but you support it.

Furthermore, it’s just guilt tripping and internalized hatred toward males that is very prominent through the boy positive/mlm community. If you are posting male positivity, but every seconds trying to put your made audience in their place by telling them stuff like ‘women can do no wrong’ or ‘let’s not outshine girl positivity’, while indirectly reinforcing the idea that men, no matter if they are suffering , don’t deserve positivity nearly as much as women do, then that isn’t really positivity nor is it uplifting your target audience.

It’s literally turning on them, and guilt tripping them for just wanting to be happy and wanting positivity. And I hate that. I’ve had to go to so many positivity tags and see them turn on their male audience in favor of the tumblr attitudes toward males and it’s just upsetting and I think extremely misleading if you’re claiming to be male positive.

Again, there are problems the male positive community faces. One huge problem is the fact that many of our posts are hijacked in favor of girl positive posts, but instead of talking about that, many of these blogs actually cater to that behavior, and guilt trip their target audience for being upset. And again, another issue is this misandry and male hatred very prevalent through male positive (and especially mlm) blogs and I think that needs to stop.

Female positivity  is good. WLW positivity is awesome.

But so is male and mlm positive, and like women/ wlm positivity is for women, male positivity and mlm positive is for men, and men shouldn’t be guilt tripped to think otherwise or feel bad about themselves bcs these mods can’t keep their hatred for men out of their positivity post.

I’ll defend Death of the Author till I die. Though the Discourse can get outta hand with it, by putting the author of a work behind a curtain you allow works to exceed the limitations of their own composition and leave it to the audience to construct meaning out of it.

By the mere existence of authors like Joyce, who clearly had EVERY idea what he was doing (To everyone who took a class in him’s eternal regret), we let works by authors that probably have NO IDEA what they’re doing (consciously at least) have the benefit of the doubt, and, in doing, crowdsource some truly diverse and ingenious interpretations of what are otherwise self-indulgent, inexplicable works of writing, often extracting themes and meaning even the Author missed.

You construct a genius by committee– a Deus Ex Populae.