Image requested.

I don’t consider myself to be a furry, but I have the project to make a suit. Why? Because it looks like a complex and fascinating art project included a vast list of techniques and material ( resin, silicone, fake fur…) plus the possibility to animate your work and give it a personality… that’s sad, that fursuit doesn’t get more visibility as an art piece beyond this fandom…

Art by oCe

I understand why someone would feel the need to “find” a fursona rather than just choosing one, since for me my fursona is a very personal thing to me and her creation was almost therapeutic. She has evolved with me though, so it’s okay to change halfway down the road. Don’t sweat settling on a single creature forever! Change your mind, be a hybrid of sorts, be yourself! People change and thats okay. The “best” fursona’s come out of those who allow themselves to just -be-