Book of Mormon Sweden

I saw the Swedish Book of Mormon production yesterday and it was great. It was well-polished, the ensemble was amazing, the theatre was pretty small so it had a great intimate feeling and the crowd was awesome (lots of cheering and applause; and Swedes are usually pretty hard to get going like that tbh :P) They’d make some slight changes/tweaks, but I honestly thought they were for the better.

Linus Wahlgren’s Elder Price is very similar to Rannells (and he’s got such a good voice), and Per Andersson’s Elder Cunningham was surprisingly restrained, awkward and sweet. Anton Lundqvist’s Elder McKinley was a total scene-stealer. Samantha Gurah was a bit anonymous but charming as Naba, but her Hasa Diga reprise was amazing. Overall, the entire ensemble was amazing and it seemed like they really had fun on stage.

Also, a few details:

  •  There were a couple of new sentences thrown in in the airport scene to introduce the “not allowed to drink coffee or tea” thing.
  •  Elder Poptarts became Elder “Cheerios” in the Swedish production. :-P Probably because that’s a known American brand here; Poptarts are not. 
  •  Joseph Smith slapped Price’s ass during the All-American Prophet – Wahlgren made a thing of wincing and rubbing his ass. I don’t remember seeing it happen in the West End production, at least?
  •  Man Up was staged differently. There were no monsters on stage, probably to avoid the awkward thing with hitting the sword in the right spot? Instead there were monsters on the screen behind them that Cunningham destroyed by “blowing them up” with his hand. Also, there were huge penises flashing on the screen occasionally, and the “tough Elders” that danced in the background had leather wests and leather police hats; bondage vibes.  
  •  Spooky Mormon Hell Dream had very similar choreography, but different costumes. Satan had a red formal suit and a more distinguished vibe. Elder McKinley had a much more prominent role, where there was a bit of a “big reveal” before he took center stage and danced for a longer period than in the West End production. It was great.  
  •  McKinley leaned in for a kiss, but it was after waking Kevin up at the bus stop and not at the covered-in-blood scene. It was very popular with the audience.  
  •  Wahlgren messed up a line/his brain froze during the coffee shop scene and he simply said “eat shit!” to keep up the flow, I suppose. :P It was followed by a surprised silence and then the audience cracked up (most of them probably not knowing it was a mistake). Then there was a pause before Andersson kind of snapped “no, YOU eat shit”, while made Wahlgren break character and laugh for a while. The audience loved it (and I loved it). 
  •  "In the I am here for you"-scene right at the end, Wahlgren and Andersson leaned in so close to each other while Wahlgren was singing that they ended up doing Eskimo kisses to mess around a bit; then Andersson took it further and almost dipped Wahlgren while doing more Eskimo kisses. 

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♡ + poptarts

yet another hc meme || accepting

This is funny because I actually have a headcanon for this thats’ ridiculously long and convoluted. I know most people think I have this whole poptart thing on this blog as a joke, and you are all partially correct this is half a joke that turned into something else. I just enjoy indulging in because 1. its a lot like my own life and 2. it makes people smile.

To start off I know some people don’t know what a poptart is, you can see images of them [ here ] [ here ] and [ here ]. They are literally processed and boxed pastry things that are definitely not healthy for you. Does this stop Percy or myself from eating minimum a pack daily ??? no. It doesn’t.

So this dear love of poptarts we can trace all the way back to a very young age. Like many children, Percy needed breakfast before he ran off to school for the day ( we will not get into schools here thats a whole other ballgame ) and most days considering how he grew up it was something quick he could eat while running out the door. It just so happens poptarts, while not nutritious in the way other things might be, were and still are an easy on the go food. It also helps that in some of the school cafeterias he has known over the years they sell them for lunch. Don’t have money for the real food ??? at least the poptarts are a dollar. So they started to become a habit snack.

As I have said so before, in this blogs canon Percy has a ridiculous metabolism considering all the factors. As someone who daily deals with such a thing you literally need to eat every few hours or so or your body runs through the energy quicker then you can keep up and you crash. Foods such as goldfish / candy / oreos / poptarts / etc are quick ways to solve such problems for a small period of time and are easy to carry on you all day. You just grab some and throw them in your backpack / etc. and you’re set. Poptarts are just one of the choices he grew fond to as they offer a variety of flavors so you don’t get bored eating the same thing over and over again. They are also less messy then some other options.

After a while they were cemented as a habit in his life and he’s honestly prone to almost always have a pack on him. They’re a simple, easy to acquire snack that doesn’t burn a huge hole in your pocket like other snacks. It also helps that you can make homemade ones and that they are almost made to share ( if you’re worthy ). It’s all kind of complicated but like a lot of people you have that one stupid food you keep returning to that shouldn’t be a thing and for Percy it’s just that poptarts are His Thing™ if that makes sense. 

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I was the person who submitted the "four favorite things" one and in the fanfic, poptarts are only mentioned once lmao

Poptarts aren’t even a thing in my country, and now even fanfiction is limiting my access to the idea of it. I’m disappointed.


OKAY so it all started when my friend and I were discussing Taylor’s tumblr posts and we got onto the topic of costumes for her show and my friend was all like “lol i bet you $20 to show up to your show as a giant poptart” and if you know me i never say reject a challenge. thus accepted. SO this is my costume that me and my sister made for our 1989 show in Ottawa on July 6th!!!! Strawberry poptarts!! We’re flying from New Zealand especially for it after saving insanely hard for just over two years now!! It’s a special day not only since I’m FINALLY ATTENDING THE 1989 TOUR BUT it’s going to be my sisters 15th birthday on July 7th and my 18th on July 17th!!!!! (i know she’s taller than me shhhhhhush) so this is like the perfect birthday present. it’s also our 7th show in 7 years of being a fan so 7’s all around!!! also i included my new phone case that i’ll be wearing and the socks because i’m bringing a pair for taylor incase i can get them to her!! we’re in section C- row 7, so please come say hi if you’re attending the show as well :) 

I find it amusing how any time there is a post on Tumblr about anyone finding something difficult people line up to say that x thing isn’t difficult for them. Like it’s not difficult at all if they find it easy!

Congratulations you fancy, icing-covered poptart, you find x thing easy, but my god you look like an ass when you carry on about how easy it is on a post about how it is difficult. There isn’t a prize, calm down. 

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Hi! I was wondering if you know some tips about feeling sleepy right before you start to study. It would be very helpful if you have some tips :)

I’m sorry this was late but I really wanted to give a detailed answer and not just a couple of random tips (although if that’s what you were hoping for, I tried to categorize them so that they’re easy to skim through). Back to the question.

Oh my gosh I feel you on this anon. As a perpetually exhausted person, I have had instances where I woke up with my notes stuck to my forehead. I’m happy to say that I do have some tips on overcoming tiredness while studying!

First and Foremost, Get Some Sleep.

This might be a really simple tip, but it’s the most essential. Inadequate sleep reduces the amount of data that transfers to your brain from the short term memory to the long term memory. To combat this, get enough sleep. 7-8 is generally preferred but if you really can’t do that, I suggest at least 6. Whatever night you know you’re going to be pulling an all-nighter, make sure you go to bed on time, or even earlier, the nights before so that you’re well adjusted and can actually afford an all-nighter.

Eat, Eat, and Eat more

Breakfast is love. Breakfast is life. Eating breakfast will boost your metabolism and give you nutrients to keep you energize you throughout the day, that’s if you’re eating something other than cereal and poptarts. I recommend eating things like overnight oats (here are 28 recipes), scrambled eggs with spinach, even a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

Eating right is key when studying. Snacking can actually be good for you, if they’re healthy. Try eating foods with more omega-3s (walnuts, soybeans, pumpkin seeds) and fiber (raspberries, baby carrots, sweet potato chips). Stay away from junk and processed food! They can actually make you sleepier.

Also, drink water. I know I sound like your mother but sometimes, the cure to fatigue is just plain water.  When you’re dehydrated, you’re tired. Simple as that. Now go drink water.

Reduce Caffeine Intake

Caffeine might wake you up initially and give you the buzz you need but that will quickly wear off just as fast and make you more tired than you were.

If you’re pulling an all-nighter, have some extra caffeine in the morning (no more than three cups before lunch). This will give you the extra focus you need later in the day, and night.

Early Bird Gets The Most Studying In

Research has shown that if a person studies for two hours in the early morning, his/her level of concentration increases. Your concentration will increase to the extent that your two hours of studying will equal another’s six hours of studying since your mind is fresh in the morning and can retain more information.

I love studying in the morning. I wake up early, have an hour to myself and then get into the groove of studying in a happy state.


Beds are for sleeping and binge watching Netflix. Your mind associates the comfy area with sleep and thus, making you feel tired. Go to a real desk where you’re sitting up on a chair. It might be less comfortable but that’s the point. If you specify a spot for studying, your mind will associate the spot for studying/doing work only.

If you’re tired of the same place to study, try out new spots! You might find your favorite place to study somewhere other than your desk like the University library or outdoors.

Take Breaks!

I’m the type of person that when I start something, I like to finish it. To the extent where I’ll skip meals and forget to use the bathroom. This is bad. Don’t do this. Taking breaks not only helps your bladder, it improves your concentration. The pomodoro technique, though productive, doesn’t help me. I can’t study for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break. I need to finish my assignment or at least get to a point where I feel comfortable enough to go on a break. I personally use my own rendition of the pomodoro method. I study for 45 minutes to an hour and take a 10 minute break (no more, no less). After three hours, I take a half hour to an hour break. This will help keep you motivated and you’ll be more likely to retain the information since your brain is still processing the information on your breaks.

Things to do on your break besides going on Tumblr: walk around the room, refill your water bottle, get another healthy snack, clean up the mess that is your desk, have a dance party to your favorite song.

Listen To Music

If you’re the type to listen to music while studying (which I totally am), it might help you keep focus! Classical music as well as video game music is generally designed to improve your focus. However, if you’re falling asleep to Bach, I’d suggest to listen to whatever you feel like. It might be a great break to just listen to some of your favorite tunes. I usually to listen to my favorite songs during easy problems that I can do easily while also singing along. But, if you’re trying to memorize something, I wouldn’t suggest to do this unless you’re on your break.

Talk To Yourself

Studying loudly will allow you to actually listen to yourself explain and/or read your material and have a better understanding of the subject matter. I suggest doing this alone, it tends to annoy other people.

Take A Nap

If you’re really exhausted and start seeing stars, it’s time to take a nap. It might not be ideal, especially if you have so much work to do however, you need to listen to your body. If you can’t function anymore without closing your eyes, then take a short nap. And by short, I really mean short. 20 minutes will give the best results since this is just enough time for your body to fall asleep and re-energize. Anything longer will disrupt your sleep later in the night and you’ll end up feeling very groggy when waking up.

I hope I helped! Please message me or ask me if you have any more questions! I’ll be more than happy to answer them!


Preference: Silent Treatment

I apologize if youve done this before but im on mobile and super lazy to check so um can you do a preference on giving them the silent treatment? If you dont want to do them all can you do michael or luke? (: thank you!!

send in requests here xx


it was a lazy day at for the two of you, Calum had just gotten a break from touring, and all he wanted to do was spend his time at home with you. Of course you were all for it, until he opened his mouth. “I don’t get why you’re mad.. All I said was that toaster strudels are the same thing as poptarts.” He says after a few minutes of you completely ignoring his ignorance. How can somebody say something so unbelievably stupid. “(Y/N).. Please, I’m sorry… I didn’t know they were such a big deal to you. I take back what I said.” He pleads and you just roll your eyes “I never want to hear those words come out of your mouth again. Toaster Strudels are the champions of breakfast.. Poptarts are weak..”


Ashton had never felt so guilty in his life. After an argument, the both of you would give up and apologize profusely to one another, muttering how much you loved each other. But tonight was different, “you’re so fucking crazy!” the words that he spit kept spinning through your mind like a carousel, and it wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. “Baby I’m so sorry I didn’t mean it..” He apologized over and over, but you kept ignoring him, shaking your head as you pushed past him and trotted your way to your bedroom. After a few hours, he finally comes up, making his way over to your side of the bed “baby?” he asks quietly, and you just looked at him “I know I shouldn’t have said that, and I know you care a lot about me, and I know the rumors have gotten worse, and that’s not an excuse for what I said, but I’m so sorry.” He says, spilling his heart out, making you sigh, “I just care a lot.. I don’t mean to come off as crazy. I just love you.”


It wasn’t your fault you had to deal with your period for the next 5-7 days. It wasn’t your fault that you had a giant craving for Crunchy Cheetos. But it was Luke’s fault for getting the Puffs instead “I’m sorry, I just grabbed the closest bag to me.. I didn’t even really read the label.” He admits sleepily, since you woke him up at 2 am, with your craving the size of an actual galaxy, not that you were exaggerating. You ignored him, staring at the bag of disgusting chips filled with mostly air. “(Y/N), please don’t be mad at me.. I’ll go back to the store if you really want.” He offered and you kept silent. A few minutes pass of him trying to plead you into talking to him. Eventually he got up and grabbed his keys “I’ll be right back.” He says before pulling his shoes on “Please get the right ones this time!” you yelled to him, a cheeky grin on your face


“You’re just mad that I finally beat you at Mario Cart!” Michael snickers and pokes your cheek. You two have had an intense morning, not leaving the couch for anything other than to pee. You had beaten him numerous times at mario cart, and he just got lucky the last game and beat you by a millisecond “are you honestly giving me the silent treatment?” He asked, fake pouting, “oh you poor baby.” he says in a high pitched voice. “well… I guess I’ll just have to tickle it out of you!” He says before he drops his controller and immediately his hands fly to your torso, tickling you. You tried your best not to laugh, but his expert fingers did the trick “M-Michael stop!” You laughed “Okay okay! I’m sorry!” You said and he pulled his hands away “but I demand a rematch!”

a/n how real is the calum one tho