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Hey Seb do you have any info/proof of when Louis said he liked to wear makeup but he stopped since he never had time to do it??

This sugarscape article from 2014

Even with a head as naturally fine, fresh and fabulous as his, Louis confessed that he used to use makeup when the band first started out, because there was so much importance on the boys looking perfect.

We reckon a soft smokey bronze eye, bold brows, peachy cheeks and a vampy plum lip, yeah? He told PopSugar: “I would say [beauty is] less of a routine for me. I wore a lot more makeup at the start, but I don’t really bother now.”



Vintage hair style. I really like this. It looks so clean and chic but also gives that old style. 

You curl your hair inwards and hold the wand so that the top end is pointing out of your face and not towards your face. If that makes sense


I’m so irritated when Amandla Stenberg posted that video about cultural appropriation and black culture, it was featured on Popsugar Beauty on facebook all the white women started coming out and bitching, saying “oh well she’s being racist too” or “well why is she saying that white people shouldn’t have cornrows and yet black people wear weaves” are you stupid?! You guys are like the standard of universal beauty. And I’m not just talking about with African Americans. Asians ALWAYS have aisles of whitening products. I have never seen anything for tanning in the Philippines or even when I go to Seafood City. There’s a ton of plastic surgery in Korea to look more “Caucasian”.

I know not all white women are like this, thank God. But the ones who do…wow…just come out and say you’re racist and you hate anyone that doesn’t look like you. Don’t fucking say get over it when you don’t know the torture and brutality people of color and been through for centuries. Hate and prejudice still runs deep despite what people say.