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There Is a Beauty and the Beast Nail Polish Collection Launching — and It's Enchanting
Here's a tale as old as time: a Disney remake movie is released and multiple beauty brands create collections inspired by it. On March 17, the much-anticipated
By Lauren Levinson

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Plumette with Excitement

The Last Petal

Days in the Sun

Potts with Tea

Enchanted Patina

Darren Criss Picked Out the Ultimate Grooming Gifts For Dapper Dudes
You may just know Darren Criss as a Broadway star or Blaine from Glee, but in real life, he's actually an entrepreneurial beauty guru. When I sat down with him earlier this year to talk all things grooming, he blew me away with his knowledge about everything from essential oils to not overstripping his curls of moisture. When it comes to looking and smelling fine, Darren knows what's up.
By Lauren Levinson

Vintage hair style. I really like this. It looks so clean and chic but also gives that old style. 

You curl your hair inwards and hold the wand so that the top end is pointing out of your face and not towards your face. If that makes sense


I’m so irritated when Amandla Stenberg posted that video about cultural appropriation and black culture, it was featured on Popsugar Beauty on facebook all the white women started coming out and bitching, saying “oh well she’s being racist too” or “well why is she saying that white people shouldn’t have cornrows and yet black people wear weaves” are you stupid?! You guys are like the standard of universal beauty. And I’m not just talking about with African Americans. Asians ALWAYS have aisles of whitening products. I have never seen anything for tanning in the Philippines or even when I go to Seafood City. There’s a ton of plastic surgery in Korea to look more “Caucasian”.

I know not all white women are like this, thank God. But the ones who do…wow…just come out and say you’re racist and you hate anyone that doesn’t look like you. Don’t fucking say get over it when you don’t know the torture and brutality people of color and been through for centuries. Hate and prejudice still runs deep despite what people say.

Learn How Wigs Are Made From This Mesmerizing Video
How wigs are madeMaking wigs is way more intense than you realized.Posted by INSIDER on Friday, March 11, 2016 If you've ever wondered why wigs can be so damn expensive, you now have your answer. A recent video from Insider followed a wigmaker to
By Kelsey Garcia

Check this out! I kind of want to make one of those spiky block to blend wig fibers at some point. 


Brides of the World 

Part II.a- Asia mainland & Japan

Pictures of brides around the world in traditional styled wedding attire.  Click  the picture for the source link with more info! Hope you enjoy =)