For the lovely and amazing Jessica, also known as popstarangel :) xx

It was the last night of One Direction Up All Night tour and Jessica couldn’t wait to see her idol, Harry Styles. She dressed up in her most beautiful outfit and her mum drove her and her best friend to the arena. The atmosphere inside the arena was incredible, there were so many teenage girls around and the occasional boy walking and screaming. An announcer came over the tannoy.

“The boys have just told me that the ticket holders of seats J8 and J9 have backstage passes to meet the boys before and after the concert, so ladies and gents if you would please check your tickets and whoever owns those tickets, please walk towards the nearest box office.”

The voice went silent and there was a mad rush as everyone scrambled into their purses to get out their tickets. As Jessica and her friend got out their tickets, they got a slight shock. They had won! They ran to the box office and a worker took them to the boys dressing room.

Jessica was virtually jumping with excitement, she was about to meet One Direction! As the door opened, Liam was first to run up to the girls and hug them. 

“Hello ladies! You must be our competition winners!” Liam spoke. Jessica nodded and she introduced herself and her friend. “Hi everyone, my name is Jessica and this is y/f/n.” Harry looked at her friend and nodded but he couldn’t take his eyes away from Jessica, she was the most beautiful girl that he had ever seen.

“Hi Jess, you know the lads I presume?” Zayn asked while texting Perrie. Jessica nodded when Paul opened the door. “Two minutes to showtime lads and I’m here to escort you two to your seats” The girls nodded and went back to the arena.

As the concert began Harry had one thing on his mind. Jessica. He had never felt this way about a girl before and he felt like she was the one. He found her in the crowd having the time of her life and she looked so happy. As the concert ended, Harry ran backstage to see her again. 

They met again backstage and talked for hours about anything and everything. As it began to get late, Harry gave Jessica his number. “I hope I can see you again Jess, it was lovely meeting you” he said as he kissed her on the cheek.

I hope you liked it Jessica!! x :)