Gemini x Leo

Two of the best, most popular special effects one could desire to have on stage during a concert or some other kind of broadcasted event are flames and explosions, kept controlled and alive to stay safely and constantly burning during the show, and smoke, that once unleashed travels everywhere, bringing a pleasant confusion and making for a stroboscopic mist when hit by the lights. Leo, fixed fire, and Gemini, mutable air, make for a proper rave when they meet each other: their running around is a funny sight and encourages those around them to let loose and enjoy their same kind of freedom.

As friends, they probably got to know each other at a party, maybe right at Leo’s house. They gave each other the impression of being among the funniest, most interesting people around there, they took note of it inside of their minds, then they started hanging around on a regular basis and now they’ve become the best friends ever. Leo likes to share their wellbeing and receive positive attention, while Gemini is always on the hunt for stimulating things to do, the crazier the better. Even if they had a kinda shy natal chart, there’s no way they wouldn’t like each other, one of the two would have to be some kind of dark lord (something Geminis tend to be more often, tbh) to make it fail. They are usually like the main characters of some kind of weird, comical drama: Leo buys four different brands of alcoholic beverages, Gemini invents a new cocktail; Leo makes a meme, Gemini gives it to the internet; Leo throws a party, Gemini notifies people in a range of two states of distance; Leo starts singing among the drinks at a counter, Gemini starts making music; Leo starts a fire, Gemini makes it into a mixtape; Leo makes the milkshake, Gemini brings the boys to the yard. They’re a constant trash show. On their finest, they could very well look like a prime time show about music or cinema: Gemini would be like the witty, versatile caster, and Leo the most popular popstar guest of the event. They already are great when they’re alone, but that’s not their usual, best scenario: like a fiery hurricane, they are going to throw inside their vortex of madness so many other people – they will take the lead and make “shitface” the keyword for a very huge squad.

As lovers, it is very possible that they could jump on each other while they’re drunk, and only the day after, at the awakening, realize what has happened, and that they had been low-key miring each other while they were too busy being amazing friends to notice. Unless they’re strongly opinionated about a decision of this caliber, it’s likely that they would just let sex happen to their relationship. Basic Geminis hold as most precious freedom and variety, while Leos can be very materialistic and fond of sensuality; they’d very probably end up looking like a functioning open relationship if their Moon, Venus and Mars signs agree. Nothing forbids them to turn it into something more profound anyway: Leos are enthusiast about having a familiar refuge for themselves, and even hyper-rational, disconnected Geminis eventually grow fond of someone so skilled at keeping this high their level of attention. Geminis should be careful though not to disappoint Leo’s hopes and ideas about their relationship if they’re going to make it serious: Leos would completely shut their heart off, and seldom forgive.

As enemies, Geminis should really try not to let their mouth run too freely and harshly about Leos’ values and behavior, and their loved ones. Leos tend to be very susceptible to criticism,  even when it’s about cases of mild complaints, and Geminis too easily cross the line of unacceptable when they just start talking about their opinions. Basing on his Moon and Mars, and also taking into account the level of the felony committed and the wellness of their relationship, Leo would go from being generically pissed off, to straight up punching Gemini’s face. Also if they found themselves strongly disagreeing about important ideological things, they could clash very badly, and if that happens, Gemini would be the cunning and unfair one, while Leo would stay simple and straight, also maybe self-righteous. Geminis are mutable though: between the two, they’re the most likely to someday (when, it’s up again to his Moon and Mars) change their mind about what divides them from Leos, and the road of friendship suits them too good to ever be completely shut.

Sun in Gemini ・Sun in Leo