funny story

a week ago I had just finished presenting a big project for my AP Lit class. i had these little paper puppet drawings that were glued to popsicle sticks that I used during the presentation. I typically meet with my girlfriend after that class, and we walk outside to our next class together. once exiting the building, I thought she was still behind me, so when a figure appeared next to me, I shoved the paper puppets in her face and made funny noises. this would be just friendly play, but it wasn’t my girlfriend. It wasn’t a friend. It was a random girl (who is indeed in my AP class from earlier) she was shocked and surprised and I just freaked out and awkwardly hugged her and lightly pushed her off and said “ITS OKAY ITS OKAY JUST RUN ALONG”
I see her everyday now and it is so embarrassing.

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How old is everyone in this "hYpe squad" of yours?!? Who even is in it?

We really are a diverse squad.. I can’t speak for everyone else but we range from as low as 15/16 to me (the grandma of the group) at 26. And we have some people that come and watch and don’t say anything, others that watch and say a ton ( @captain-kriegy), and others that actually play with me on the ps4. But here is a list of those that are known hYpe Squad members… (really anyone that hangs out in the stream, whether they speak or not are official members of the hYpe Squad)

@ktscientific, @bluedaydreaming, @captain-kriegy, @uswntfandom, @solo1reign, @flailing-popsicle, @angrymeangoalkeeper, @living-in-the-sound-of-silence, @notimetowastelivenow, @uswntvstheworld, @lilbitofeverythingblog, @flocon4, @getupbeforeyoufall, @blueeyed-liferuiner23, CHAD (he doesn’t have tumblr), & other anons!!

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Could I submit a design to the ace merch store bc I don't have a store but my design is a pretty ace from space pattern.

Sure! I’m happy to upload designs for you if there’s something specific you want. I’ll also gladly share any profit that comes from the design should you want to make it public for others to purchase.

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Hey do you have any FIC on like sex using ice?!??

Here are a few that I found! :) There are also some popsicles in there, so be warned!🍦(this is no popsicle, but why is there no emoji that fits better? :P)

I Am No Angel (I Like It When You Do That Stuff To Me)

some say in ice

as sweet as he may be

You Hold the Key

A Freezing Speed Work Night

8 x 2min @ 5K pace 

I did not expect this to night to be this cold. It was 34˚F which isn’t terrible, but what I didn’t realize was how cold was with the wind chill! I didn’t check the weather before I left, I based what I wore on the 30 seconds I was outside between my garage and my house. I had tights which was all good but I only wore a base layer and a Nike pullover for my top. Definitely not enough! I was an icicle by the end of this run.

The run itself actually went great. Despite being a human popsicle, incredibly tired from work and the wicked headwind, I was really good about maintaining a consistent pace. On top of that I felt really smooth and strong. The two minutes of running came out to about 600m. Having a full two minutes of jogging recovery definitely helped to keep my consistent. I think the fact that I never really hit the wall is a testament to all the extra work I’ve been putting in this cycle. The yoga, the strength training, it’s all paying off. This was definitely a confidence booster because if I’m feeling this great two months out from race day, I can only imagine how I’ll be feeling when the big day comes.

Run Streak Day 41

Check out the “feels like” temp! Too cold!

Consistent like a boss!

so the one time I had to go into surgery was when I had to get my tonsils removed and I was so drugged out on anesthetics that when I woke up to find two popsicles in front of me I cried because I didn’t know which one to eat first

Kali and Daddy made her first school project last week! It was for the 100th day of school yesterday! 100 popsicle sticks making a double bird feeder! Can’t wait to fill this up and hang it outside ☺️

I love that people keep coming up with new mediums and ways to love history. like, I was that kid that thought history was boring and just words on a paper until teachers went out of their way to humanize the shit that baby jay just didn’t give a fuck about.

I fell asleep once during a presentation about Egyptian history because I just Didn’t Care - until the next day my middle school history teacher whipped out some Popsicle sticks with the castes on them and said, “tomorrow, we’ll be doing a little experiment.”

that ended up being one of the pivotal lessons in my childhood that really explained classism/inequality to me, and helped me equate it to the real life instances that I found myself in throughout the years.

but it’s great bc even if not every teacher has an exercise that stimulates a kid’s interest, there’s always the media we get exposed to.

“why are you spending twenty minutes typing a post about history, Jay?”

well because I woke up sad and while I browsed tumblr on my phone, I clicked on a random Hamilton blog. it was a 16 y/o whose latest post was them talking about their favorite historical pairing. and then I got all choked up because I’m a sap, that’s why.

even though I was mainly into American history, another thing that just continued to drive in the nail was that when I was a freshman, almost all of my friends were watching this thing called Hetalia. I didn’t get into it because I loved history, but just the concept of personifying countries was just such an outlandish and amazing lure that it stuck. I mean, I didn’t learn my history from a satire anime - but the spark it lit made me sit up straighter in class, gave me a motivation to listen more. I ended up researching further, even outside of class - to give myself a better understanding of characterizations of these countries/characters that I’d become invested in.

so if a teenager stumbles upon Hamilton and LOVES it, there’s more of an investment and a desire to learn. as well as Hamilton having commentary that applies to current news, y'know?

it’s like creativity will take a topic, put it in a blender with some added ingredients; show-stopping musical numbers, amazing choreography, expressive acting. then it blends it up, and you’ve got some new milkshake medium that someone suddenly just stops and goes, “yeah, never really had anything like it, but that Hamilton milkshake looks good. maybe I’ll try it.”

(and don’t even get me STARTED on shipping - with or without historical aspect tbh.

man, if kids are sitting around writing about Laurens and Hamilton holding hands, then hell yeah I support that. it’s a fantastic, safe way to explore when you’re young and you don’t know what a relationship is/you’ve only seen the ones in your life.)