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i love your voltron headcanons omg they're so good,, can i ask for some shiro headcanons pls 0:

  • *deep, long-suffering sigh* “where’s lance”
  • he’s actually constantly making lowkey references to tv shows and movies but the others never get them
    • this is mostly because shiro’s delivery’s very deadpan so whenever they think “wait…. was that a quote” they look at shiro and go “lol nah it was probably just coincidence”
    • it is never a coincidence. ACKNOWLEDGE HIM
  • “shiro, while you were gone i did this incredibly dangerous and ill advised thing”  “keith, why???” “you’re basically 85% of my impulse control”
  • has the stress levels of a retail worker during the holidays
  • pidge: “I mean, we could always blow it up” shiro, filing that away as plan B: “we are not blowing anything up”
  • really wants to arm wrestle allura
  • “…but could I be the head this time” “no, hunk”
  • shiro: “it’s okay coran we’ve got everything under control-” *something explodes, keith charges in while yelling about the galra, lance crashes, hunk screams*
  • lance spreads increasingly ridiculous rumors about shiro on the planets they save
    • “i heard that the black lion’s paladin can shoot energy beams from his eyes. there are whispers that he destroyed the entire jurudean star system with a single look” “well i heard that he slayed an iron giant from the planet verek by flicking it” “that’s ridiculous, he used a fist at least
    • the rumors trickle down to the galra grunts and some of them start to surrender on sight to avoid fighting shiro
    • “you’re welcome” says lance, who totally didn’t mean for this to have any positive effects other than amusement but will definitely take credit for this turn of events
It Wasn’t Real (part two)

Summary: You’re part of the infamous Loser’s Club, and often asked, what are you afraid of? You reply, nothing, but what your friends don’t know is that your biggest fear is them.

prologue - one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - nine - ten - eleven - finale

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. It doesn’t have to be long, I appreciate every single comment I receive and telling me just helps inspire me to write it more frequently.

Pairing: Loser’s Club x Reader, slight Henry x Reader (you’ll see) and slight Eddie x Reader

Warnings: force, bullying, depressing and sad tones, pennywise.

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When you’d woken up that morning, the house was yet again filled with silence.

The weekend, in your opinion had gone by too quickly as you woke up that Monday morning. You had the house to yourself, as your mother hadn’t come home all weekend, but that in itself wasn’t odd. Your mother could not come home for days on end, weeks, depending on what man she’d found and set herself up with for a while.

Your mother would rather spend her time with randoms strangers that could hurt her for all she knew, than see her own daughter.

But of course, you weren’t shocked and it most definitely wasn’t anything out of the norm. And on the plus side, it meant you got to be by yourself for a while, which never seemed to happen anymore. You liked to believe that’s why the weekend had gone by quickly, and not because you dreaded the faces you were going to see when you walked through the school halls.

You sighed heavily as you sat up in your bed, groaning as you felt the muscles in your back pop. You tried to ignore the creaking your bed made as you moved, a constant annoyance as you tried to sleep at night. Letting your eyes fall on the alarm clock, you read the time seven in the morning, the time you usually woke up. Which also meant you had about thirty minutes to get ready.

You paused for a moment, letting your eyes wander around you. Something felt off, you weren’t sure just what yet. But there was an unsettling feeling in your stomach. Shrugging it off, you got up off your bed and begin getting ready for school.

It seemed though, that that morning you’d gotten a bit lost in your mind. You were suppose to leave at seven thirty, since it was a fifteen minute walk to school and classes began at eight-fifty in the morning. When you’d finally finished getting dressed, and throwing your hair up in some kind of look, the clock read seven-thirty-nine. You had about eleven minutes to get to school, which wouldn’t be bad, if you hurried.

Grabbing your bag off the kitchen table, where it’d been all weekend, you rushed out the door, slamming it behind you. You nearly tripped over your own feet as you ran down your steps, stumbling forward ungracefully. As you turned the corner to begin your walk on the road, you felt yourself slam against another. 

The force of the hit made you stumble back slightly, only for you to loose your footing and slam onto your butt. You huffed in annoyance, moaning in pain as you landed unnaturally on the concrete beneath you. 

“I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” Though your mind drifted from your own pain when you’d heard the voice, a voice that you’d never forget. It was a lot deeper than you remembered, but that was to be expected. Your thoughts were only confirmed when you peered up above you, and saw the familiar dark brown eyes above you.

“Mike?!” You asked, your voice cracking besides yourself. Mike looked away from his bike, the same bike he’d ridden as a child you’d noticed, and the packages packed within the basket to you. You watched his face fall, and his eyes flitter up above you to your house. “I’d forgotten this was your house…”

While it was an innocent enough statement, you felt your heart burn. He’d forgotten where you’d lived but you hadn’t forgotten the bike he used to ride as a child. 

Snapping out of your thoughts, you looked at your wrist watch; seven-forty-three. You didn’t accept Mike’s hand as you crawled up yourself, dusting off your jeans in a haste before turning and running the other direction. 


“School!” You called back, looking over your shoulder. “I’m gonna be late!”

“You’re late… Ms. Y/L/N.” You paused in the doorway, you’d barely walked through the door before your science teacher had alerted everyone else of your presence. Clenching your fists, you nodded your head, already knowing if you were to say anything else it’d back fire on you.

Your stupid science teacher didn’t even spare you a glance, didn’t look up from his desk. But the many students sitting in their desks did, anything to get them away from the boring text book work they’d had to start. You checked your watch briefly, you were four minutes late. That’s it. You could still feel your heart pumping against your chest sporadically, and your breathing coming out unevenly.

You waited impatiently at the door, practically begging to be allowed in. “Please step out.” He ordered you, and you felt your mouth fall open in shock. “B-But i’m only four minutes lat-”

“Four minutes too late, Ms. Y/L/N.” Your science teacher interrupted you. Finally he looked up at you, but only halfway. You sputtered for a response, you were never late. Not once. You arrived five minutes early even if you could, but this one day. One day! And he was acting as if you’d committed a crime. “You know the rules. If you are late, you do not to come to class.”

It wasn’t normal that you got angry. Hell, half of the time it looked as if you didn’t even know what emotions were. But you could feel your chest burning, as if you’d been shot and the anger run through your body. So, you did the first thing that flew to your mind. “Fuck you.” And stormed out the door.

“Ms-Ms. Y/L/N! Get- You get back here right now!”

You stomped through the hallways, passing by a few skippers who gave you odd looks. But no part of you cared. You were stressed, tired and exhausted. None of you wanted to deal with any of this today, but you knew that you’d later regret that. When it came to tomorrow and you had to walk through the doors, but all of that slipped through your usual rationale mind.

You slammed the school doors behind you, walking around the steps up that you’d just descended down and fell against the school wall. You stood there for a moment, huffing in anger as you leaned your head against the brick wall behind you. What a dick…

Sighing, you reached into your bag, searching through until your hands fell on the intended object. Pulling out the box, you flipped the lip open, taking out the lighter and one cigarette stick. You stared at the cancer stick for a moment, you hadn’t smoked in a while, mainly because your mind had been on so many other things. It’d been Henry who’d gotten you into the habit but in a sick sort of way, you only did it because you distinctly remember Beverly had.

In it’s own twisted way, it felt like you were keeping a part of her to yourself. Even if it was a decease stick.

You don’t know how long you stood there, leaning against the wall and pumping your lungs with toxicity. It felt like a good while, just you and your thoughts. But the moment was ruined when you heard yelling and a bunch of words being mumbled and stumbled over together. You furrowed your brows, sighing as the peace and quiet was ripped from your ears before dropping the cigarette stick and squishing it with your shoe.

When you walked around the ledge of the staircase, which you’d been hiding behind, you found the one and only Henry Bowers. Of course Victor and Belch were with him, along with two other people you didn’t bother to remember. You’d been wondering where your boyfriend was, seeing as he liked to skip you’d thought you’d see him walk by.

But it seemed he’d had his hands busy if the struggling boy in the middle was anything to go by.

You would’ve walked off, like usual until you realized who they held in their arms. It seemed Eddie Kaspbrak was still a popular target for your boyfriend… You wondered why you’d never noticed that.

Nonetheless, you continued walking, making your way over to the five boys. “Hey, Henry.” You smiled lightly, bringing his attention on you. Whatever he’d been whisper to Eddie immediately feel silent on his lips as he found you. “Y/N, just who i’ve been looking for.” He grinned, and you refused the urge to cringe. “Come, it’s time to play.”

His words made you freeze, forgetting everything you’d been about to do as you stayed still. Henry noticed your sudden change in attitude and raised an eyebrow your way.

“What did you say?” You asked, fear etching your voice.

“What?” Henry asked, not amused. Blinking, you shook your head. You were overthinking it; “n-nothing.”

You did your best not to make eye contact with Eddie, who’d quieted his sobs but you could still hear him breath heavily in fear. You only hoped this worked…

Leaning up against Henry’s side, you peered up at him, smiling lustfully. You went up onto your tip-toes, breathing into his neck while you whispered; “why don’t we go somewhere?” When you leaned back, you watched his eyes widen and a disgusting smile fall on his lips.

A hand wound around your waist, and you felt yourself press against Henry. You looked over at Eddie who was still being held in Victor’s and Belch’s hands. Henry nodded and the two of them let Eddie go, but not without kicking him to the ground. You refused to flinch as you heard the thud and Eddie’s moan of pain, instead deciding to smile over at Henry who’d let go of you.

He walked over to Victor and Belch, whispering so you couldn’t hear but you could imagine what they were saying. And it made you disgusted.

Taking his distraction as a chance, you leaned down, grabbing Eddie who flinched from your grasp. He looked up in fear only to find you and nodding at him, you leaned down to grab him, helping him up. Eddie stumbled but nonetheless found his feet again and went to say something to you, but your mind was on something else.

Out of the corner of your eye you saw Henry turn towards you, so you shoved Eddie away. He nearly tripped over his own two feet, but caught himself and peered back at you. Henry stepped up to you and you saw his face falter, for even just a second, he’d saw…

“I heard you told a teacher to fuck off today, Y/N.” Henry grounded out; “that’s my girl.” You closed your eyes at his words, hating when he objectified you like that. You hated it even more know that Eddie was there to witness it. Reaching a hand out, Henry grabbed ahold of your wrist much like yesterday, but this time his grip was much more hard. Almost bruising.

You winced, but didn’t fight as he started walking off.

Eddie stayed behind, watching the encounter before him in shock before he felt two shadows fall over him. “Enjoying the show, freak?” Victor sneered and Eddie took a step back in habit.

“Run off, Eds.”

The next day went much like you expected, you got detention. Of course you didn’t much care, it gave you an excuse not to have to see Henry after school. 

Though first half of the day was hell, boring. Not to mention having to explain the bruise on your wrist to your mother when you’d gotten home that night. She didn’t much care for you as long as you looked pretty. A bruise on an underage kid could be un-beneficial for her, so it was important you looked untouched.

Slamming your locker door shut, you pounced your knee, wanting to get outside as quick as you could for lunch. You need a cigarette and bad, no matter how bad it was for you. But as you turned around, something made you freeze. 

IT. IT. It- It stood there, through the midst of a crowded hallway. IT. You felt your eyes go wide and your heart beat grow rapid as IT raise it’s hand and waved slowly at you, teasingly slow and a sickening smile grew on it’s lip. But- but how? How? You and the rest- you’d defeated him. At least for another twenty-seven years when you were long and gone.

It’d only been four.

And for the first time that number seemed small, when for you those four years had been agonizingly long.

“Wha- what?” You whispered out.

“I’m back!” Pennywise cheered, aloud but not one of the other kids noticed anything. How? “I’m back. I’m back! Back! Back, back, back, back.”

“Come back, Y/N!” Blinking, IT was gone. As if he’d vanished, and when you looked in the place he’d stood, nothing. Furrowing your brows, you stepped back only for your eyes to fall before you on another figure. “Eddie?!”

“I’ve been calling you for two whole minutes, Y/N.” Eddie frowned, “are you okay?” It felt odd for him to ask that question. To seem as if he cared.

“I-I-” You looked past Eddie’s head, IT wasn’t there. “I’m fine… Eddie, why are you here?”

“I wanted to thank you for yesterday…” Eddie mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck in shame. His words made you pause, and you to finally focus on him completely. 

“For what?”

Eddie seemed genuinely surprised you didn’t know what he was referring to; “for helping me with Henry and his friends…” You didn’t miss the way his eyes flew to your wrist where the purple and blue mark was growing darker. You grabbed it with your other hand, hiding it from view and cursing yourself for not wearing a longer sleeved sweater. “If you hadn’t come when you had… well, i’m not sure what would’ve happened.”

The experience of speaking to Eddie was so foreign to you, and you felt great discomfort grow within you. Now, you really needed a puff. “It’s fine, don’t worry about it.” You rambled on, looking past him; “look, Eddie I need to go-”


Part Three?

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‘Dating a single mom’ The Flash preference

Barry Allen: 

You had been seeing Barry for a few months now and he still had neglected to know about your three year old son. You didn’t want to scare him off right out of the gate so you simply withheld a little information. You had learned from the past that not everyone wants to date a girl with a child from a previous relationship. Your son was your world, he was a very kind and silly boy and he never failed to make you smile. His name was Ryder. You had decided now was a good time to tell Barry of his existence. 

“Hey Barry?” 

“Yes sweetheart?”
“Could you maybe come over…there’s something I need to tell you.”
“Okay! I’ll be there in about five minutes okay?! Is everything okay?!” 

“Yes I just need to tell you something.” You felt Ryder tug at you pant leg as you hung up the phone. You giggled at your son as you scooped him up. Tickling his stomach and blowing raspberries. Before long there was a knock on the door as you asked Ryder step into the hall for a few minutes. You opened the door to see Barry holding a bouquet of flowers. Your heart swelled. 

“Oh Barry!” You cooed as you hugged him. You let him in as you locked the door. You turned to him and ushered him into the living room. 

“There’s something I have to tell you…”
“There’s something I have to ask you actually.” You both spoke at once with a giggle as you motioned for him to go first.
“Well uh…we’ve been seeing each other for awhile and I was wondering if you’d…like to be my girlfriend?” Your eyes widened. “Or not! You know what just forget I even asked!” He said as he stood up. 

“No that’s not it at all! I just…I haven’t…been completely honest with you.”
“Oh my god you’re married.” 
“NO! Heavens no!”
“Oh…thank God.”

“I have a son.” 

“Huh!? Barry said in utter shock as you bit your lip. Barry swallowed hard. 

“That’s it?!” You nodded as you brushed your hands on your pants nervously. 

“Can I meet him!? Unless you don’t want me too!” He asked fighting back a grin. Your jaw dropped as your son peaked from the hall. You nodded at him before opening your arms. 

“Ryder this is mommy’s close friend. His name is Barry Allen.” Ryder smiled at Barry as Barry waved. 

“Are you mom’s boyfwiend?” 
“Only if you let me little man!” 

“Who is your favowite superhewo?”

“I’m a big fan of the Flash…” Barry bit his lip as Ryder removed his thumb from his mouth with big eyes. 
“Mommy’s new boyfwiend is cool!” Barry laughed as Ryder squirmed from your arms as you gently set him on the ground. 
“Momma can we watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Barry will you watch it with us!?”
“Of course I will Ryder.” Barry smiled. And after months of being together, and although Barry wasn’t Ryder’s real dad, Barry treated him like his own and loved the both of you with his whole heart. 

Cisco Ramon: 

Cisco and you had been dating for eleven months but you had told Cisco about your nearing one year old daughter Amelia about two months into the relationship. He didn’t have a problem and asked if he could be apart of Amelia’s life. You had of course said yes. He was very good with Amelia and you were so grateful that he didn’t run like the other guys you had previously seen. Cisco had moved in with you and Amelia and it paid to have an extra set of hands to help raise her. 

You and Cisco were throwing Amelia her first birthday and everyone from Team Flash was there. You all cooed as Amelia ate her cake in a messy fashion. Cisco had taken the father role in Amelia’s life and you didn’t want it any other way. 

“Look at little Amelia eating her cake like a big girl!” You cooed as she squealed and slammed her hands up and down causing the cake to go everywhere. 

“You my messy baby aren’t you Amelia?!” Cisco cooed as he ignored the pieces of cake flying into his long hair. 

“Dada!” The party became silent as Cisco’s jaw dropped. You looked as Cisco with tears in your eyes as you let out an airy giggle. Cisco quickly reacted by taking Amelia’s little hand as you wiped a tear. 

“Yeah Amelia..I’m your dada!” He cooed as Caitlin recorded the whole thing. 

“That was sweeter than the cake!” Caitlin whispered as Barry nodded as Iris smiled wildly. You kissed Amelia’s cheek as she bat your nose causing icing to get on your face as you giggled. Cisco laughed as you swiped some of the icing before putting it on Cisco’s nose. He shook his head as you quickly stood up.

“I’m going to clean up Amelia and then it will be present time!” Cisco shook his head as Amelia babbled wildly. Caitlin and Iris helped you clean up Amelia while Cisco talked with Joe and Barry and Harry and Julian. 

“I think I’m going to marry that woman.” He sighed as he wiped the icing of his nose. 

“I’ll go to the wedding as long as they serve this cake.” Wally pipped up from behind them causing them to laugh. You brought Amelia as Jesse brought the gifts to you guys. Amelia clapped giddily as Cisco took her from you. You smiled as he ‘helped’ her open her gifts. 

You definitely had a keeper. 

Wally West:

Wally was at Jitters getting coffee for the team when he felt a tug on his pant leg. He looked down at a little girl no more than two. He smiled as he knelt down to her size. 

“Hello!” He said as she smiled back. 

“Have you seen my mommy?” She whispered as tears filled her big eyes. Wally immediately felt what some would call a fatherly instinct overcome him as he scanned the area. 

“No I haven’t…what’s your name?” 

“My name is Poppy.” She said as Wally nodded. 

“Well Poppy what is your moms name?”
“(Y/n).” She sniffed. 

“Hey no need to cry! We’ll find her okay?!” She nodded as Wally held out his hand for her. 

“Poppy?! Poppy where are you?!” Wally turned as his eyes widened. He wasn’t expecting you to be as gorgeous as you were as you ran and Poppy threw herself into your eyes as you clutched her tightly. 

“Mommy it was so scary!!! But Mr. Wally helped me find you!” You looked up to Wally as you blushed. Wally was quite handsome and you couldn’t deny it. 
“You must be (Y/n)?” He asked as he put his hand out for you to shake. You took it with a grin. 

“I am! Thank you so much for keeping Poppy safe. She has a tendency to run off.” You blushed. Poppy looked between you and Wally as the two of you both stood grinning at each other. 

“Mommy likes Mr. Wally!” Your eyes widened. As you quickly scooped her up. 

“C’mon Pop!” You tried to leave but Wally stopped you. 

“Would you like to get coffee sometime?” He asked rubbing the back of his neck. You nodded with a blush. 

“Can you believe that was a year ago?” Wally asked as you were cuddled into his side. Poppy was fast asleep between you two as you shook your head. 
“I’m happy it did though….or else I wouldn’t have met you.” 
“Me too darling. I couldn’t imagine my life without my two girls.” He whispered as he kissed Poppy’s forehead before kissing your lips as you cupped his face. The cold metal of your promise ring making him smile. 

Julian Albert: 

Julian had dated you in high school, but you both broke it off shortly after your senior year. Unknowingly you both moved to Central City. Except you had a few extra with you. No you weren’t married. You had your twin children. Two little boys, Asher and Elliot. He saw you at the park and took a deep breath before approaching you. You were grinning at something before he coughed. You jumped slightly and turned to him. You smiled as he smiled awkwardly. 

“Hey! Julian! It’s been forever!” You grinned while hugging him. 

“Hey (Y/n)! What are you doing here at the park?!” 

“I-I’m here with my sons.” Julian’s eyes widened in shock as his eyes fell to your hand, searching for a wedding ring. You knew that’s what he was doing as you sighed. 

“No dad in the picture if that’s what you’re wondering.” 

“I’m sorry.”
“I’m not.” You chuckled. He saw two little one’s run behind you. Hiding behind your legs. 

“I think you have two shadows.” He chuckled as they poked their heads out. 

“Asher, Elliot, this is Julian. Mommy knew him in high school.”

“Did you and mommy date?” Asher asked bluntly as you blushed. You looked down at your four year olds. 

Julian nodded. Elliot looked at Julian as Asher looked up at you.

“Do you boys like ice cream?” He asked with a growing smile. Both boys eyes widened as the shouted a yes. 

“Let’s go then! My treat!” 
“You’re much cooler than mom!” One cheered. He chuckled as you both walked to the little ice cream shack as you and Julian talked. 

“You don’t have to Julian.” You said as you looked at him. 

“I insist. I haven’t seen you since….”
“I left for college.” 
“I missed you.” He stated as you stopped. 

“I missed you too Julian.”

“Then can we go out for dinner sometime? You can bring Asher and Elliot and you can tell me how to tell them apart.” He chuckled heartily. You giggled with a nod. 

“I’d like that a lot.” 

Over seven months later and the boys saw Julian as their dad. You couldn’t complain. You were both in love and considering that you were always mistaken for a family. You became one. 

{Let Oppa Teach You.}  Jimin ☽ 0.1

Originally posted by kookmint


Warning: This is quite explicit and graphic so please do not read if that bother you or makes you feel uncomfortable.

Features : Oppa Kink, And After Care

A/N: I hope you enjoy this! Especially all the freaky Army’s out there, if y’know what I mean…

{Description: You tutor bad boy Park Jimin in Trig and he tutors you in sexual health and education *wink* *wink* A.K.A. He start giving you dat work}

“Good job Miss Y/N, you’ve scored the highest again this term.” Your trigonometry teacher smiled as she handed you your graded test, that had a bright red ‘A’ at the top.

You smiled and slightly bowed your head in her direction.

“Everyone, please give a round of applause for Y/N.” Your teacher announced to the class.

You could feel your cheeks begin to turn red as you felt the attention in the room all on you, you averted your gaze to your feet and bowed and whispered thank you under your breath.

Thankfully, the final bell of the day had rung, and everyone quickly ran for the exits, eager to start their weekend.

You as usual had waited for everyone to leave before you so you didn’t have to deal with being pushed and tugged around in a crowd.

You had been taking your time getting to your locker to pick up the books you’d dropped off there last period, you’d need them over the weekend, you walked home so you could take as long as you wanted leaving the school without worry of missing a bus.

And it wasn’t like you had any friends waiting on you. You could call yourself a bit of a loner. People had just never really noticed you and you preferred it that way, high school is already hard enough on its own, you didn’t need to involve yourself in unnecessary petty drama that flooded the halls.

You were content with just being you.

As you turned the corner down the hallway that your locker was on, you immediately recognized one of your teachers standing near the entrance of their classroom…angrily talking with a student.

You shrugged and crossed the hallway to your locker, quickly you spun in your locker combination and it popped open. You tried to focus on gathering your things but you couldn’t help but listen in on the heated conversation.

“Your behavior today in class was highly inappropriate, and let’s not even talk about your grades. At this rate, I’ll have to fail you.” Your teacher snapped.

You’d never seen him angry, so whoever this student was must’ve done something pretty bad.

“Yah…! You can’t do that, if I fail this class I don’t graduate.” The student hissed.

You stuffed your books in your backpack and slung the straps over your shoulder.

“I can and I will if you don’t make some major behavioral and academic changes, we’re already two quarters of the way into the school year, you’ll need a miracle to fix your grades.” He explained.

“How the fuck do you expect me to do all of that!” The student yelled loudly.

His loud voice echoing throughout the hallway had startled you…and that’s when it happened…

You’d fell and all the papers that had been in your hand at the moment, were now scattered throughout the hallway, making both your teacher and the angered student pause and look over at you for the first time.

Your teacher had quickly rushed over to your aid “Miss Y/N, are you okay?” He asked.

You inspected the small bruise on your knee that had already started turning purple, you smiled and nodded and picked yourself up off the floor, you dusted your neatly pressed skirt off and adjusted your cardigan.

“I’m fine, thank you.” You smiled and bowed.

“You should be more careful.” He chuckled.

You nodded and turned to begin picking up your lost papers only to see the very same student who’d been arguing with your teacher was picking up the last piece of paper.

“Oh! Kamsahabnida, you didn’t need to.” You said politely.

The student had stood up straight finally giving you a perfect view of his face.

Park Jimin.

Resident bad ass at your school. Everyone knew who he was, even you who was a grade below him knew all about him. You never spoke to him personally, but just by the way he carried himself you had developed a pretty good idea of what he was all about.

Regardless of all of that, you had to admit that he was beyond attractive. Everything about him screamed sex, from the glossy Doc Martens he commonly wore on his feet, to his perfectly pouty lips, and his angelic chocolate eyes.

He was a literal piece of art, something that you admired and gazed upon, NOT something you touch.

His voice pulled you from your thoughts, forcing the color in your cheeks to deepen.

“It’s not polite to stare you know…” He hummed, his lips curved up into a smirk.

You parted your lips to answer but your teacher had interjected into the conversation.

“Miss Y/N, could I propose an arrangement?” Your teacher questioned looking deep in thought.

“An arrangement?” You questioned.

“Mr. Park Jimin here is failing quite horrifically to be exact.” He answered, earning a scoff and an eye roll from Jimin.

“He could really use a tutor, and having someone as bright as you are, I think he might just actually have a chance at passing my class this year…” He trailed.

“And…I heard from your homeroom teacher, that your still in need of a letter of recommendation…? Specifically, one for Harvard? I happen to be great friends with the dean up there, I’d love to put in a good word for you personally, as well as provide a letter.” He suggested.

My eyes widened at the mention of Harvard.

“Shouldn’t you being asking me if I even want to do it? Maybe I don’t have the time.” Jimin complained.

“According to your grades, you have plenty of time.” Your teacher said immediately shutting him up.

“So, what do you say Miss?” Your teacher smiled.

This was going to be doing the opposite of all of the rules you’d set for yourself the very moment you set foot in high school.

But this was Harvard we were talking about, your family wouldn’t be able to send you to Harvard alone, and you’d been working your ass off to achieve a scholarship, and a letter of recommendation would at least allow you to have your foot in the door.

“I’d love to.” You smiled.

“Perfect. And as for you Jimin, I hope you appreciate Y/N’s kindness and take advantage of this opportunity. Have a lovely weekend you two.” Your teacher smiled and retreated into his classroom, leaving you and Jimin alone.

“I’d love to.” Jimin said mimicking you in a high pitched girly voice.

And it was at that moment that you knew that this was not going to be as easy as you thought it would be.


It’s been a good two months since you had begun tutoring Jimin. Much to your surprise, Jimin had been making many strides in improving his grades, he had moved up a whole letter grade and you could tell that he was proud of himself, even if he didn’t show it.

Luckily for you, winter break was here and you could finally take a break. Your parents had made plans to visit your grandmother for a day, knowing how much you’ve been working they allowed you to stay back and take your younger siblings with them.

Seeing as you were alone all day, you had settled to just lounging around in a pair of baggy sweatpants and a hoody. You took up residence on the long comfortable couch in your living room and binge watch your favorite dramas and variety shows.

It was a couple of hours into your day just as your eyes had closed, and your body relaxed itself for a mid-day nap. That was until your obnoxiously loud ass doorbell rang making you jolt out of your sleep. You grumpily stomped off to the front door, grumbling under your breath.

You opened the door expecting it to be a package or those same little snotty kids who lived nearby and kept ding dong ditching your house, but what you didn’t expect was to see Park Jimin, with his hands stuffed in his pockets and a smile on his face.

“What are you doing here Jimin?” You questioned.

“Sheesh..what is wrong with your generation today, I’m your elder making me your Oppa.” He smirked pushing his way inside.

You rolled your eyes and folded your arms over your chest “How did you even find my house?”

“Magic.” He answered as he inspected the family pictures that covered the walls.

Not having the energy to argue with him today you just ignored it and made your way back to the couch to finish your show.

Jimin followed you and even made a point of diving in front of you to steal the spot he saw you going for. You narrowed your eyes at him and snatched a pillow off the couch and raised it to begin your assault.

Jimin flashed his trademark smirk before pulling you down on to the couch with him by your wrist.

You flicked him on the forehead and attempted to push him off the couch, but he wouldn’t budge.

“You’re so tiny and cute.” He smiled raising a hand to squish your cheeks together.

“Look who’s talking Mr. 186cm.” You bit back, making Jimin only smile wider.

Swiftly, Jimin rolled the two of you over until he was on top, he trapped you by placing his hands beside your head. You froze at the sudden change of the tone of the conversation.

“I like you.” Jimin stated bluntly, his eyes not leaving yours.

“What are you talk-

Jimin rolled his eyes for the umpteenth time slightly making you wish they got stuck back there, before he smashed his lips against yours, pulling you in.

His hands ran up and down your sides, as he explored his mouth with your tongue. You hesitated for a moment until you melted into his touch and kissed back. You both pulled away as the need for air became present.

His lips had moved to your neck littering your collarbone with love bites. Your hands that had naturally moved to his hair and began tugging at his newly dyed pink locks, had elicited a deep groan from Jimin.

He pulled away to finally look up at you, gauging your reactions to his advances.

“We can stop, you know that right?” He said with serious expression on his face.

You weren’t sure what to think of Jimin’s “confession” but you were sure that you didn’t want to stop.

“I don’t want to stop.” You admitted.

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in coups’ jacket

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Hi! I love your blog! Can I make a request? MC's child comes home after being bullied in school and tried to hide it! How do the RFA(Saeran+V) think or do after finding out their child is being bullied?

( `ε´ ) I’ve def had to be mc in a few of these situations for my lil bro.


- It took a while before the two of you noticed. Your daughter always came home from school smiling and hugging the both of you.

- It was a normal habit that you would help her with her homework, but tonight as you helped her look for it, tears sprang in her eyes.

- “Aw, honey, did you accidentally leave it at school? It’s okay, accidents happen. We can try and email your teacher, okay?”

- When she kept crying, that’s when you got worried and started asking her what was wrong.

- After a few attempts at calming herself, she messily blubbered out that the kids at school had thrown her homework away again.

- Again?? What??

- You start cuddling her in your lap, rubbing her back as she sobs. “What do you mean? Honey, are the other kids bothering you?”

- She explains how they bully her- Throwing away her homework and calling her names. They won’t even play with her at recess anymore. And apparently it’s due to her white hair and eyes.

- When Zen comes home to find both of his girls looking upset while cuddling on the couch, he’s instantly ready to Fight.

- After calming your daughter down, the two of you let her play in her room while the two of you talk. You explaining everything to Zen.

- He Is Pissed. He wants to give a piece of his mind to the parents and their kids while you want a more peaceful approach.

- It’s not that you’re not mad, you’re fucking pissed too, but you need to be levelheaded about this if you want something done.

- So on a day you know Zen is busy, you set up a meeting with her teacher to discuss what is happening. You manage to resolve the situation, saying that if it keeps up you will be talking to the principal, but otherwise it should be taken care of.

- Later that day the two of you take your daughter out for a nice outing to take her mind off of things, constantly telling her how much the two of you love her.


- The two of you noticed your son was a bit more irritable than usual. Nowadays he just instantly went to his room after school, only coming out for dinner.

- Jumin was worried instantly. More than you because you just thought it was part of him growing up.

- Jumin ended up going and trying to talk to him but….Unfortunately, your son was a big momma’s boy… He hardly would talk to Jumin.

- After Jumin getting a bit annoyed, you kissed him on the cheek and took a try at getting your son to talk.

- You popped in and tried making a silly face, which made him try to keep acting stern and hide his giggle.

- You sat on his bed and ruffled his hair, asking him why he was so angry lately.

- “The other kids keep laughing at me because my math scores are low… That I won’t  be able to be as smart as dad when I grow up…”

- Is this how rich kids made fun of eachother? You asked him how smart he thought your were.

- “Super smart! You always know what to do.”

- Pfft. You laughed a bit and explained that when you were younger, your math scores were terrible. You even had gotten a failing grade in one class before.

- His eyes nearly popped out of his head. “What??”

- It was easy sailing from there. You managed to cheer him up pretty quickly, and soon he was fussing about how the other kids had no idea what they were talking about.

- (Yeah…He was Jumin’s son alright…)

- After the talk ended, you left to explain what happened to Jumin. He instantly wanted to take this up with the school board (Jumin calm, jeez), but you talked him out of that quickly.

- It wasn’t any hardcore bullying, and soon your son started perking up after school.


- Sometimes when your son came home, he’d be a bit teary-eyed. Just once in a while, and he usually said he was just sleepy and needed a nap.

- When it started happening nearly every day, you felt something was wrong. 

- Everything was confirmed when you decide to meet him where his bus lets him off, and you hear the other kids jeering at him.

- As soon as the two of you get inside, you give him a big hug and call Jaehee over.

- “Sweetie, what’s happening? Are you okay?”

- He ends up breaking down and talking about how the other kids make fun of him on the bus. They’re all older and tease him constantly push him around.

- Jaehee instantly wants to talk to the school and figure out why in the world this is allowed, but you end up taking matters into your own hands.

- The next day you wait for your son to get off the bus, and before the bus doors can close you call out to the bus driver.

- After a stern lecture and a few curses when you weren’t taken seriously, you finally got the situation settled when you threatened to bring it up with the school board and possibly get the driver fired.

- (Jaehee is v impressed)

- Afterwards, Jaehee makes him a frappe while all of you go out and buy him a few new toys.


- Your daughter grew up in a very….geeky home.

- She was introduced to games and the like very early on, and wore a lot of clothing related to the stuff.

- She normally didn’t have a problem about it, but one day she ended up coming home from school, trying to stop herself from crying.

- The two of you were on her in an instant, gently asking what had happened.

- “Mommy, why couldn’t I be like the other girls??”

-….?? What??

- Apparently, the kids in her class were making fun of her for not wearing make-up or dressing all girly like the girls in her class

- (She’s…Too young for make-up!)

- You’re upset, but surprisingly Yoosung is very calm about the situation.

- He ends up getting on his knees and holding your daughter’s shoulders.

- He asks her about certain female characters in games, the ones that saved the day and was the heroines of the games she had played.

- “Do you think they cared what others thought of them?”

- “N-No…”

- “That’s right. Even when others made fun of them, told them they couldn’t save the galaxy, they didn’t care! They kept their head up and kept on going!”

-Oh my god. 

- But…It was helping. Your daughter slowly stopped crying, and then she stomped her foot down.

- “I’m going to be just like Shepard!!” She shouted, balling her fists up and looking stern. “Fuck those guys!”

- Omg, no, sweetie. 

- Now it was your turn for a talk on how she wasn’t ready to say words like that (Gdi Yoosung)

- Regardless, in the end, Yoosung’s little pep talk ended up helping her ignore the kids teasing her.


- Any child of Seven’s was bound to grow up just as quirky as he was.

- Your daughter loved computers and robots, and mainly boy related things, but she was funny as well.

- Just not funny like the kids her age was used too. Mainly..’Seven’ funny…

- She usually got along with others well. She was able to make them laugh, and she had a few friends.

- But one day over dinner, she opened up about a boy calling her weird and ugly.

- The two of you instantly stopped eating, ready to shower her with compliments and assurances that she wasn’t any of that.

-…But apparently she didn’t need that. “It’s okay, I just kicked him in the shin and he shut up.”

- Oh my god. Seven busted out laughing, but you ended up telling her not to kick anyone again if she could help it.

- Soon, she began opening up about the ways the kids tried bullying her.

- “He called me weird, so I turned around and called him illiterate. He looked really confused, so I was all ‘Sorry, i thought we were stating the obvious.’”

- Seven laughed every time, and the two of you were proud she wasn’t letting the other kids bother her too much. She was going to grow up very strong-willed.


- The two of you thought everything was fine until your son had a huge attitude one night. He even started yelling at V! Something he never did!

- “Everyone was right! You’re just as dumb as you look!!” And bam, he ran to his room in a fit of tears.

- Both you and V were very confused. (V even asked if he was wearing his shirt wrong or something.)

- Slowly, you entered your son’s room, calmly asking if you could talk to him.

- After him hugging a pillow to death, he finally said all the kids were making fun of him for his dad being blind.

- (Why are kids so mean??)

- “Why can’t he go get his eyes fixed already? Does he just not want to see me?”

- Aw baby… You hugged him close and just told him how V couldn’t really have his eyes fixed like that. And he could see, just a bit, but it was harder on him now that time had passed.

- He ended up crying for a while from stress, from the kids bullying him, from his dad not being able to see well.

- After a while when he calmed down, you let him sleep as you went and explained everything to V.

- He felt a bit guilty that his son felt that way, but you were quick to explain it was just due to all the stress of the bullying.

- The next day, after school, all three of you sat and had a big family talk. Mainly V talking, but you all sorted out any misconceptions. The talk ended up making your son hug onto V and cry and apologize, but at least a few things were settled.

- The rest of the talk was giving advice to your son. To tell the teachers when this happened, to tell the principal or you two if it got worse, a few tips on how to handle it.

- During the weekend, V ended up making a call to ‘Uncle Jumin’ and being able to spoil your son for the weekend to cheer him up.


- Every time your daughter had to go to school, be picked up early, dropped off late, you were the one who always took her.

- You never really thought anything of it, but one day she asked why her dad never did so.

- Honestly…You just never asked him, you were fine doing it yourself, and he didn’t mind either.

- “The other kids don’t think I have a dad…”

- (Kid logic…)

- You ended up laughing, but when you noticed she looked sad about it, you quickly stopped.

- “Does dad not like seeing me?”

- Aw, baby. The kids had her thinking her dad didn’t like her.

- After reassuring her that her dad was just a bit shy, you sent her to bed and talked to Saeran about it.

- He just said the two of you would start taking turns.

- So the next day, you let Saeran pick her up from school while you went out grocery shopping.

- You weren’t expecting a phone call, but you answered it as you shopped.

- “Yeah, uh… I don’t think they kids are going to say anything anymore.”

- ???

- Apparently, the kids saw him and instantly clammed up. Your daughter even ended up sticking her tongue out at them after she hugged her dad. 

- Oh my god. The two of you laughed about it.

- “So, are you guys home?”

- “Oh, no. I stopped by the ice cream parlor-”

- “What? No! Saeran! Dinner!! Don’t ruin her appetite!”

- “….Can we push dinner an hour?”

- “God damnit.”

Science Partners (Peter Parker x Reader) - Part 3

A/N: TAA-DAA!!!!! Part 3 is here!!!!!! Thank you all so much for the love you have been giving this series. I am so glad that so many people are enjoying it! I hope this is getting you all hyped for Homecoming!!!! Anyway, here is part 3!!! Enjoy!! xx

Warnings: teenage angst, more blushy peter, longer than expected


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“What do you mean you don’t know where he is?” you nagged impatiently at Ned. 

Your friend just shrugged, looking at you with concern. “I don’t keep a tracker on him, (Y/N). Is he not responding to your texts?”

You solemnly shook your head and chewed your lip. On Friday, Peter seemed to disappear. He texted you that night: I just met Tony Stark. He’s taking me with him. Big things, dude. Text me the chem hw please?

You tried texting him and calling him to get some answers but you hadn’t heard from him. It was now Tuesday and you were unbelievably worried. Ned acted nonchalantly about it, saying that it was probably something to do with college opportunities. The circumstances seemed too strange, though. Peter just being whisked away by THE Tony Stark on a Friday night? When you asked his Aunt May, she just talked about the kind gentleman who was offering Peter a “science thingy.” 

You picked at your lunch, your appetite nonexistent. Something just felt off about it all. 

“Girl,” Ned said, interrupting you thoughts, “your boyfriend will come back soon…”

Your face went bright red. Your hands became clammy. “Peter is not my boyfriend, Ned. We’ve been over this.”  

“Oh, right, because you two totally didn’t make out every chance you got for like a solid two weeks,” Ned laughed.

The heat on your face was growing more and more intense. “That doesn’t mean anything. It… It was a mistake,” you said angrily. Ned looked shocked and returned his attention to his food. Perhaps it was Peter being MIA all weekend but this felt like the last straw. You couldn’t stand worrying about him all the time. 

It was true, the two of you had had some rather “heated” moments for awhile but it just kind of… stopped. Maybe it was because the science project was over so you two didn’t have an excuse anymore. Maybe it was just fun while it lasted. You had to admit though, something had happened to you. The feelings you had for Peter had definitely grown and it tore you apart that it was never talked about. You and Peter continued being best friends but things were different. 

His gaze lingered a little longer. His fingers would brush yours every moment he could. Your heart raced every time he said your name. You thought about him all of the time. You could never tell him that though. 

“So, uh, you guys aren’t going to the dance on Friday together then?” Ned timidly asked. 

The thought had of course occurred to you but it wasn’t happening. You had already agreed to go with another guy in your Chem class, Chris. You hoped that it would push your feelings for Peter away. “No,” you said stiffly, “I’m going with Chris.”

Just then, your phone buzzed and you swallowed nervously. The only people who texted you were Ned, Peter, and your mom. Ned was in front of you and your mom had meetings all day. You lifted your phone to see one new message from Peter: So, about that chem hw?

You never knew you could go through so many intense emotions in such a short amount of time. Your heart soared at seeing Peter’s name but it sank as you read the message and then you were filled with anger as you still didn’t have any answers. You angrily shoved your phone in your bag without responding. “I’ll see you later,” you grumbled, cleaning up your lunch and leaving. You felt bad being so cold to Ned but you were feeling… a lot. 

The rest of the day was kind of a gray blur. You couldn’t pay attention in class. The walk home was dull and cold. You didn’t even bother to touch your homework before going to bed. You didn’t know what was happening. All night, your phone lit up with texts from Peter:

Are you okay?

Did I do something? 

I want to see you.

Ned just told me you’re going to the dance with Chris…

You just couldn’t respond to him. If he wanted to talk to you, he could wait until he saw you in school. 

The next day, you shuffled to your locker and ran into something sturdy. “Oh, sorry,” you mumbled, glancing up at whoever you ran into. 

“(Y/N),” the person shouted, wrapping their arms around you. He smelt like fresh laundry and Old Spice. His chest was strong and comforting and his embrace was warm. Your stomach became tight though as you registered who it was. 

You pushed away from him and looked up into Peter’s face. Before you could say anything, however, you gasped and clutched his face as you saw his black eye. “What the hell happened to you?” you said with great worry.

He softly smiled and put his hands over yours, pulling them away from his face. “It’s nothing. Just got into a little scrap,” he replied softly, as if it was nothing. “I’m so glad to see…”

At that moment, you angrily hit Peter in the arm. “Where have you been?! I’ve been worried sick!”

Peter stared at you, his mouth agape. “I… (Y/N), I…”

“You know, never mind. I don’t care.”

You began to walk away but Peter grabbed your arm and spun you towards him. He looked at you seriously, his eyebrows pinched together and his gorgeous eyes dark, “What is up with you? You’ve been brushing me off for weeks now. Ever since we stopped…” He didn’t continue. He didn’t have to. You knew what he meant. 

“It’s nothing,” you grumbled. You weren’t going to admit to him in the middle of the hall way that you were in madly in love with him. No matter how much he softly smiled or how much you felt his warm hands or the electricity that ran through your veins at the thought of him. You wouldn’t. You couldn’t. You were sure he didn’t feel the same way. “We’re going to be late to class.”

Class was miserable, as well as the next few days leading up to Friday. You and Peter acted friendly around Ned and your other friends but didn’t speak to each other alone. Peter would try to but you just couldn’t. You weren’t going to be forced into admitting your feelings. You spent your free time with Chris. Picking out a dress color and making plans for after the dance. 

Ned informed you, on Friday, that him and Peter were going stag to the dance. You acted surprised that neither of them got dates but deep down, you were glad that you wouldn’t have to see Peter with his arms around another girl. 

“Save a dance for me, won’t you?” Ned said teasingly, offering you a dramatic bow. 

You rolled your eyes but giggled at your friend. “Of course,” you replied, giving a grand curtsy. 

That night, you slipped into your champagne colored dress. It was a halter top that fit your body tightly and had a slit up the side. You would have heads turning in that dress. Chris showed up in his noisy truck at 7:30 and the only thing he had to say was “Woah.” The car ride to the school was silent and you could only think about the lovely things Peter would say.

At the dance, things were worse. Chris disappeared within the first fifteen minutes and no good songs were playing. A few of your girl friends complimented your dress and asked you to come out and dance with them. You had nothing better to do so you agreed. You popped, you locked, you tried to drop. You made a complete fool of yourself but the electric atmosphere took away every care in the world. You didn’t even notice when Peter walked through the door.

He was in a black tux with a blue tie. His hair was smooth and styled to the side, compliments of Aunt May. His dark eyes scanned the dance floor until they locked on you. His heart seized up and his stomach did flips. You were stunning. It was killing him to not be out there with you. Your skin glistened in the club-like lighting and your smile made the dim gymnasium even brighter. Your thigh peeked out from the slit of your dress every time you moved your hips to the music. A small heat began burning in the pit of Peter’s stomach. 

The majority of the night, Peter stuck to the side lines. Every now and then, him and Ned would join a dance circle and cut a little rug but he mostly kept to himself. That is, until he noticed you slip out of the gym doors into the school’s court yard. He weaved his way through the mass of sweaty teenagers to the courtyard. Through the glass doors, he could see you standing alone under the moonlight. With a deep breath, he pushed the doors open and stepped out into the crisp night air.

You turned around as you heard the doors open, expecting to see one of the teachers telling you to come back inside. It was Peter. He looked amazing. His suit fit him perfectly. His broad shoulders were accentuated and his jacket hugged him perfectly around his abdomen. “Hi,” you said, your voice hoarse from the dancing and singing. 

“Hey,” he replied, taking small steps towards you. His hands were in his pockets as he stopped to stand next to you. “Where’s Chris?”

You shrugged your shoulders, tearing your gaze from Peter’s strong jaw and soft lips. “Dunno. Haven’t seen him all night.” You hugged yourself a little tighter, shivering slightly.

“Why are you standing out here in the cold?” Peter asked this as he was unbuttoning his suit jacket.

“Just needed a little fresh air… oh, thank you,” you said shyly as Peter draped his jacket over your shoulders. His body was so warm next to yours and the scent of him was comforting. You softly closed your eyes and took a deep sigh, involuntarily leaning into Peter’s side. You snapped out of it as he wrapped one arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him. “S.. Sorry.” You gently stepped away from him.

“(Y/N),” he said sternly, turning towards you, “talk to me, please. I don’t know what I did but I want to fix it. I want my best friend back. I want you back.” Even though it was dark out, you could see the blush on Peter’s face and the hurt in his eyes.

You felt tears creeping up on you and you couldn’t hold it in any longer. “I want to know what happened too!” you began in a huff, “Things were going very good but eventually stupid excuses were made to stop seeing each other alone after school. You wouldn’t even go to the library with me! I was really beginning to think you felt the same way, Peter, but I guess I was wrong! You would call me by cute nicknames and hold my hand and walk me home but then it just stopped and you acted like nothing happened! Well something did happen, Peter!” A few tears had fallen down your cheeks and Peter stood stone-still as you spoke.

After a silence that felt like forever, Peter finally said in a hushed voice, “I was scared that my feelings for you were too obvious. I was afraid of going too fast and scaring you off. I was afraid of losing you, of losing us.” He swallowed heavily but looked you straight in the eye. It took you a moment to register what he said but slowly, that electric feeling began to surge through you once more. Your hands shook a little and your lips twitched with the whisper of a smile. 

Peter began to crack a gentle smile as he noticed your face soften. “I mean every word,” he said, taking a step towards you. There were now mere inches between the two of you. You both felt as if you had never been this close before. Peter caressed your cheek in one large, rough hand and stared into your star-filled eyes. His chest swelled with happiness as you smiled broadly at him.

“I do too. I… I think I…” Before you could finish, Peter hesitantly leaned down and pressed his lips against yours, as if he was kissing you for the first time. His eyes fluttered shut as yours did. You slipped your arms up around his neck and pulled him deeper into the kiss. He held on firmly to your hips and nipped at your bottom lip. You pulled away and giggled, “Steady, tiger. Not in the courtyard.” Your cheeks were hot and you could see that Peter was blushing a deep crimson. It was a stark contrast against his white shirt collar. 

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, pressing his forehead against yours. “For everything.”

“I am too,” you whispered back, pressing a gentle kiss against his warm cheek.

You could feel his warm, minty breath on your lips and his thumbs rubbed soft circles on your hips. Before Peter could lean in for another kiss, the gym door swung open. “There you two are!” Ned shouted. You both jumped, startled by the intrusion. Careless Whisper drifted through the open door. “I’m sorry to steal her from you, Pete, but she did promise me a dance.” Ned winked at the pair of you teasingly and you both couldn’t help but laugh. 

“He is right, I did promise,” you said through giggles. 

“Well, promise me that I get the next one,” Peter whispered in your ear.

“Only if you promise to walk me home.”

“I’ll even hold your hand.” With that, Peter kissed the sensitive skin right behind your ear before you walked towards Ned, his hand outstretched, dramatically of course. 

A/N: Soooooooo this was long and absolute trash but I hope someone likes it!! Let me know if you want a Part 4 and if maybe, possibly, probably should get a little STEAMY??? Or if you have other requests for Peter or any other fandoms, let me know!!! xx

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“Mr. And Mrs. Zeppelin, correct?”

“Yes, I’m Dean, and this is my wife Y/N”

Both you and Dean shook the woman’s hand. You had been forced to pretend to be Dean’s wife for a case.

A string of houses in this particular neighborhood had been haunted by some sort so paranormal activity, so you and Dean were pretending to rent a house.

“As you can see the flooring is brand new, along with the roof. Plus the walls are soundproof” she whispered winking.

Both of you looked at each other laughing.

“Well it is a lovely home, isn’t it dear?” You asked Dean putting

“Why yes… pudding pop”

You tried to hold back your smile, but you had to admit it was a dream come true to be Dean’s wife, well fake wife.

“Well I’ll leave you two alone to think it over”

The woman walked out of the room and shut the door

“Pudding pop?” You burst out laughing.

“Hey! It’s the only thing I could think of!” Now you were both laughing.

“I think we should be fake married all the time” Dean laughed

You knew he was joking, but you wished he wasn’t.

“Me too” you laughed still wishing you could be.

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What are your favourite desserts?

Magic In The Air // Hogwarts AU

Ollivanders wand shop isn’t usually too busy this time of year. It’s well past the beginning of the school year when students were rushing to get their first wand, new wands, replacements, all before the new school year started. Mid November business was usually witches and wizards stopping in for repairs, buying a second wand, upgrading their current one or buying a replacement. Which was exactly why you were there. You needed a replacement.

About a week and a half ago you flopped down on a sofa in the Ravenclaw common room and heard that sickening snap. You absolutely did not want to get up and check your wand because you knew it was broken. But you had to. You stood up slowly, your stomach churning as you reach back and pull the handle out of your back pocket. Sure enough, you broke it off at the hilt.

At first you tried having your friend repair it, but it wouldn’t last. You could conjure one spell and the damn thing would pop apart. You tried tape, that worked for about a second, just long enough for the spell you were using to enchant a rose to backfire and set the whole thing a blaze. It was time, you were going to have to fork out the money to buy a replacement.

So here you are, standing in Ollivander’s wand shop with the clerk behind the counter watching you over his book as you browse the shelves of the birch wood wand section. You’re the only one in the store for an hour or so and you take your time inspecting each birch wood with a phoenix feather core that you find. None of them seem to feel right.

The shop door jingles and you automatically look to see a tall guy with messy curly brown hair step in and look around. He spots the clerk and goes to the counter, asking where the birch wood wands are. The clerk points to you and mumbles something like, “Over there.”

Keep reading