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One Hundred // Hands Like Houses

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Being As An Ocean // The Hardest Part Is Forgetting Those You Swore You Would Never Forget *just my edit* requested by being-as-a-jordan

What do you call an emo during fall?

A punkin

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How about a scene with Fushimi propose to Yata for marriage?

I think Fushimi would probably be a bit nervous about the whole thing, like I could see him second-guessing himself a lot prior to the actual proposal because he’s not entirely certain that Yata will say yes and Fushimi doesn’t want to open himself up to rejection if there’s any possibility of that whatsoever. I can imagine him buying a ring and then hiding it somewhere and he keeps meaning to give it to Yata and then changes his mind all the time (I’d say he hides it in his underwear drawer but there’s nothing there to hide it under :3 Maybe he hides it in his knife drawer, he knows Yata won’t go in there). The alphabet squad and Munakata all know about Fushimi’s plan to propose and maybe they have to give him a bit of a nudge, like so have you proposed to him yet and every time Fushimi makes up a new excuse for why not and everyone tries to give him suggestions of how he should go about it. In the end Fushimi probably just ends up asking during a vulnerable moment, like they’ve just had sex and are cuddling in the afterglow and Fushimi’s feeling all comfortable and safe and Yata mutters an ‘I love you’ into Fushimi’s chest. Fushimi kinda clutches at him a bit and Yata asks what’s wrong all worried and Fushimi’s like ‘nothing’ but Yata knows he’s being all uncommunicative again. Maybe they end up having a bit of an argument about it, Yata getting annoyed that Fushimi’s not saying what he feels again and finally Fushimi snaps that he’s trying to think of a way to propose, you moron. Yata starts to argue back and then he’s like wait what propose? Fushimi clicks his tongue because that isn’t exactly how he intended this to go but he digs out the ring anyway and kinda tosses it to Yata, trying to act like it’s not a big deal as he says that yes, propose. Yata’s all shocked staring at the ring and Fushimi turns away muttering that it’s not like he was really expecting any kind of answer because of course he takes Yata’s shock as a negative and then Yata like tackle hugs him back onto the bed and is like you idiot that was the worst proposal ever and also yes. Fushimi’s like oh like you could do any better a moment before he processes the 'yes’ and he has to take a moment to confirm that Yata really said that, like grabbing his hand and staring at the ring for a moment and Yata’s just like of course I said yes dumbass I love you, remember.


heres some progress recordings + result from the haikyuu gifset I made for anyone interested in how it sorta looks when I’m working on gifs in after effects ^^

The Avengers walking into your classroom in the middle of maths and announcing that you are needed at S.H.I.E.L.D, even though you’ve tried hiding your superhero life from your peers.

You were trying your hardest not to fall asleep as your professor droned on. You looked around the room to see that several students were in the same boat you were. No one could blame any of you. Your professor was an elderly man that spoke in a monotoned voice. And it was math! one of the most uninteresting subjects possible. You wished that something interesting would happen for once. That’s when you thought that you heard several familiar voices down the hall, but it couldn’t have possibly been them. You tuned back into your professor.

“So that means that x is-” The classroom door opened  and Bruce’s head popped in. You tried to sink down in your chair, but Bruce’s eyes still found you.

“Guys, I found her,” he called down the hallway. This was not what I meant when I said I wanted something interesting to happen, you thought. However, you were enjoying watching your professor. His face had grown red in anger, and you eagerly watched to see if his head might explode.

“Excuse me,” he yelled. “This is a place of learning. If you would -” That’s when the rest of the Avengers arrived in full uniform. All the students in the room watched with wide eyes. Whispers flew around the room wondering with who the Avengers were looking for. 

Thor quickly settled that problem. “Lady y/n! You are requested at the S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters immediately.” More whispers wrapped around the room. 

“Now?! I’m kind of busy,” you told them as you gestured to the room. At least all the avengers had the decency to look embarrassed. Steve rubbed the back of his neck before meeting your eyes. 

“Hey y/n… sorry, but , uh Fury needs you.” Sheepishly you stood up and gathered your stuff before joining your team.

“Sorry, professor,” you said as you closed the door.

sign ups for the phandom little pop are now open!

that’s right everyone! starting now you can sign up to become a part of what is possibly the laziest creative writing/artistic event this phandom has ever seen. drabblers, doodlers, and betas will come together now to create something great. or pretty good. or kinda meh. but definitely something which we will post throughout the month of january in a series of little pops.

(for a better explanation of what this event entails, click here)

please read all the sign up info carefully, as this system is different from the big bang system you’re probably used to. if you have questions, read our faq or send us an ask

info you will need to have in order to sign up:

  • url
  • email address
  • an open tumblr ask box
  • if you are writing a drabble, urls of your teammates (if you have any yet)
  • if you are writing a drabble, a very brief summary of the idea for your story
  • if you are writing a drabble, a list of any warnings you will be including in the story

please note:

  • each individual drabble requires its own form. if you’re writing more than one drabble, you must fill out more than one form.
  • if you are already a member of a team, we only require the drabbler to fill out the form
  • the doodler/beta form is for individual sign ups only (this means that we will pair you with a drabbler & doodler/beta to form a complete team)

drabblers: sign up your teams here!

individual doodlers/betas: sign up yourselves here!

if you are a doodler/beta who is already on a team with a drabbler, you do not need to fill out a form. your drabbler will sign you up. however, if you’d like to work on additional fics besides that one, you can fill out the individual sign up form and be assigned a second team.

- your directors