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did you seriously think I wouldn’t be posting Dick x reader?

You woke up in your boyfriend’s apartment.
You rubbed some sleep away from your dull (y/e/c) eyes and pulled the blankets off your body. Looking down at your clothing, you chuckled as you remembered last night’s events. Quickly you stood up, stepping on some clothes and many other stuff Dick had splattered on his floor and you sighed, because you were the one who’d clean them up, but at the moment you didn’t care. You were awaiting for your day to start; Dick and you had everything planned about this mighty Sunday.
    So with a few splashes of water on your face you run to the kitchen only to be greeted by a box of Choco pops that stood proudly on the kitchen table.
   Mentally, you cursed him for having you to wake up so early only to find him gone, but deep inside you knew he would never ruin your plans for a day. Right?
    With a sigh you sat on one of the kitchen chairs and your head went to hide behind your hands. You were so tired, so stressed and you needed this day off of everything with him. You felt like you were ready to crawl back to bed and sleep all day if Dick decided to stay gone for a little longer.
    But as always, when you had lost all hope, you heard the door being unlock and open and then closed again and he came in with a huge grin.
    “So you’re awake huh?” Dick smiled as he saw you sitting on the kitchen table.
  “Where were you?” You asked in the bitchiest tone you could succeed, which only made him laugh even more.
   “I woke up and went to buy a few things, we’re gonna need.”
  “I thought we had everything packed. It’s a one day trip Dick. We’re not staying the night there. ”
   “Uhmm actually - here take your coffee I bought you one-” he said, interrupting his own self and pecking your cheek. Ans as you muttered a small thank you, he continued.
“I called your boss… and I really, politely asked him if you could have a week off” he informed you as you filled a bowl with cereal and then filling it in with some milk.
  “And what did he say?” You asked. Dick sat right across you, watching you in awe as you ate. He always admired how perfectly you ate cereal, as if it was the most royal thing in the world, be felt the passion for cereal keeping you two even closer.
   “Uhm.. he said… no..” he started off, to break the news to you.
  “I told you Dick.. we can’t have this kind of vacation, you gotta wait until..”
“Baby I’m not finished-”
  “Oh” you exhaled and hit the tip of your spoon at the bottom of the bowl. He had done something back. You could tell by the way his eyebrows frowned and his voice lowered.
  “I told him you have to rest because you are a wreck. And soon we engaged into a fight and I think i kind of got you fired”
    The coffee that had started to be go down your esophagus seemed to stop and you choked; some of the liquid spilling down your lips some more finding its way through your nose.
   Of course Dick panicked and got up to pat gently on your back. But coffee started to drip from your nose and your face turned red and you violently pushed him away to get through this alone. You coughed and coughed for what seemed like an eternity but when it finished and could breath again.
     Once he helped you wipe the coffee that run down your nose and lips, he started to vigorously apologize to you. He knew how much this job meant to you and he felt like an utter asshole for getting you fired.
   “ baby sorry.. I didn’t know you’d react like that and-”
   “What the fuck Dick! You haven’t even seen my react! Oh my God! ”
   “Come on baby.. I’m sorry okay?”
“But still Dick! You got me fired! I have an apartment rent and a life. I needed that money okay? Who are you in the first place to get me fired, huh?” You yelled at the top of your lungs.
    “If it wasn’t for me to get you out of there That guy would be banging your brains out before you had even noticed it (y/n)!” Dick said in frustration as his hands hit the kitchen sink. He wondered how could you have been so blind to see your boss’s lusty eyes everytime they looked at your direction

   “Just because you’re jealous, Dick does not mean you can get me fired okay? I saw how you acted last night at the club! And Please throw away that pizza box that’s been there for more than a month!”
   Your comeback had him pumped. He took his eyes away from the sink to look at where your palm was pointing and the he looked back at you and your beautiful form. He couldn’t help but grab you by your waist, furiously slamming your body on his and his lips onto yours.
        Staying mad at Dick was not an option and you knew it. He didn’t deserve to be yelled at and cursed. He had expressed his detest on your boss multiple times after finally getting to meet him, not only for the way he treated you but for the way he looked at you too. Like he’d eat you alive if it wasn’t for Dick to protect you.
  Last night though, you had decided to go out with Kate Kane and Renée Montoya and by the time he found you, they two of them were making out in a bathroom stall and some weird guys were trying to assault you.
    But Dick took you home, helped you have a bath and fucked you on every furniture of his apartment, to claim you his, once again.

     And so you melted into the heated kiss, trying your best not to pull away for air.
   “I’ll have you working at Wayne Tech, okay?”
    He said between hot kisses. He didn’t actually want to take his tongue away from yours; the taste of cereal and coffee tasted way better on it.
    “So…” you said as you playfully pushed him away, forgetting everything that had been said moments ago. “What did you buy?”
   “ Mmmm. Let’s see… I bought biscuits and some juice for the trip, I went to the manor to pick up my special present for you and some groceries Alfred thought we’d need and of course, condoms because, well, you know very well what we’ll be doing 24/7”
    You both sat down again, an evil grin masking your face. Dick made himself a bowl of cereal too and ate with you.
    Dick had planned your trip to be amazing. It was an idea he had come with for more than a month now because he wanted to get away, spend some special time with you, without patrols and other things disturbing you.
Until now, you still thought that this special Sunday would involve pic-nic at the bitch, swimming and sunbathing but, in fact, he had booked a cabin house at a resort, away from everyone and everything.
    It would be so relaxing to just be with you and only you for the next couple of days.
   “Baby? Are you there?” You waved before his eyes, yet it took him some time to snap back into reality. He sighed, he looked at you and asked you want you wanted.
   “Do you want the rest of my cereal?”
  “Uhm yeah. Give me it” he said as you sat up from the table, wiping your lips gently with a towel. “Baby, go pack your things okay?” He said with a mouth full of the chocolate flavored breakfast of his and with a nod you left.
    You entered the dark bedroom, stepping on some more of Dick’s stuff and opened the drawer to find and collect all the clothes you-
Wait. This was Dick’s apartment. You did not have clothes here. Well you did, until a week ago but you found them on the floor and refused to wear them unwashed.

     “Uhmm Dick… I kind of.. you know.. I don’t have any clothes here” you gave him an awkward smile upon your return to the kitchen and he laughed. “Stop laughing moron! Can you drop me at my-”
   “No time for this…" 
  He was up now, pushing you to the bedroom, some milk dripping from his thin lips.
“Ew” you mouthed to him and in return he wiped it on your shirt.
“I have a very tight pair, or two,of jeans that will fit you” not giving you the chance to react to what he had just done he searched on the floor.
    “Jeez, did I really have to come with a lingerie and a coat last night?” You thought out loud.
“I’m not complaining” he said, defending his own self. You sighed, looked outside the window at the moody sky, and looked at Dick once again, who was searching threw a pile of clothes.
“Fine.. I’m going to pee ok?” You announced and almost immediately, Dick stood up and followed your walking pattern, to the bathroom
   “Dick what the fuck?”
   “What?” A smirk splattered on his face as he leaned on the door frame.
  “You can’t watch me while I pee Dick”
   “Who says so?”
     His smirk grew bigger while he watched every movement you made.
“I assume you did not understand last night’s cause of events.”
   “Nope Grayson. I can still walk”
    “You’re mine to do whatever I want with you. Which includes me watching you peeing”
“But Dick.” You turned the faucet handle, allowing water to splash on your hands. “Would you like me to stand beside you while you’re pissing? Really?” Your (e/c) eyes landed on him and he was smirking and you sighed because: what were going to do with this man?
   “I don’t see where the big deal is?” He asked while you rinsed the white foam of your hands. “We have baths together, sleep together, have sex, sleep naked together, I mean is it so bad, knowing that you-”
“Stop this conversation” you said with an engrossed face. You did not want Dick to give you a speech on how he should watch you peeing.
   With small energetic steps you made your way to the bedroom to search for some clothes.
    Eventually you settled down to wearing Dick’s clothes for the whole week, cause he was serious into not taking you to your apartment to pack some things.

And as you hit the road, blasting Lady Gaga and Drake, you felt somehow grateful that he had you fired this morning. All it meant was that you could spend some more time looking at him every single day.



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  • *2016 valentines SRs (cards)

* i’m redoing the 2016 valentines SR renders, most of them got saved incorrectly i’ve noticed and well they’re some of the oldest ones i’ve done so imma redo them.  at the moment this is the only set i’m redoing and will remove the old renders i did of them from posts they were on (dont think i uploaded them together as a set)


Popping candies 🍬🍬  by choco.chip.slime

Putain je me suis mise à pleurer quand la maman faisait les courses et qu’elle s’est arrêtée devant les boîtes de Choco Pops, et maintenant je ne vois plus net à cause des larmes. C’était juste un détail, mais c’est ce détail qui a ouvert les vannes.

She Watched Part 6

Part 6:

“Malfoy” he said as soon as he looked up and laid eyes on whoever had entered his office.

“Potter.” Malfoy replied back.

“What can I help you with?” Harry asked. He was now the Junior head of the department of magical law enforcement and so he had his own office. Draco on the other hand followed his father’s footsteps and entered the family business.

Harry watched as Malfoy closed the door of his office and cast a muffliato charm. This piqued his interest further at why Malfoy of all people was in his office.

“I don’t want to further waste our time with this conversation and I advise you to do the same so I’m going straight to the point here Potter, where is Hermione?” Malfoy asked as he walked over and stood in front of Harry.

For a moment, Harry could not speak. Why was Malfoy suddenly looking for Hermione after four years? Of course he didn’t know what happened between Hermione and Malfoy until she told him about her pregnancy but that didn’t mean his wife hadn’t filled him in on the whole story. He also knew that if Malfoy was looking for Hermione then he might have found out about Jasmine, and he knew that the main reason for Hermione leaving the wizarding world is because of what could happen to her daughter once the Malfoys found out.

“What do you need her for?” Harry asked.

Malfoy sighed, “I know you know Potter.” he said as he took a sit at the seat Harry gestured for him to sit down on.

“No. I don’t.” Harry said, “tell me what you want with her.”

“I know she has my child.” Malfoy said. He watched Potter’s expression and for the first time, he could not read any expression on his face.

“And why would you say that?” Harry said, he knew of course, that Malfoy didn’t know about Jasmine, so how on earth did he find out now?

“Oh come off it Potter. You live at Grimmauld Place, You know that Pureblood families have magical tapestries to keep a list of their family members!” Malfoy said.

Harry looked at him, a cold expression on his face, “If I’m not mistaken Malfoy, your family tapestries only list the ones that are pureblood. If Hermione does indeed have your child, then the child would not even appear on the tree.”

“You’re right. But my father’s mother’s family tree allows it. Granger’s name isn’t listed on it but my daughter’s name is.” Malfoy said.

“Okay, but then how sure are you that Hermione is the mother of your supposed child?” Harry asked, “And if that is the case, why are you only just looking for her now?”

“I don’t have to explain myself to you, Potter. I need to know where she is! I need to talk to her.” Malfoy said.

“Sorry Malfoy. But I know your pureblood traditions of keeping the line clean. Hermione knows it as well. It’s why she left.” Harry said, he loved Hermione like a sister and he trusts her judgment. He wasn’t going to risk her and Jasmine’s life just because Malfoy wanted to talk to her.

“I’m not going to harm her. I just.. Look Potter, I know you’ve read about me and Astoria in the papers.” Malfoy said, he didn’t need to speak it out loud, he knew the whole wizarding world knew of their struggle to have a child for years and then the finalization of their divorce a few months ago. “I just want to talk to her and to meet my daughter.”

Harry was silent for a while. He had heard of the struggle Malfoy and Astoria had been going through and he felt sorry for the man for having to go through burying his children before he could ever even meet them, he’d be devastated if James or Albus passed away before they even got a chance to live.

“Sorry Malfoy. I can’t tell you where Hermione is. I can’t help you with that.” Harry said, he truly felt sorry for Malfoy especially when he saw the crestfallen look on his face; it was a rare one and a brief one but he had seen it.

“I see.” Malfoy said as he stood back up and regained his cool, stony composure, “I’ll see myself out then.”

As Malfoy neared the door, Harry called out to him.

“Malfoy, I’m sorry about your children, no one should ever have to go through that and in terms of Hermione, even if I wanted to tell you where she is, I wouldn’t be able to because we haven’t heard from her for three years.” Harry said. Deciding to throw Malfoy a bone, he added, “All we know is that she no longer uses magic.”

Draco stood frozen in front of the unopened door as he waited for Potter to speak. When he was done, he nodded his head once and left Potter’s office.

Hermione woke up completely sore all over. Her back hurt, her head hurt and most of all, that place between her thighs were sore.

As her consciousness slowly returned, Hermione realized that she had fallen into Donna’s plan: They’d ended up parting at that new bar in the city and she found herself a man who in a long time had made her feel a need for something…. Physical.

And so here she was, waking up with a massive hangover and an arm wrapped firmly around her waist.

She’d gone and had sex with another man!

She had actually done it!

Hermione didn’t know what to think or feel about it because once she glanced at the clock on the wall, she nearly jumped out of the bed and hurriedly gathered her clothes, she didn’t care she’d woken up the man who was sleeping beside her.

“Hey.” the man said as he remained lying down but watching her walk around his bedroom floor, collecting pieces of her garments.

“Hey. Sorry to wake you up but i need to go.” she said not bothering to look up from her search. “She was also trying to remember his name, why couldn’t she remember his name? Had she gone and slept with someone and not even asked who he was?!

“What’s the rush?” he asked, “And if you’re looking for your underwear, I think I may have dropped it somewhere in the hallway.” he said as he watched her think of what else she was missing, he could see she had all of her things in her arms except for her underwear and he knew she wasn’t wearing one because they both fell asleep naked.

Finally Hermione stopped what she was doing and looked at the man she was with for the first time, not being drunk. He was a very handsome man, especially now that she’s taken in his disheveled appearance, he had sandy blond hair, a rather slim and pointy nose, long face and a really great body. “I’m sorry, I.. I need to be somewhere this morning and I am getting rather late.” Hermione said as she placed her clothes on top of the bed.

“No, I understand.” the man said, half smirking half smiling.

The silence was palpable between the two until the man rose from the bed, wrapped the blanket around his waist and walked toward her. “I’m Jacob by the way, Jacob Palmer. I figured we must have forgotten to introduce ourselves last night or we were too drunk to remember.” he said giving her a warm smile and a hand.

Hermione blushed as she watched him stand up and was thankful that he had the decency to cover his bits up, she was sure that if she was crunk right now she wouldn’t have mind him in all his glory, but she had a headache, a child to pick up and she also had to pick up her parents from the airport so she’d rather not add embarrassment into the list of emotions she was feeling right now. “Jean, Jean Ross.” she said as she took his hand and shook it and gave him a warm smile too.

“Shower’s over there” Jacob said as he pointed to his bathroom, “Towels under the sink and shout if you need anything else.” he added.

“Um.. Thanks.” Hermione said as she picked up her clothes and remembered her underwear, “I just.. I need to get something from the hallway” she murmured as she walked into the hallway and saw her underwear hanging from a door knob right next to the room she was in.

When she got out of the shower, she noticed her purse and her jacket was placed neatly on the bed and that the bed itself had been made. She picked up her jacket and placed the strap of her purse on her shoulders, she made her way out of the room she’d spent the night in.

When she got to the hallway, she saw him in the kitchen sipping a cup of what seemed to be coffee.

“Hey, thanks for letting me use the shower, I feel a bit better now.” Hermione said as she walked over to him, her embarrassment gone and leaving her feeling refreshed and her normal self.

“No problem, here. I made some coffee” he said as he walked-more like strutted- over to her. Hermione had to wonder how he could make walking look so sexy and confident and not arrogant at the same time?

“Oh, thanks, but I really need to go.” she said. On one hand, the coffee smelled so good and tempting but on the other, she really couldn’t stay.

“Don’t worry, I figured as much that’s why I placed yours in a take out cup.”

“Hi mummy!” Jasmine said as she remained sitting on the chair Harvey had her on while she ate her breakfast, choco pops cereal just like what Harvey was having. It was clear to Hermione why her daughter loved to spend time with Harvey, he always lets her eat anything she wants and lets her get away with almost anything.

“Hi darling!” Hermione said as she approached her daughter and kissed her head as well as inhale her daughter’s scent. “How was your night? Were you good to Harvey?” she asked as she sat down beside her daughter.

“I’m always good mum. Right Harvey?” she said as she looked at Harvey who was pouring coffee for Hermione.

“Right you are, Ms. Ross.” Harvey said as he slid a cup of coffee in front of Hermione.

“Thanks” Hermione said as she accepted the cup of coffee. It didn’t matter that she’d had a cup on the way over, she was still slightly hungover anyway.

When her daughter finished eating her breakfast, the mother and daughter left Harvey and headed to the airport to pick up her parents.

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AN: Sorry for the late update! I wasn’t feeling up to writing but here’s a new part! :) Hermione finally tries to move on however, Draco is now searching for her. Do you think they’ll both be successful in their plans?

OTRA Brussels Fan Report

(mainly Louis centric)


Me and my friend lindita19 arrived to Brusselles the day before the concert in the morning, we went around the most important and famous places in the city and then we decided to go to the hotel were the 1D crew was. We knew the boys weren’t there and they wouldn’t arrive till a few hours before the concert, so we went just beacause we were curious.

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