hey @ all you young lesbians, questioning lesbians, lesbians of color, trans lesbians and any lesbian this can reach: you are valid and you’re not inherently sexual. you are not disgusting and you are not just a fetish. you are all people and your orientation should be accepted just like everyone else’s. there’s nothing wrong with you being a lesbian. be proud of who you are. #makelesbiansfwagain

DIY Easy Jack Skellington Oreo Pop Tutorial from Big Bear’s Wife.

These Jack Skellington Pops are made from orange filled Oreos that you can find around Halloween time.  For more Halloween food like spider donuts, 18 Gross Halloween Recipes, snakes on a stick, grilled turtles, spiderweb cakes and devil cupcakes go here: halloweencrafts.tumblr.com/tagged/food

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