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The Cutting Begins...

Have you ever tried to cut a straight line?  It’s not easy.  Try cutting over 400 yards of straight line!  The belt bags are almost all sewn together and we’re down to one of the details, the very problematic trim that will get sewn all around the edge.  We were unsuccessful in finding bias tape that matches all our different fabrics, and the man we found in National City who we thought was going to cut the fabric for us ended up changing his mind after 3 weeks of doing nothing.  Since we were unable to communicate with him (he spoke neither English or Spanish), we are left with the daunting task of cutting it into thousands of strips on our own!  After purchasing a rotary cutter and learning the hard way how sharp it is, we have begun the cutting.  We end up with enormous mounds of fabric strips that we must sew together one-by-one and roll up into rolls.  The floor is littered with piles and hands are aching from cutting non-stop!  Once this gets done there is only one final detail remaining…putting on the snaps…uh oh.