This seriously means so much to me. @altpress is my favorite magazine and I just can’t even believe my band is in the April issue. I hope a lot of new ears will be introduced to our music through this. I can’t thank you enough AP. And shoutout to the awesome girl working at @hottopic who geeked out about it with me haha.
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anonymous asked:

my friend bought me a bathbomb to eat once too and i took some of the dust and honestly it was kinda pleasant it was like poprocks

how many of u have eaten bathbombs what the fuck where are ur parents

BTS @ the dollar store

Each of the boys has $5 to spend… meaning 5 things they can buy… and what they do with those items is just wild.


  • frying pan
  • a giant fucking candle
  • fake flowers
  • a cheap ass recipe book
  • a gum variety pack, gum to keep him fresh, variety to keep things flavourful


  • earbuds
  • licorice for those snacky nights at the studio
  • treats for Holly
  • neck pillow (bc you can never have too many of those)
  • floss


  • pop-rocks
  • glow sticks
  • the coolest sunglasses you’ve ever seen in your entire life, he’s got them black rimmed bitches
  • jump rope
  • tie dye laces


  • notebook
  • pens
  • a secret pack of glitter pens for those nights when he needs a little sparkle in his life
  • sleeping eye mask that says ‘dad’s sleeping’
  • patriotic keychain with the south korean flag


  • smiley face stickers
  • not silk, but still feels nice bathrobe
  • a comb
  • big rings
  • a smol sketchbook for his smol hands


  • whoopy cushion
  • sidewalk chalk
  • bubbles
  • a beret, to keep that meme life alive
  • fake tats


  • toy dinosaur
  • mini shake weights
  • a sleeve of lollipops
  • lame snapback that says ‘rockstar’
  • leopard print slippers

BTS after the dollar store….

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Music Tag

Tagged by @sigilbaumann and @ephemeralindividual this week, I feel I can no longer escape the game.

NB: In my playlist I had music since the age of 15, hope your indulgence for the “pot-pourri”…

Das Boot remix

Les Frangines

Summertime Sadness

Red eyes

Das Lied von Europa

Über die Brücke der Träume

Le Professionnel

Vivre d’amour

l’Amiral Darlan

On fire (Rome)

Boule de flipper

Tag: put your music on shuffle and pick 10 songs, then tag 10 people.

-> I need more time to choose new victims.