Sooooooooooooooooooo I MADE A HUMAN ZIMMER for that Species Swap AU Everyone’s done!!! Inspired by @peabnaut ‘s human Zim @w@ (do YOU SEE HIS FACE IN THE BOTTOM /////)

-Prankster, even at the age of 19/20, he likes to TP houses and throw poprocks at people. Very loud, very in your face but still very smol (5′0). Will fight even if he loses.

-A delinquent with his lil teen bro Gir (14). They do EVERYTHING together. Zim is very dependent on Gir’s presence while Gir is actually pretty much his own person but doesn’t mind tagging along. Mostly cause Zim’s a lonely fuck with no friends. Gir is scene, inspired by @poopcola ‘s scene au v/w/v

-Irken!Dib is possibly a scientist explorer that’s rather tall for an irken and is checking out Earth for the empire. He gets distracted cause wow dat Zim is really pretty wtf. Awkward and flustered alien boy does not know how to talk so they probably fight. Of course. 

-I made them mixed kids cause… (black/japanese) it’s cute… hello/. Zim also wears shirts/jackets too big for him cause he thinks it’s cool. But it does not help him look any taller. Tight pants to show off the leggie with knee/thigh high boots always.


This seriously means so much to me. @altpress is my favorite magazine and I just can’t even believe my band is in the April issue. I hope a lot of new ears will be introduced to our music through this. I can’t thank you enough AP. And shoutout to the awesome girl working at @hottopic who geeked out about it with me haha.
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anonymous asked:

my friend bought me a bathbomb to eat once too and i took some of the dust and honestly it was kinda pleasant it was like poprocks

how many of u have eaten bathbombs what the fuck where are ur parents

his name was freddie

lets talk about him

(ill answer more questions abt him later on but this is it for now!!)

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