Shannon, Katie, and I had a talk about what our friends would be like if we were all sent to the Hunger Games

so uh this post will be amusing only to our group, move along, move along

Martha would probably never lose her composure and would slowly kill us all

unless Mary snapped and became the victor

unless Katie embraced her secondary Slytherin and triumphed

unless Devon avoided a breakdown and massacred everyone else

and then Shannon and I would try to form an alliance except we would be terrified of everything and we’d run hand-in-hand screaming through the jungle slamming into trees and crying every time we thought we heard someone else and then eventually both of us would fall off a cliff (#Hufflepuff death)



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Slut shamed? I don’t think he slut shamed. He was hurt, at first, to come back from his leave to see that his true love was engaged. When he talked about ‘her enduring faithfulness’ he was speaking as a jilted lover, not a slut shamer.

I haven’t seen it in a while so you probably know better than me.  But didn’t he say something along the lines of “you just moved right along to Prince Whatshisname and you don’t have any shame,” or something like that?  I guess it could be read either way, but it made me uncomfortable.  Because he was the one who left and assumed a new identity and didn’t tell her who he was, but he expected her to just waste her life away mourning for him and also didn’t know her well enough to realize she didn’t love the asshole prince and and and

apparently I have more feelings about this movie than I thought I did

but again I haven’t seen it in a while, so I could be wrong.