As much as it may seem impossible, Poppy must be a pretty organized troll.

I’ve been looking at many careers for college, an event planner being one of them. According to resources pulled up, you have to be very organized, detail oriented, and a bunch of other stuff.

This comes to Branch’s surprise when he visits Poppy’s home for the first time. He see’s tubs labeled with specific things used for any party. He’s pretty sure they walked into someone else’s home.

Today......hike to escape the madness......desert wildflowers starting to bloom

After last night’s and this morning’s developments involving the trump cabal, I had to play like a 7-year old and run away. So I did, into the eastern part of Joshua Tree National Park (where few visitors venture) to spy on the emerging wildflowers. We’re about three weeks away from the start of a fantastic spring showing, but it’s starting. The reliable standbys are starting to bloom (chia, desert dandelion, primrose, lupine, desert canterbury bells, desert lavender, chuparosa, poppies, bladder pod), and the ocotillo are bright green and lush and starting to wake up. The barrel cactus are showing red, like they’re bragging. Hummingbirds are happy with the chuparosa, and the butterflies are doing their pollination chores. The lizards are starting to wake up from hibernation. I saw several babies today. Here are a few photos from my wanderings.

More tomorrow………

All photos by rjzimmerman February 14, 2017.