Watermelon Bubblegum and a Hint of Mint (Trolls Fanfic)

I finally finished! Did somebody say ANOTHER KISS? Did somebody say an actual kiss, perhaps even make out? Well, I surely hope so because that’s what you’re getting. And I confess that because of that I had trouble rating this lol, I ended up leaving it as “all audiences” but if you think I should level it up to “Teens” let me know lol

So, anyway. Here we go. 


Summary: Poppy and Branch are getting used to having talks under the moonlight in the highest spot of the Toll Tree before bed. They share secrets, fears, hopes, dreams, and perhaps, even a heartfelt, most needed kiss.

The best thing about living in the Troll Tree was the height. It was really tall. Poppy had also picked the highest pod to live, so she could watch over every single one of her friends, her people. As a bonus, she got to sneak out to one of the most elevated branches of the tree almost every night after a long day of singing, dancing, and new treaties of friendship with the Bergens with her… er, roommate.

After discovering there were too many Trolls for the current number of available pods on the Tree, they came to the conclusion they would have to share until they could grow as many pods as necessary. As Bergen Town also changed and was now a very colorful, environment-friendly city, King Gristle had told her, she only had to say the word and the Trolls could start to grow pods on every tree they wanted.

Poppy had thanked him, but decided that it would be better to keep the Trolls in one place where she could easily watch over them at first, at least until they acclimated to the city. The good thing was that the Troll Tree had enough room to grow enough pods, but it would take time. It would also be quicker to grow them all in one place too.

So, until all the pods were ready, some Trolls would have to share. They didn’t mind that much, but Poppy insisted that everyone got their own pod first before her, because what kind of ruler would she be if she was selfish? It definitely didn’t have anything to do with the fact that she was having the time of her life sharing a home with Branch.

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#ok but#branch waking up a lot of times in the middle of the night because he had a nightmare that something bad happened to the pod#poppy finds him with his ear pressed against it singing ‘true colors’ and drifting off halfway through the verses#drags him back inside practically#“but poppy the pod-” “they’re going to be fine branch. we’re all safe here.”#still she’s up with the first rays of sunlight making sure there’s nothing wrong with the vine or the pod itself#she started a scrapbook for it the day it appeared and she makes a new entry every two weeks

Poppy Self Love Spell

Everyone could use some self love once in a while. Have you  ever let the house feeling like you looked nice, only to notice later on that you didn’t look as nice as you thought. Have you written something or drawn something that you thought was awesome only to see it later and think ‘wow who am I kidding?”

This Spell is designed to target the things you love most about yourself and protect those things.

About the materials: If you think that other materials are better suited for your own spell by all means make substitutions.

~ Poppy has long been used in love and confusion spells. For this spell we are using poppy to encourage self love and to confuse your mind of self doubt.
~ Salt is being used in this spell for its Protection, deflection and for its abilities to absorb negativity. Pink salt is being used in particular to add to the feeling of love.

This spell was written and crafted by me. Please don’t remove any of my personal notes.

Please look under the cut for the spell itself

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