Masterpost of Flowers in Asagao Academy

(Last Updated: 7/11/16 at 3:30pm)

(thank you to the flower anon for sharing some of the meanings with us!)

 Asagao Academy

Asagao (Morning Glory)-  Willful promises

Amaririsu (Hana’s hometown)

Amaririsu (Amaryllis)- Shy

Bluebell House

Bluebell-  Gratefulness or Sincerity

Higanbana (town near Asagao Academy)

Higanbana (‘red spider lily)- Never to meet again/Lost memory/Abandonment

Primrose House

Primrose- Desperate

Poppy Hall

Poppy- Fun-loving/Rejoice/Success (depending on color)

Gardenia given to Hana from Jared with the message “They symbolize how I feel about you”

Gardenia- Secret Love

Pink tulips Jared shows Hana

Pink Tulips- Happiness and care

 Anemones in the bouquet from Jared

Anemones- Sincerity

Cherry blossoms on Mai’s yukata, Jared’s macaron, and showered on Hana before she asks a guy out

Cherry Blossoms- Kindness/Gentleness

Dark Pink roses on Hana’s yukata

Dark Pink Roses- Gratitude and Appreciation 

haemokin  asked:

Star Guardian Lux X Star Guardian Jinx, "Hey, have you seen the...oh."

A flash of red made Poppy flinch, eyes darting to the window as the Chemistry teacher droned on about hydrocarbons. Outside, the unnatural light show continued - a Voidling, maybe even more than one.

Making up an excuse she was sure her teacher didn’t even hear, Poppy raced down the halls toward the Student Council room. The privacy of the place had made it the default meeting area for the Star Guardians, or well, whichever of them that bothered to show up, which usually meant everyone but Jinx.

Another flash of red, this time followed by an explosion. Definitely not a good sign.

Flinging open the door, Poppy yelled, “Hey, have you seen the… Oh.”

Jinx was straddling Lux on the table, paperwork strewn all over the floor, a predatory look on her smug little face that Poppy didn’t quite like.

Rolling her eyes, Poppy said, “A giant worm is trying to destroy the world, can’t you guys keep it in your pants for five minutes?”

At least Lux had the decency to blush.